Fashionable hair coloring techniques for brunettes

  • Jun 04, 2018

Sooner or later each of us wants to change the hairstyle, refresh the habitual image and become more beautiful. Coloring hair for brunettes is just what you need. What colors are in fashion this season?


Hair melting is one of the most beautiful and common techniques that makes a womanly and noble appearance. It can be divided into several main types:

  1. Venetian ( blond for blondes) - refreshes the complexion and transforms the appearance. It is carried out with the help of warm shades( mainly light - cognac, champagne, golden) - from 2 to 4. During the session, the master shares the hair on a lot of thin strings and applies paint on them with a flat and wide brush. The composition is kept for no more than 40 minutes, without wrapping the strands in foil and towel. As a result, we get a smooth and gentle pattern with a shining sub-tone.
  2. American is an ideal variant for dark-haired ladies, which suggests applying several colors at once to strands - both moderate, calm and c
    olorful, contrasting. Mandatory moment - the use of foil. It is especially beautiful that this melioration looks on the curls.
  3. Creative ( "salt and pepper") - in this stylish version, black strands mixed with white or light gray. This hairstyle looks rather extravagant and perfectly suits not only adult women, but also young girls. Do not know how best to dye your hair brunette? Stay on the armor, which resembles the effect of natural glare burned in the sun. This is the most popular version of the color of the strands, which is a combination of light( blond) and brown( brown) shades. As a rule, the dark tone smoothly turns into light, so this method can be called stretching.

    Bronzing is great for medium to long hair. After going to the stylist, your hair will become incredibly beautiful. The main thing is to choose the color. Give preference to the most natural shades with a difference of 2-3 tones. Ideal for light brown, coffee, chocolate, brown, honey, wheat, copper and chestnut.


    Tiger Eye( tiger's eye)

    The "tiger's eye" painting was named after a stone, the glossy surface of which overflows at once with three shades - copper, brown and golden. Colorists managed to transfer this color to female hair and make it one of the most beautiful. Now the most inveterate women of fashion are literally going crazy about this intricate technique! Tiger Eye is ideal for representatives of winter color with cold eyes and a little pale skin.



    As you can see in these photos, the stoat looks great, and therefore everything remains as relevant. In the process of painting strands, the master can apply several shades of a single color palette - usually natural ones. The paint can be applied over the entire length of the hair or just to the ends.

    Strands for painting the rattles are chosen chaotically - it seems as though the sun itself was working on your hairdo. This technique really looks very natural - soft colors blend seamlessly with each other and create a transition from dark areas to light ones. To achieve such effects is actually not difficult - you just need to scratch very thin strands and paint on them, moving from the ends up. The root zone is not affected, so this technique can safely be called sparing.



    Another popular staining technique, involving a noticeable lightening of dark hair, thanks to which the image becomes fresh, feminine and very gentle. As a rule, the clarifier is applied only to the ends and hair of the face. With proper performance, babylights can not be distinguished from natural burnout.



    Two-tone coloring Ombre Hair color does not give up their positions in the upcoming season. Moreover, now the paint can be applied in two ways. In the first, the roots are darkened and the ends are brightened by stretching the color. In the second version, it's quite the opposite - they lighten the roots of the hair and darken the ends. The transition boundary can also be any - clear or blurry. Chestnut, chocolate, coffee and light blondes are most often used to create ombre. If desired, you can make a color insert, leaving the native color not only near the roots, but also at the bottom of the head of hear.

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    The fashionable variants of hair coloring for brunettes are very beautiful. Appearing in Hollywood, this soft ombre( soft, subtle ombre) won the hearts of women of fashion. Being saturated with a clear transition of dark roots to bright tips, the clients of the most famous salons asked the masters to think up something else. So there was a new direction, in which the transitions from one shade to another are so blurred that they are practically invisible. The result of this painting looks very natural - as if the upper strands were slightly burnt out in the sun and visibly grown. Against the backdrop of a craving for naturalness, the somre with its caramel-honey notes became the main trend of the latest fashionable seasons.



    Balaža provides for light hairdressing intervention, because it is considered soft and very sparing. This method, which came to us from France, is performed in the cabin without a film or foil. The paint on the strands is applied with smearing horizontal movements that create glare or overflow. The work is carried out with very thin strands, and the painting is performed on all layers of hair( both upper and lower).As in most cases, the emphasis is on naturalness, so for the session use caramel, brown, chocolate, beige or wheat.

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    In the next video you can get acquainted with the fashionable technique of coloring the "sombra":

    Color rainbow

    Fashion-2017 pleases us not only with natural, but also extremely bright shades. Do you want to radically change your own style? Then the rainbow coloring, also called oil spots, will be an ideal choice for you. This is a relatively new technique, in which a mixture of violet, green, pink and dark blue is used. Located on the entire head or a separate site, they create a unique iridescent effect. Visually, all this is very similar to the rainbow.


    Two-color hair

    Creative hair coloring for brunettes can not do without this bright and non-standard painting. It involves a combination of two bright colors - contrasting or complementing each other. It all depends on your courage and imagination.

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    Galaxy hair

    This is a very fashionable trend that suits bold and unordinary ladies. In this case, the source of inspiration is colorful cosmic landscapes. The technique is very complicated - it will be impossible to fulfill it by yourself. Also remember that galactic hair needs special care and requires frequent visits to the hairdresser.


    Sunset Hair Colors

    Among the large number of trends can be identified ombre in the style of sea sunset. So far, only a few have been dealt with. Now Sunset Hair Colors is gaining momentum, becoming more popular among modern women of fashion. The main distinguishing feature of this color is its color - the tone is combined so that they resemble the sky at sunset. Most often used red, pink, violet, orange and yellow.


    Artistic painting

    Another original technique, which until now had no analogues. The main essence of this coloration is to embody with the help of bright colors the ideas of Monet, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Warhol. Looks incredible!


    Cherry Bombre

    Very beautiful coloration, giving brunettes brightness, depth and chic. Cherry Bombre is made on the principle of the Shatush, but, as the name suggests, a bright cherry shade is used for painting.



    Gray-ashy shade is a hit of the last season. It can be applied as a monochrome stain or stolet / ombre / somre. This amazing color will be the best decoration of your image and make it truly unforgettable. Ashen colors are in great demand for both mature and young women. What is important, you can apply persistent dye only once, further supporting the brightness of the color tonics and balms.

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    Colombre or the rainbow ombre can be described without exaggeration as a hit of the upcoming fashion season. This is one of the variations of the classic ombre, in which natural colors were replaced with bright rainbow colors.


    Dip dye hair

    Very interesting technique, the literal translation of which means "funny tips".With this hair coloring for brunettes, the tips tint in contrasting shades - blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, etc. This is the best offer for those who are looking for original solutions and want to stand out from the crowd.


    Monochrome coloring

    If you are not a fan of modern techniques, take a closer look at monochrome staining. In the season of 2017, chocolate, copper, chestnut, coffee, cognac and black are relevant. They give the hair volume, give it a glossy sheen, emphasize the features.


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