Methods of highlighting for red hair

  • Jun 04, 2018

Melining for red hair is the best way to emphasize their beauty and change their image a bit.

Types of highlighting for red-haired

Melting for red can be of several types. Let's consider each of them.

Fine highlighting

This beautiful option is able to refresh your hair and make your appearance brighter. In a duet with red hair, small white strands look very impressive, shimmering in the sun. The main thing is that the melioration should not be too small, otherwise it will be hardly noticeable. As for the shades, instead of white take chocolate, beige or cream.


Light or white highlights

This one is one of the best and popular options. Light melioration refreshes the complexion and gives the hair volume. You can safely choose wheat or golden, ashy or light blond - they emphasize the appearance, make the look younger, shimmer, shine, give the color depth.


Red highlighting

To make the red color even more colorful and brighter, use a juicy tone - cherry, red, b

urgundy, cognac. They hold their sights, therefore they are suitable only for courageous and creative people.


Dark highlights

Dark colors are not often combined with red color. For a smooth transition and beautiful depth, you can use two or three shades. Preference is given to coffee, chocolate, chestnut. They perfectly harmonize with bright strands and favorably emphasize their brilliance.


California highlights

The most natural type of hair coloring. California's highlights make the color of the head of hair natural and bright, which this year is in a big trend. This technique is considered the most soft and sparing. Moreover, from the roots make a small indentation( literally 2-3 cm), so they are not affected. And another big plus - with the Californian technology does not use foil, so the result is the effect of burned in the sun strands( darker roots and very light ends).


Melating on painted red hair

Nowadays redhead is extremely rare in its natural form. Most modern women simply paint strands in a beautiful juicy hue. Particularly courageous ladies also renew it with the help of melirovaniya. But only this procedure can be done only in the salon. At home on painted hair, it will be difficult to get an even result. Give preference to the classic subtle melirovaniyu - make it will be possible only after 10 days.


Methods for highlighting red head of hair

Painting for red can be done in three ways.

Method 1 - with a cap

The method is suitable for women with not very long hair - up to 15 cm

You will need:

  • Paint for highlights - the percentage of corrosive substances should be 12%;
  • Towel;
  • Comb with a sharp tip;
  • Gloves;
  • Mixing utensils;
  • Cosmetic brush for applying paint;
  • Special cap with slots made of rubber or polyethylene.

The process is very simple:

  1. Put the hat on your head.
  2. With the sharp tip of the comb, stretch through them the strands of a certain size( this depends on how thick the melting is planned).
  3. These strands need to be painted with the chosen shade of paint.
  4. Follow the instructions in the instructions.
  5. Remove the hat from your head and wash your hair.
  6. Apply a balm or mask( restorative or nutritious) to the hair.

Method 2 - with foil

Stylish melioration in red color can be obtained by another method. This process is more complicated and time-consuming.

You will need:

  • Paint for highlights - the percentage of aggressive substances should be 12%;
  • Towel;
  • Comb with a sharp tip;
  • Gloves;
  • Foil pieces( the length of the sheet should be longer than the length of the hair);
  • Mixing utensils;
  • Cosmetic paint brush.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Separate the desired width from the total mass.
  2. Place it on the unfolded sheet.
  3. Well paint well with a special brush.
  4. Wrap the strand in foil. To fix it, kill it with invisibility.
  5. Repeat these items with the remaining hair. To come out symmetrically, take the strands from the parting on the right side, then on the left.
  6. Wait for the right time.
  7. Carefully remove the foil.
  8. Wash your head with water.
  9. Apply balm or conditioner.

Read more about this type of highlights in this article.

Method 3 - using striker

This technique is suitable for hair of any length. It can only be done by a professional. The master selects strands 6 cm wide and divides each of them into curls even thinner. Each second curl sticks in the device and stains it. The coloring composition does not get other hair, and also removes excess.

The procedure is repeated as soon as the roots grow. Its frequency is affected by the degree of lightening of the strands. If they are not very different from natural, melioration can be done only once in six months. If there is a marked contrast, once in eight weeks perform a radical melioration.

Contraindications to the procedure

Melting for the red has several contraindications:

  • Painting strands of henna and basma - after them most of the colors fall unevenly or not taken at all. And the final color of hair can become brownish-green;
  • Damaged hair - you first need to undergo a course of restoring masks;
  • Strong fallout of strands;
  • Dandruff or seborrhea;
  • Diseases of the scalp;
  • Perm - wait 2-3 weeks, and even better - a whole month, so as not to harm the hair;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding.

How to properly care for red hair:

Caring for red hair after melirovaniya

When highlighting for red hair, you need to comply with several important rules. They will help to keep the health of your hair.

  • Rule 1. Do not wash strands for a couple of days before starting the procedure.
  • Rule 2. Red strands are characterized by too high dryness. Before painting, apply restoring balm or use oils( macadamia, olive, burdock or peach).
  • Rule 3. After melirovaniya, refuse the hair dryer, fryka and ironing. Allow the composition to gain a foothold in the hair( at least two weeks).
  • Rule 4. Buy a special shampoo for colored hair - the color will be preserved for a long time.
  • Rule 5. Regularly perform masks with a nutritional effect - restore the structure of strands damaged by painting. They can be both shop and home.
  • Rule 6. In frosty weather or when the sun is too hot, wear a hat. Hot and cold air is the main enemy of your head of hear.
  • Rule 7. All hair care products must be of the same brand.
  • Rule 8. Comb the melted hair at least 4 times a day - it's an excellent massage that speeds up growth.

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