How to dye your hair white?

  • Jun 04, 2018

White hair color is considered the most difficult and whimsical. But this does not scare women, because being a blonde is cool!

To whom does the shade fit?

To Whom goes white? Not all can paint strands in this tone. Such a luxurious shade is recommended to combine only with cold color:

  • Eye color - gray, blue or gray-blue;
  • The skin tone is porcelain, very light, without a hint of tan or bright blush;
  • Hair color - light brown and light;
  • The face shape is oval.

There is a category of women to whom the white color of hair is strictly contraindicated:

  • The owners of brown, green and black eyes - this combination looks unnatural;
  • Freckled or problematic skin - flaws will become even more noticeable;
  • The round shape of the face - light hair will make your face even wider and fuller.



What is white?

Specialists distinguish many shades of blond. Here are the most popular.

Classic white

Represents absolutely white hair.


Has a barely noticeable light golden tone.



In this palette - one of the most popular. It looks light grayish notes.


More details about the platinum color - read in this article.


Beautiful light shade with a gray or yellow podton.


Has a soft gleam of ash.
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Preparation for painting

Before painting the strands in white, do not forget to make a thorough preparation:

1. Cut the tips and make a fashionable haircut.

2. Within three weeks, make nutrient and moisturizing masks, which will reduce the harm caused by the dye.

3. Take care of the skin of the face - it should be perfect!

4. Do not wash your head for 3-4 days before painting.

5. Prepare the necessary materials:

  • Whitening powder and oxidizer to it( 3% oxidizer brightens for 1 tone, 6% for 2 tones, 12% for 3 and more).Choose products from the same manufacturer. Prepare for the fact that dark and red hair should be clarified repeatedly, and the interval between procedures is 2-3 weeks;
  • The developer that matches your natural color( 40 levels for dark and 20-30 for light colors);
  • Toner of cool shade that gives the hair the right shade and eliminates yellowness( for example, "Virgin Snow");
  • Mixton( silver or pink) - strengthens the brightness of the color and absorbs the remains of yellowness;
  • Quality purple shampoo;
  • Tools for coloring - brush, capacity, cape.

6. Be sure to make a preliminary sample for allergies. To do this, apply a small amount of the composition behind the ear and wait for 30 minutes. If there are no problems, go for painting.

How to paint strands in white?

The process is not easy, but with our detailed instructions you will quickly cope with the task.

  • Step 1. Mix the clarifying powder with the oxidizing agent. If the instructions do not give clear instructions, observe the proportions of 1: 1.Consistency should be similar to thick sour cream.
  • Step 2. Apply the mixture to dry curls with a special brush. Start from the occipital area and go to the face. Move from the ends upwards, leaving clean about 2.5 cm at the roots - this zone is close to warm skin, so it will lighten faster. To the roots you need to proceed after processing the entire length. For convenience, separate the strands with clamps.
  • Step 3. Massage your hair with your hands, so that the mixture is better absorbed.
  • Step 4. Wrap the head with a film or put on a shower cap.
  • Step 5. From time to time, check the condition of the head of hear to understand how much it has lightened( just rub a thin strand with a towel).Feeling a tingling or itching, do not worry, this is a normal process. With increased discomfort, rinse immediately. If the strands remain dark, repeat the clarification procedure after 2 weeks with a less concentrated agent. Do not leave the remedy for more than 50 minutes!
  • Step 6. Wash your head with cool water and apply conditioner. Wash it off after 10 minutes and dry the strands with a towel. They should become bright yellow.
  • Step 7. Go to the tinting. Mix the tint with the developer( 1: 2).Distribute the mixture with a brush along the entire length of the hair.
  • Step 8. Re-wrap the head with a film and wait for the time specified in the instructions. To prevent hair from becoming blue, check the result every 10 minutes.
  • Step 9. Wash your head with shampoo and balm and dry them with a hair dryer.

Which paint should I choose?

