Staining of the Rattleshop on Dark Hair

  • Jun 04, 2018

Are you afraid of change, but want to change? For such paradoxical cases, there is a special way! Painting the shtatusch on dark hair, and it will be like it, will allow you to refresh your image and drop it at once a couple of years.

Features of the

Shatushi Shatush is one of the types of highlights that allows ladies with dark hair to create a natural effect of sunburned strands. The paint should be applied at a certain distance from the roots - from 5 to 15 cm

To the merits of the shatush can safely be attributed:

  • Saves time and material. The acceptable cost of the procedure and a rare correction managed to make the rattail one of the most profitable decisions. Moreover, it can be performed at home without spending half a day hiking in beauty parlors;
  • Visual volume. Ratush on dark hair looks very impressive, and the light ends of the strands and smooth transitions create a large volume. This is very important for owners of rare or thin hair;
  • Fast procedure. The technique is very si
    mple, therefore it takes no more than 2 hours;
  • Gentle effect. The treatment of the tips helps to preserve the health of the rest of the hair. It is also possible to use formulations without ammonia. If the result completely disappoints you, you can always trim the clarified ends.

Tekhnika shatush

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Who will suit the Rathaus?

The technique of the rattan is suitable for both mature and young. The first one is refreshing, the second one is more effective. This is the perfect way to diversify the dark color, which often adds a few unnecessary years.

For melioration of this species it does not matter, and the texture of the hair, as well as their density - the shatush looks great on straight and curly, thin and dense. As for length, of course, on long spits the result is more noticeable. But also on short strands the rattail is also permissible. It is often performed on an elongated square and cuts to the chin. It is very important to find an experienced master. But for piksi or haircuts for a boy, the shatush, alas, does not fit. It can only be used on a long bang.

Another important factor is the health of the head of hear. Dry and marked tips can spoil the whole impression of your new hairstyle. Be sure to take care of proper moisturizing and pre-cutting strands.

How to choose the right shade?

Choosing the right color is your most important step, on which the final effect depends. For dark strands suitable natural shades:

  • Light brown;
  • Wheat;
  • Ashy;
  • Copper;
  • Honey;
  • Pearl;
  • Beige;
  • Nut;
  • Golden;
  • Cognac;
  • Red;
  • Chestnut.

Dusk painting on dark hair

A skilled professional can use the gradient technique, using two close colors and slightly bleeding tips. You can not even try this at home! Stop on paints with natural ingredients( basma or henna) and moisturizing additives that neutralize the harmful effect of the color pigment.

How to prepare hair for staining?

Preparation for highlighting the rock'n'roll should be started in about two weeks. To improve the structure, make firming and nourishing masks, use balms and rinses. Hair can be washed about 2-3 days before the procedure for several important reasons. First, the skin oil reduces the effect of the dye. Secondly, the coloring pigments are much better attached to the structure of unwashed hair. On fresh hair, the color may not appear. And the last - if the color is not uniform, align it with the base tone.

Self-painting of the

Shattois Stains on dark strands can be made very easily without the help of a specialist. For domestic use, a simple technique with a fleece is suitable.
You will need:

  • Paint of the desired shade;
  • Comb with thin teeth;
  • Clips;
  • Gloves;
  • Brush.


  1. We divide the hair into four zones - parietal, occipital and temporal-lateral. Fix them with a clamp.
  2. Each zone is divided into 2-3 cm strands.
  3. We comb them with a comb, retreating from the roots to 10 cm. Naches should be very light to form an air cushion inside. It is she who will not allow the coloring composition to get inside the hair.
  4. We prepare the coloring composition. This is suitable for clarifying powder( powder) or ammonia paint. They are mixed with an oxidizer in a 1: 2 ratio. The powder provides for the subsequent toning of the hair. The result in this case is more beautiful.
  5. Careless and intermittent movements apply paint on the combed hair and shade well.
  6. Wait for 30-40 minutes and rinse the composition with warm water.
  7. Apply conditioner and keratin to repair damaged strands.
  8. If applied "powder", go to the tinting. To do this, it is necessary bezammiachnaya paint honey, chocolate, light brown, walnut color, combined with a low-percentage oxidant( 1.9%).The proportions are 1: 2 or 1: 2.5.The exposure time is indicated on the insert. As a tonic, you can use basma, coffee, cocoa or henna.

We repeat the Ratusha in three months. During this period, it is necessary to maintain the effect with a shade of shampoo.