How to cook a pearl barley for fishing

  • Jun 04, 2018
How to cook a pearl barley for fishing

Pearl barley is of interest not only for cooks and housewives, but also for fans of fishing. This grass in the form of bait is very popular among experienced fishermen, it has undeniable advantages: high efficiency, the ability to prepare a house, low price, affordability. This bait is excellent for catching carp, crucian carp, carp, bream, ide, tench, roach. However, to ensure a good catch can only fragrant, soft bait. How to cook a pearl barley for fishing correctly? We'll figure it out.

How to properly and quickly weld a fishing pier for fishing

To prepare any cereal, you need certain knowledge and skills, especially when you cook a barley, which for inexperience can be digested or not to be cooked. The exact answer to the question of how long and how to cook a pearl bar for fishing, no. Even if several fishermen sitting next to each other are caught in the pearl barley, the catch of each will be different. It's all about cooking and the right selection of cereals. Some cook it, and make th

e grain softer, others - steal, the rest - add flavorings, nozzles or shading.

To successfully prepare a fishing pylon, use the following tips:

  1. Start with the right choice of cereals, not every barley will be suitable. Cereal grains choose fully peeled( bran), large size, white color. It is best to boil fresh crop. Last year's grains are dark and are getting ready longer. Pay attention to their integrity, do not buy cereals damaged by rodents or moths.
  2. Too brewed fish bait is of little interest.
  3. Before cooking, you can add to the pearl bar:
    • Salt, it enhances the taste of the bait. For a liter use not more than a pinch of salt.
    • Sugar.
    • A small amount of ground sunflower seeds.
    • At the end of cooking it is allowed to pour a little unrefined fresh vegetable oil.
    • Pre-cooked cannabis seeds.
    • Stewed strawberry or raspberry caramel.
    • Water dissolved in water.
    • A few cloves of garlic or a little garlic powder.
    • Yellow or red food color.
  1. After cooking, for odor and taste to the bait add:
  • breadcrumbs or feeder bait, which must be thoroughly rubbed with grains before fishing;
  • several teaspoons of honey;
  • melted cinnamon( pinch);
  • vanillin;
  • anise;
  • Corvalol;
  • for catching carp or carp, mix a little crimson syrup to the finished bait;
  • concentrators.
  1. After preparation, the porridge is not recommended to be washed, the adhesive mucus that forms during the cooking process has a special smell attracting fish.
  2. For the catch of small fry, use harder grains. With a weak bite, the lure is more gentle.
  3. For catching it is better to use a fresh pearl barley. The maximum shelf life of the finished product is 2-3 days, then use it only for bait.
  4. In the classic version, the rump is boiled on the water. It is possible to add milk or cooking on a tincture of cannabis.
  5. Many people prefer not to cook the pearl barley, but to steam it using a thermos bottle. Both options are effective, the main thing is to choose the optimal readiness time.

The correct proportions of cereals and water

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To achieve a good result on fishing, you need to observe the correct proportions when cooking the bait. However, first determine which consistency of the dish you need:

  • To obtain a solid, clean grain, the ratio of dry matter to water will be 1: 2.5 or 1: 3.
  • Fans of a viscous bait with a lot of mucus is better to take 1 glass of grain 1 liter of water.

How long to cook porridge

The bait cooking speed can vary from 40 minutes to 3 hours, it is influenced by such factors:

  • Type of pan( cast iron, enameled).
  • Method of preparation( boil, steal in a thermos, cook in a pressure cooker, multivark).
  • Variety and freshness of cereals. The longer the perlovka is stored, the longer it takes to heat it. For quick preparation, pre-soak the rump with warm water for several hours.
  • Grain dimensions. Small grains will be cooked faster, but because of this size they are inconvenient to hook on, and the fish can not notice such a bait.

The best recipes for fishing for crucian carp, bream, roach

Perlovka is a favorite delicacy of yaz, bream, podleschika, roach and crucian carp. Each fisherman will have his own original recipe for perlovka for fishing. Thanks to a new kitchen appliance, the process of brewing pearl bar bait has become easier and faster. Many use multivarkers, microwave ovens, steamers, electric ovens, but most fishermen prefer to use classical methods.

Regardless of which recipe you prefer, remember the following rules:

  • Do not use tap water for bait cooking, it has a fish-odor that is unpleasant to the fish.
  • For steaming a barley, do not take a thermos, where there was previously tea or coffee. The walls of the vessel absorb the smell of drinks well and can infuse them with your bait.
  • Keep the bait in the refrigerator better in hermetically sealed glass trays.

How to cook a birch barrel in a multivarquet with garlic

There is no wonder in the house of such a kitchen appliance as a multivarker in the modern world. They are actively used as housewives to prepare various dishes, and fishermen for cooking fragrant lures from the pearl barley. Depending on the model and firm of the manufacturer of the multivarche, the modes for making bait may be different: "Milk porridge", "Rice / Plov", "Kasha", "Buckwheat", "Krupa".On some grains are obtained more viscous, on the others - friable.


  • large grain of pearl barley - 1 glass;
  • water canteen - 2.5 cups;
  • garlic - several teeth;
  • anise oil - 2-3 drops.


  1. Thoroughly rinse with cold water and remove all debris.
  2. Wash the washed seeds in water for 1-1,5 hours.
  3. After the time has passed, transfer the pearl bar into the multivark, add water.
  4. Close the cover of the electric cooking appliance, select the desired program.
  5. Put the bait in a glass tray, close tightly, wrap it with a towel.
  6. Leave to infuse for 3-4 hours.
  7. Just before the fishing, add a few drops of anise oil and crushed garlic into the croup, mix all the ingredients well.

Pearl barley with Revit

In the summer season, the fish actively bites on the flavored bait. For this, sunflower seeds, honey, anise drops are added to it, but the use of vitamins "Revit" is especially effective. In our country it is a common supplement that has a fish-scented fish. To make bait with vitamins you need:

  • pearl bar - 1 faceted glass;
  • drinking water - 6 glasses;
  • salt is small - pinch;
  • vitamins Revit - 8-10 tablets.


  1. Pour the rinded croup into a saucepan.
  2. Fill with boiling water, salt.
  3. We mix everything well, cover the pan with a lid and put it on the fire.
  4. When the porridge boils, the fire is diminished, we cook another 40-60 minutes.
  5. To keep the grains from sticking together, stir constantly the pearl barley.
  6. Revit crush the spoon to make flour.
  7. We add the crushed vitamins into the finished porridge, mix it.

Video recipe: How to steal a bait in a thermo

The easiest way to make bait, which is used by many fishermen is the steaming of a barley in a thermos. It takes a little time, and there is no risk of burning porridge. Correctly to prepare a pearl barrel for fishing will help such rules:

  • For convenience, take a thermos with a wide neck, so it will be easier to wash the container and fill it with grains.
  • Pearl barley strongly swells, so cover it only on third of the vessel.
  • Before filling the thermos with cereal, heat it with boiling water: pour the water in there, close it for 15 minutes and leave the container in the reclining position.

How to cook bait in a thermos, see in the video:

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