Do not know how to dye your hair white? Use the paint rack! Modern manufacturers of cosmetics for hair offer a wide range of different shades. Here is the list of the best of them:

  • Sublime Mousse from L'Oreal Paris 1000 - Very light blond;
  • Sublime Mousse from L'Oreal Paris 830 - Radiant golden blond;
  • Sublime Mousse by L'Oreal Paris 900 - Pure light blond;
  • Sublime Mousse from L'Oreal Paris - 822 Strawberries with cream;
  • Loreal Preference 10 - Los Angeles Light blond;
  • Loreal Preference 8.1 - Copenhagen Light blond ash;
  • Loreal Excellence 01 - Super-lightening natural blond;
  • Loreal Excellence 10.21 - Light light blond mother-of-pearl clarifying;
  • Loreal Excellence 9 - Very light blond;
  • Loreal Excellence 9.1 - Very light blond ash;
  • Loreal Excellence 10.02 - Light light blond tender;
  • Loreal Excellence 7.13 - Frosted beige;
  • Loreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss 1010 - Light-light blond ash;
  • Loreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss1021 - Light and light pearly mother-of-pearl;
  • Loreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss 910 - Very light blond ash;
  • Loreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss 801 - Light brown ash.
  • Loreal Preference 05 - Light light blond beige;
  • Loreal Preference 9.1- Viking Very light blond ash;
  • Loreal Preference 10.21 - Stockholm Light light blond mother-of-pearl clarifying.

All colors you can see in this article.

How to care for your white hair?

To your head of hear was as bright and pure as in these photos, learn how to take care of it properly. This will help a set of simple but effective rules.

Rule 1. How to achieve white hair color without yellowness? From time to time, tone the entire length with a shade of shampoo or balm with an ashy or blue tinge. It is desirable that keratin, natural oils, ceramides and proteins are present in the composition of such preparations. They restore the structure of lightened hair and protect them from the negative impact of the environment.

Rule 2. Hide the hair from the sun, otherwise they will become dry and burnt. In this case, you will benefit from sprays or creams with a high SPF factor.

Rule 3. In the pool, sauna and bath, put a hat on your head. Water containing chlorine can give a yellowish hue to the hair.

Rule 4. Use a special shampoo and balm for clarified hair.

Rule 5. Regularly perform masks for damaged strands. You can use both professional and domestic. Especially useful are mixtures based on burdock or castor oil. The main thing, remember that too bright products can leave traces.

Rule 6. At the end of each wash, put on the entire length of an indelible protective agent - it will give the hair quality elasticity and shine, and also protect the tips from the cross-section.

Rule 7. Rigid tap water is the main enemy of white color, so use only boiled or thawed water. A special filter installed on the faucet will also help.

Rule 8. Remember, frequent hygiene procedures help to quickly wash away the pigment. Try to hold them no more than three times a week. And in order to prolong the freshness of the curls, limit the amount of stowage.

Rule 9. Rinsing with acetic or mineral water will also be of great benefit for snow-white shades.

Rule 10. Do not forget to tint the roots regularly, otherwise instead of a luxurious blonde you will get an inaccurate hairstyle.

Rule 11. Painting strands in a white tone must be done only in the cabin. Some colors can be achieved only by mixing shades, and the experience of the master is also of great importance. Remember, at home you can not get professional results!

Rule 12. If you still dare to conduct the procedure at home, buy the highest quality paints. Only they can guarantee a rich and brilliant color.

Wardrobe and makeup for the blonde

Having decided to paint the strands in white, reconsider your wardrobe and makeup. The clothes should be dominated by cold pastel colors. Although for the evening you can choose more vivid colors. Pay attention to lemon, yellow, blue, purple or blue. As for the red and burgundy, make sure that they do not have an orange undertones.

Let's move on to make-up. For each day, pick up natural gentle shades. For solemn occasions, you can make an apple-blue, replacing black shades with blue, silver, brown or dark gray. For white hair color, lipsticks of red or pink color are suitable. But from the dark piping you have to give up.