How to become more confident in yourself

  • Jun 04, 2018

What a beautiful word "confidence", how much it carries in itself. Proud bearing, raised head, clear glance - is this a demonstration of certainty. Or demonstrative behavior is not all. Look around, look at other people, where you see a manifestation of confidence. And who looks at you, when you come to the mirror, what can you say about this person. To date, much information about confidence and how to become a self-confident man, in such a quantity can just get lost. So let's try to understand this sensitive issue.


How to become more confident: confident and how to treat it


For starters, let's see, "confidence" - a human condition in which he had no doubt of the truth of any fact. For example, everyone is sure that the ea

rth is round and revolves around the sun. But the "self-confidence" - this is the property of the person, when a person appreciates their talents and skills, and no doubt the adequacy of their own forces to achieve their goals. Also do not forget that the "confidence" and "arrogance" - not the same thing. Assertiveness - is unfounded assumption a person that he does not have negative character traits, and there is an area in which he would have been incompetent. Let's take a closer look, what is confidence.

How to become more confident: components confidence


acquainted with a man, we read it for a few seconds and form their first impression, and after such a short time, we conclude - confident or not. It consists of many factors: it's appearance, and look, and, of course, gesticulation. Therefore, in order to become self-confident, you have to work hard on yourself.

  1. Appearance. It's not for nothing that they say that they meet on clothes - this is your first weapon. And this is important not only for women, but for men. In a gray dress and with a drooping look, it is difficult to remain in the memory of the interlocutor even for a couple of minutes. But, and do not experiment with all the colors of the rainbow at the same time. Your image should be well honed and harmonious, emphasize your figure and promote a graceful gait. The royal camp, confidently raised head and easy gait, that's really difficult to miss, even in the crowd. Do not be afraid to be noticed, do not hesitate to make an impression, love yourself.
  2. Look. First stop looking through people, look into their eyes. Do not be afraid, they will not bite you for it. Eyes in the floor when talking are inherent in people who are insecure, so look at the person with whom you are talking. Melt the ice in your eyes, give a smile to this world and very soon you will notice that you are smiling back. Be open and ready for compliments. Do not doubt their sincerity and do not suspect anything of anything.
  3. Gesturing. Do not forget that your gesticulations can tell a lot about you. Closed poses, for example, crossed legs or hands very strongly give out the person who is closed and fenced off from the world. Self-confident people demonstrate their openness to the world through open palms. Thus, they demonstrate that they have nothing to hide. Avoid imposing gesticulations: too slow, throwing a leg on the leg demonstrating the sole of the shoe to his interlocutor, widely spaced legs or hands resting on the sides is a demonstration of his superiority. Get rid of empty gestures, they create a heap in communication. Do not use too sharp gestures, they greatly distract the attention of the interlocutor. Each gesture of a self-confident person demonstrates this confidence, it is accurate and is used to strengthen what has been said and not otherwise.
  4. Speech. It is important not only what you say, but also as important as you do. Pay close attention to your voice: on intonation, volume, timbre. This is a very powerful weapon and they need to be able to use in any situation. Quiet, monotonous speech hardly anyone can be interested. But too loud, the sonic intonation also contributes little to harmonious communication. Therefore, try to adhere to a few simple rules: if you communicate one on one - go to the wave of the interlocutor, the same volume and rhythm will make it possible to quickly establish contact;If you communicate in the company - speak with such volume that you, if necessary, heard all the interlocutors. Do not forget to highlight the key points of your speech with intonation, a monotonous story, at least, is not interesting to listen to.
  5. Knowledge. Most people can say with confidence that they can read, but few will say that they know and understand the laws of quantum physics. So, in order not to doubt yourself and not give reason to those around you, self-development is very important. The more you know, the more confidence you have.

Basic causes of uncertainty


  1. Ignorance of self. Many people identify themselves with their work, money and many others, this allows them to feel self-confidence, they do not understand how much such confidence is illusory. After all, in case of collapse, they lose everything and, first of all, themselves. In order not to fall into the abyss of uncertainty, you must clearly understand what you are, what your abilities are and what you are capable of.
  2. Lack of meaning in life. Not so terrible barriers, when you know exactly what you are aiming for. Uncertainty in the future is not only a doubt about the events of tomorrow, it is primarily not knowing the result you want to achieve. The lack of motivation and desire to do anything is one of the enemies of self-confidence. Set specific goals and do not forget to prescribe a step-by-step plan for their implementation, then confidence will be your companion in this way.
  3. Ignorance of your values. The internal conflict of values, the lack of prioritization, all this leads to imbalance, and consequently, to insecurity. A clear decomposition of everything on the shelves will help to avoid unfinished business and conflicts of interest with oneself. And this is an important step on the road to self-confidence.
  4. Education. Everything that happens in our lives, the consequences of our past. So, many parents nurture children with self-doubt, punishing with phrases: you will not succeed;If you do not "do it" - I will not love you;You're the worst. This kind of uncertainty is quite difficult, but still it is possible to eradicate, and the best way is to help a positive environment that believes in your strength.

How to become more confident: advice of psychologists

Confidence-and-out-of-the-comfort zone

  1. Do what you're afraid. Many things do not work the first time, when a child learns to walk, he inevitably falls, but it does not stop him. Do not be afraid of mistakes, they teach us how to do it right. Each successful step inspires confidence in you and expands your possibilities.
  2. Do not compare yourself with others. The only person with whom you can compare yourself is you in the past. Everyone has his own success, and reading glossy magazines about a beautiful life can bring himself to depression. Focus only on your successes, this will help you become more confident in your abilities.
  3. Do not be afraid of criticism. Do not take criticism as a stone in your garden, look at it from the other side. Discard emotions and think what is in the words of your interlocutor is true. Extract from this benefit and work on the errors.
  4. Praise yourself. Each of your actions that led to success should not be left without attention. Do not ask for compliments, praise yourself. And with every praise your self-confidence will grow.
  5. Know your strengths. Even a small failure can make you lose your hands, do not let it happen. Slipping and falling on a slippery road, you do not stay there until the end of your days. So with the failures of life, after each fall, there must be a take-off. When the desire to go to your goal disappears, remember how much you have already achieved, and think about how many more successes awaits you ahead. Then your confidence is sure to come back to you again.
  6. Listen to other people. Do not close in and fixate on the scrolling of possible failures in the head. Look at the people around you, listen to what they say, it will distract from internal fears and draw inspiration for the realization of their own ideas and goals.
  7. Be friendly. Smile to this world and the people around you, be interested in them, help and encourage. The more people sympathize with you, the easier it is to maintain self-confidence.
  8. Do not overestimate the role of appearance. The interlocutors are important not only a beautiful picture, but also its fullness. Train your mind and develop charisma, and do not forget about charisma - this is what encourages people to communicate with you.
  9. Do not wait, act. Doubts and fears can be pursued for life, they should not be the predetermining factors of your behavior. Only overcoming your doubts and fears can become more confident in yourself.

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