Photo-examples of ombre for blondes - 11 options

  • Jun 04, 2018

Ombre for blondes is a popular type of staining that is ideal for those who aspire to novelty, but do not want to risk, and for those who are ready for any fashionable experiments.

Advantages of ombre for blonde ladies

Coloring in the ombre style for light and blond strands has a number of very important advantages:

  • Increases splendor, gives hair volume;
  • Looks very impressive and is considered one of the main trends of the season;
  • Has a large palette of shades - you can apply a light, dark or bright and non-standard shade;
  • This technique is available for use at home;
  • It looks very natural and resembles the effect of sun-burned strands;
  • Refreshes complexion, rejuvenates appearance;
  • Does not require frequent corrections - it is enough to refresh the color every 3-4 months;
  • It is considered to be gentle - it does not affect the roots and does not harm the hair;
  • Allows you to adjust the length and cut the tips of the tips without damaging the staining.

Ombre for blonde - an overview of the best options for

Ombre on blond can be performed in several ways, each of which affects the minds of women with its bright beauty. We will get to know better the best and most popular techniques.


To create this incredibly gentle coloring, use either one or two similar shades. The transition can be smooth and maximally blurred or clear and graphic - it's only a matter of taste. The roots are left untouched or slightly lightened - the main thing is that they look natural. But the ends of the hair color in a pearl or platinum blond.



Ombre of this kind involves the creation of a beautiful multi-stage staining with a very soft transition from the main color of the strands to the intermediate shade.



In the case of this ombre, the main emphasis is not on the tips, but on the overgrown roots. It seems that the head of hear simply grew strong after the rattles or the bronze. For vintage versions, two classical shades are also used, dark and lighter. The roots are darkened first, and the ends are painted in second. The border of the transition can be located at the level of the cheekbones or temples.


You can find out about the coloring of the sash and its advantages here.


Very popular technique, which is ideal for girls with gray eyes and perfect porcelain leather. Ash-ombre does not have any age restrictions - it can apply to both young and mature members of the fair sex.


Scandinavian or reverse

The basal ombre for blondes is performed with strong highlighting of the root zone and staining the tips in a darker shade. For platinum and ash blondes, a natural blond tone is ideal. But the owner of blond hair with a light golden podton advise to look at brown, chocolate or black shades.


Pony tail

Ombre in the style of pony tail( in translation - a pony tail) - this is an option ombre, combining the effect of burnt strands tied on the crown. This painting looks like you spent a long time in the hot sun with your head uncovered.


With frame

Ombre with a frame of a hairstyle on a contour it is perfectly laid down on short hair, cut by a cascade, ladder or graduation. The technology passes by the classical type, only the paint is applied only to the tips of the hair. Its color can be different - both bright and natural. With this coloring, you can emphasize the texture and beauty of the new haircut, and also make the lines more expressive and brighter.


Tips to help you learn how to properly shade the hair at the roots:


Triple ombre is completely different from the usual technologies. It can be done not only on light, but also on dark hair. In both cases, the roots and ends of the strands are toned into one tone, and in the middle a line of another color is let out. Its boundaries can be either clear or fuzzy. Believe me, with such a hairdo, you definitely will not be ignored by others!


Flame Languages ​​

This staining technology has not been out of fashion for several seasons. For its implementation, use a red, copper or reddish tint. The tips, painted in this way, resemble tongues of flame, blinking among the light head of hear.


Bright or colored

To create such an ombre use colorful colors, radically different from the basic shade. It can be green, blue, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, strawberry blond or any other tone you like. Color ombre perform not only on the tips, but also in the root zone - both these options are quite colorful.



Backlighting or highlighting is another trendy trend that allows you to revive a natural light color. During its execution, the hair at the roots remains untouched, and the tips are applied carefully blended ombre blond.


Tip! When choosing a color ombre, be sure to consider not only its effectiveness, but also how well it combines with your style and everyday clothes. The unusual bright color that looks so good on fashion photos can be completely inappropriate in most life situations.

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How to dye strands at home?

How does a blonde make an ombre? This technique of painting, despite the apparent complexity, is available to any beauty. Using the detailed instructions, you will be able to perform the classic version of staining without the help of a professional hairdresser.

Step 1. Prepare everything you need for painting:

  • Mixing container;
  • Gentle paint or tonic;
  • Balm;
  • Shampoo;
  • Comb;
  • Cape;
  • Gloves;
  • Brush;
  • Elastic bands.

Step 2. Take a good comb.

Step 3. Think about the transition. If it will be graphic, make 4 tails, placing the rubber bands on one level. If smooth and blurry - tie the 6 tails in asymmetric order.

Remember that all the rubber bands must be 3-4 cm below the painting line.

Step 4. Mix the coloring composition and apply it to the tails with light, smearing movements.

Step 5. Wait 20 minutes.

Step 6. Wash the head with shampoo and apply balm.

Tip! If you are not sure of your abilities, contact a professional colorist. Otherwise, the result can be quite unexpected.

How to hide the imperfections of a person with the help of an ombre?

With the help of an ombre for blondes, you can successfully hide small nuances. What do stylists advise for different facial forms?

Tip 1. Light shades make the skin fresh and thin out the oval. But the dark tones make it heavier.


Tip 2. To soften the corners of the square, choose a light tone and place it in the lower part of the hair( chin level).

Tip 3. If you want to make the triangular face softer and round, choose warm, soft colors.

Tip 4. Chubby young ladies are ideal for Scandinavian ombre with darkened roots - it extends the circle.

Tip 5. Holders of elongated faces should take a closer look at the multitone coloring, which will be 2-3 shades lighter than the base color of the strands.

Tip 6. Girls with a diamond-shaped face should soften the protruding cheekbones. To do this, the strands near the face are painted in a darker shade.

Tip 7. With the trapezoid form, the lower part of the face is wider than the cheekbones and forehead. Make a more harmonious image classic ombre, in which the root zone is painted in light colors( for example, a cold blond), and the tips darken.

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