"Bronze" - we are looking for our shade of hair

  • Jun 04, 2018

Bronze hair color is universal and multifaceted. His palette, stretching from a golden-blond to a copper-red, is a real field for the stylist's imagination.

Looking for your shade of bronze

When painting in bronze, you must adhere to a very important rule: the selected shade should be slightly darker than the natural skin tone. Only in this case the image will be harmonious.

No less important is the natural color-type. The bronze color of the head of hear is ideal for "autumn" and "spring".Such ladies are characterized by walnut, dark brown or green eyes and tanned, golden or beige leather.

  • Girls with golden skin will face bronze with a slight redness;
  • Owners of beige leather need to choose a dark bronze shade;
  • Brown-haired brown-haired women - on bronze with a brown podton and notes of mahogany;
  • Swarthy and tanned beauties are recommended copper-bronze shades.

And here to all representatives of cold appearance this fashionable stylish color is absolutely not suitable.

Shades of bronze color

This palette includes the following tones:

Copper-bronze - similar to the bright red color.



Golden-bronze - beautifully shimmers in the sun, can be dark or light.



Bronze platinum - contains fewer warm notes than all the others.



Red-bronze - the most "autumn" shade, includes a brown undertones.



Dark bronze - rich and deep.



How to paint strands in bronze?

To color your hair in a beautiful bronze shade, consult a specialist. In this case, you can not be afraid for the final result, because an experienced colorist will choose the tone you want. The same, it prefers to dye your hair yourself, we advise you to buy paint from a proven brand. What is interesting is that different manufacturers have different names for bronze. Among the most popular we can safely put:

  • Palette H8 - Honey Blonde;
  • Palette W6 - Golden Muscat;
  • Palette KI6 Copper-chestnut;
  • Palette Deluxe 455 - Golden almonds;
  • Palette Deluxe 544 - Bright gold;
  • Palette Deluxe 562 - Intensive copper;
  • Palette Deluxe 754 - Luxury Chestnut;
  • Palette Salon Colors 9-7 - Light Copper;
  • Palette Fitolinium 390 - Light Copper;
  • Palette Fitolinia 770 - Red bronze;
  • Palette Brillance 854 - Sunny chestnut;
  • Palette Brillance 857 - Golden chestnut;
  • Palette Brillance 867 - Autumn Chestnut;
  • Garnier Belle Color 48 - Natural gold copper;
  • Garnier 100% color 746 - Copper-red;
  • Garnier 100% color 743 - Copper-gold;
  • Garnier 100% color 564 - Deep red-copper;
  • L'Oreal Preference 8.34 Florence - Light golden-brass;
  • L'Oreal Preference 7.43 - Shangrila Intense copper;
  • L'Oreal Preference Haircolor Sublim mousse - 740 Fiery copper;
  • L'Oreal Preference Haircolor Sublim mousse 830 - Radiant golden blond;
  • Feria L'oreal Contraste 5.34 - Light bronze;
  • Wella Sunlights - Copper;
  • Wella Color Touch № 8/3 - Cognac.
  • Garnier Belle Color 75 - Saturated light copper;
  • Schwarzkopf Brilliance - Bronze;
  • Schwarzkopf Brilliance - Black bronze;
  • Schwarzkopf Brilliance - Brown bronze;

Homemade coloring has several pitfalls. First, the color stated on the package does not always match the result. Secondly, it is necessary to tint the hair very often, since the pigment that is not being natural is not held tightly on the strands.

Also on the result of staining can be affected by such factors:

  • Saturation of natural hair color - the lighter the original tone, the brighter the shade;
  • Structure of hair - soft and thin strands are painted much easier and quickly acquire a rich and deep shade;
  • Time of aging the coloring composition - for an intensive shade, the paint should be kept longer.

An alternative method of coloring bronze is the use of basma and henna .They can not hurt even with frequent use. Rather, on the contrary - strengthen your hair, make it supple and help get rid of dandruff. The only drawback - if you do not like the shade, getting rid of it will be incredibly difficult. If your hair has recently been exposed to chemical attack( staining with persistent paint or chemical perm), then it's better to forget about the mixture of henna and basma altogether - instead of the bronze color you will get green. Those who are willing to take risks, we offer two recipes.


Recipe 1.

  1. Mix henna and basma in a 2: 1 ratio.
  2. Add so much water that the consistency of the mixture resembles thick sour cream. If you do not guess with the proportion, then the solution will either flow, or will dry before the time.

Recipe 2.

  1. Connect one pack of basma with two packs of henna.
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of strong brewed coffee.
  3. Pour in a little kefir.

Then the mixture should be well mixed and evenly distributed over the strands. Will only wrap your head with a towel and wait up to 40 minutes.

More information about staining with henna and basma read here - vashvolos.com/okrashivanie-volos-xnoj

There are also a number of stylish options among the shade agents. The low cost of tonics and their sparing effects make it possible to experiment in search of the right solution. The main thing is to refresh the color in time, because with time the pigment starts to wash out.

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Hairstyle for bronze hair color

Stylists do not agree on the correct hair style for a bronze shade. But these photos show that curls and light waves fit perfectly. It is on this hairstyle that bronze looks excellent! How to make such a hairstyle read in this article.




A few more tips

Having decided to experiment with bronze hair color, listen to these helpful tips.

  • Tip 1. To get the most vivid and uniform tone, before the painting session, wash the head with a mineral shampoo. It will clean the strands of fat, dust, as well as salts and other chemical compounds.
  • Tip 2. If you are not sure of your choice, use any shade means to start. Unlike the resistant paint, it will wash off in a couple of weeks.
  • Tip 3. Owners of light curls, repainted in dark bronze, will often tint the growing roots( about 2 times a month).
  • Tip 4. For bronze melioration it is better to buy professional paint.
  • Tip 5. To maintain healthy hair, use moisturizing masks regularly. By the way, they act more effectively on the open head, not covered with a package or a warm towel, because oxygen enhances the work of active components.
  • Tip 6. Before the procedure, do not forget to lubricate the skin with a thick cream.
  • Tip 7. The application of the dye begins from the root of the hair in such a sequence - the forehead, the crown, the whiskey and the back of the head. Then you can impregnate the remaining length of the strands.
  • Tip 8. Do not overdo it if, of course, your goal is not to get a darker color. In addition, it is fraught with drying hair.
  • Tip 9. Be sure to test the formulation for an allergic reaction. Then the chances of getting an unexpected effect will be very minimal.
  • Tip 10. It is also worth noting that red hair is best suited for coloring. But the rest( brunettes, blondes and blondes) can not do without the help of specialists.