Who fits the nutty hair color?

  • Jun 04, 2018

Nut hair color makes your appearance softer, refreshing tone of the face, emphasizes features. Experts say that he does miracles by visually removing a couple of "extra" years.

Advantages of shade

The nut color has several advantages:

  • This shade is relevant for women of all ages and any color;
  • Walnut - this is one of the best intermediate options between a blonde and a brunette. True, there is a risk to stay in it for a long time, because this color is very beautiful;
  • It is ideal for those who want only to slightly change the shade of strands;
  • Nut hair color will emphasize any haircut, which will change the appearance almost every month. It is on it that you see all the nuances in the form of stairs, torn tips and graduation. Yes, and weaving, curls, waves, snails and braids look very beautiful due to soft overflows;
  • This shade is very gentle, feminine and refined;
  • And he is very close to natural hair.

How to choose the right paint?

Now on the shelves of shops there are

different colors with a nutty shade. It is a frosty chestnut, hazelnut, light chestnut and caramel. They all imply the same color of hair with a difference of one or two tones. Determine the first time, what you need is quite difficult. Try it by experience or go to the salon - an experienced professional will take into account all the important points and pick up the right tone. In addition, a huge role is played by the basic shade( colored or natural).This is just the result of it.

Walnut Variations

Nut color of hair has several shades. Let's consider each of them.

Light nut

Hair color light nut is one of the most popular. He revitalizes the female form and makes a woman younger. This shade will suit girls with gray, green or brown eyes and light, yellowish, freckled or swarthy skin. The best initial hair color is light brown or golden.


Classic nut

Rich and deep. It looks just magically in a duet with fair skin and blue or brown eyes.



The color of the hazelnut hair resembles a juicy chestnut shade. It was created as if specially for the skin with a pronounced yellowish, golden, beige tint.


Dark walnut

Dark hazelnut color is ideal for dark-colored sweatshirts with dark brown eyes, and also owners of pale pink, porcelain and snow-white skin.

Dark-walnut-hair color

Golden nut

Do you have tanned or peach skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, a beautiful face oval and bright features? Then the golden nut is exactly what you need! It does not have a red pigment, which women with non-ideal skin( the presence of pigmentation, redness, or couperose) will be able to appreciate. And the last is the color of the eyes. To the golden nut is best suited dark green, brown and tobacco eyes.

Golden Nut

Red walnut

It casts red bronze. Very good for pale skin.


Red nut

This shade has not too annoying fire pigment. With it the eyes of honey and amber color perfectly harmonize.


Nut with silvery tint

Light cold skin tone paired with a warm color of the strands can give a very ugly blue-gray shade. To prevent this from happening, the choice should be stopped on paints with a gray sub-ton. They are very harmonious with complex eye colors - gray-brown, gray-green, turquoise, gray-blue and green-brown. Also, the silver tint shades the pale skin, making it nobler.

Walnut-with-silver tint

Rules for painting strands in a hazel shade

Having decided to proceed with painting, do not forget to read some important rules.

  • Rule 1. Never overstrain the coloring composition. Walnut - whimsical color, which is very dependent on the time spent on the hair. So if the instructions say half an hour, you do not need to add 10 minutes to the reliability.
  • Rule 2. Pre-painted or melted strands should not be painted alone. Get a beautiful color will be incredibly difficult. To begin with, the master must level the tone with a special tool.
  • Rule 3. Dark hair should be clarified, otherwise the pigment will not take.
  • Rule 4. For painting thin and damaged strands, do not use oxides more than 2% - this is bad for the structure. Choose 1% solution.

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How to create a holistic image - clothing and make-up

With walnut-colored strands, there are no restrictions in style. But some nuances still have to be taken into account.

The correct makeup for walnut hair involves the use of warm tones:

  • Shadows - brown or golden;
  • Pencil or eyeliner - brown or black;
  • Luster or lipstick - coral, beige, golden;
  • The tonal cream is warm in color, but not with a bronze podton;
  • Blush - peach or pink without sparkles.

With regard to clothing, you can use this range:

  • Green;
  • Purple;
  • Olive;
  • Yellow;
  • Mustard;
  • Chocolate;
  • Eggplant;
  • Purple;
  • Orange;
  • Red.