Character by eye color

  • Jun 04, 2018

Getting acquainted with people, we would very much like to know in advance what to expect from them. Of course, many can say gestures, facial expressions, no doubt actions, but there is something else. We all remember the old expression "Eyes - the mirror of the soul", but have you ever wondered how much this is true. If you look into the person's eyes - you can see a lot, much about him, of course, if you know how to look.


  • Effect of eye color on a person's character
  • Eye color: black eyes
  • Eye color: brown eyes
  • Eye color: light brown eyes
  • Character by eye color: Yellow eyes
  • Tiger( tiger-yellow) eyes
  • Eye color: green eyes
  • Eye color: gray-green eyes
  • Eye color: gray-blue-green eyes
  • Character by colorEye: gray eyes
  • Eye color: blue eyes
  • Eye color: blue eyes
  • Eye color: eyes chameleon
  • Character according to the color of the eyes. Video

The effect of eye color on a person's character


Eye color is what is given to us from birth and what can change when we change

ourselves. Of course, it is much easier to change the color of the eyes with the help of contact lenses, but there are also changes in the native color of the eyes. This is mainly due to changes in the mores and processes of the psyche. Scientists came to the conclusion: the more intense the color of the eyes - the more pronounced are the human passions, the person is filled with energy and takes an active position in life. The lighter the color of the eyes - the more sensitive and romantic the person's soul is. The intensity of color in the iris - indicates the creative principle in the personality. Warm shades of eyes are characteristic of gentle natures, and cold shades indicate a cold temper. Let's take a closer look at the meaning of this or that eye color.

Eye color: black eyes


Energy, impulsiveness, initiative - the character traits inherent in the owners of black eyes. It is vital for them to be in the spotlight: with friends they are the soul of the company, and at work - an exemplary employee. These people are optimists. They are reliable and responsible, but differ in secretive character and mystery. In the case of serious problems and difficulties, they tend to show irritability and aggression. At the same time they conceal the offense for a short time. People with black eyes are self-confident, fearless, have unusual thinking, often amorous. They are characterized by a hot temperament, characterized by sexuality and sensitivity. They know how to like others, radiate charm and warmth, likes to be in the center of events. Black-eyed is characterized by selectivity in people. Demanding to the people around them as well as to themselves. Such people do not stay long, they are adventurous and enterprising.

Eye color: brown eyes


Holders of this eye color are energetic and temperamental. Flirt for them is just as natural as breathing. They like to be in the focus of attention of others, their whole life is one big play, a mono performance, and the surrounding ones - only scenery. Brown-eyed need a continuous narrative of all around what they are amazing and unforgettable, bright and beautiful. Without this, people with brown eyes feel discomfort. These people are hungry for power, they are aggressive, enterprising and adventurous. They are too sensitive, but they also easily leave these grievances. Those who are close to them, do not leave a feeling that they live on a powder keg. The owners of the brown eyes are attractive, sensual, witty and sociable. All of the above features are more pronounced, the more shifted the shade of the eyes towards the dark.

Color of eyes: light brown eyes

Brown eyes.

People with light brown eyes are not like their more "dark" relatives. They are more theoretic than practitioners, lazy and passive, particularly impressionable, touchy, in some cases even closed. Such people are hardworking pragmatists, strive for isolation, do not tolerate advice. A typical occupation of people with light brown eyes is a reflection on the essence of being( and what would have happened if).Their tendency to laziness surpasses all conceivable and unimaginable limits. It is these people who have the extraordinary gift of quickly and easily doing the most difficult tasks with incredible productivity, with a look and tension no more than reading a newspaper. In appearance, people with this eye color are soft, pliable creatures, but in fact they prefer to do things their own way, even if they agree with your idea.

Eye color: yellow eyes


People with yellow eyes are quite rare. They are characterized by special talents - wild artistry and charm, incredible ingenuity and cunning. Excellent friends - truly faithful and reliable, will not stop at any obstacle, if close in trouble. However, people with yellow eyes are mysterious and insidious, which makes them dangerous opponents. They do not accept situations when they are forced to impose their own rules, they do not control their own emotions, but they feel falseness and insincerity in the interlocutor's emotions. Yellow-eyed will be a faithful companion and a brave defender for his chosen one.

Tiger( tiger-yellow) eyes

yellow eyes

The world's rarest color of human eyes, also known as snake eyes. People with this eye color have an extraordinary mind. They are original and unpredictable. It is assumed that people with such a color eye can boast a developed intuition. They are difficult to intimidate, they are their own masters, very wary of outsiders. Flexibility and artistry allow them to get out of conflicts and unpleasant situations without putting themselves at risk. People with snake eyes are vindictive and rancorous, extremely dangerous opponents.

Eye color: green eyes


There are a lot of single-minded, assertive people among the green eyes, but sometimes this commitment becomes a common stubbornness. To foresee how mysterious green-eyed people behave in this or that situation - it is very difficult, the roles played by them every day acquire a new color every time, and they like it. These people are perfectly developed intuition. For them, it is very important to have confidence that his actions will have an effect, they will not be in vain, the opinion of people who take them dearly takes an honorable second place, and the point of view of the rest is the gray people that surround us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, They are absolutely indifferent. However, green-eyed people do not like openly declared confrontations and try to avoid sensitive situations. Green-eyed are often called adventurers, but this is a delusion. Often they do not take any action until they carefully calculate everything.

Eye color: gray-green eyes

Photo_1 150

People with this eye color are characterized by an adequate view of what is happening around them. They have an outstanding intuition, so they feel confident in any situation, "at ease".Patient and determined pragmatists, hardworking and conscientious. With the chosen one are gentle and devoted, all forces are spent for his search, but he is chosen only once. In resolving important issues, they show rigidity, but they know how to listen.

Eye color: gray-blue-green eyes


Holders of this eye color are different from love. They talk a lot about dreams and romance. Distinctive features of character are whims and selfishness. At the same time, the blue color gives these people coldness and rigidity.

Eye color: gray eyes


thoughtful, inquisitive, conscientious and judicious - gray-eyed prefer practicality and stand firmly on the ground with both feet. Such people are not prone to hurry anywhere, while they are not late anywhere. They are quite secretive and do not take dirty linen out of the hut, try to avoid demonstrating their feelings in public. Gray-eyed prefer a cold calculation, not their own intuition. If we are talking about a task for a solution that needs intelligence, nobody can compare with them. Dryness and restraint of character often leads to difficulties associated with the emotional sphere. People with gray eyes seek inspiration in their surroundings, and are happy if they find a person capable of filling them with emotions. In love are true - the least change for treason.

character color glazz:


blue eyes blue-eyed people are capable of strong feelings, if you fall in love, then without thinking thrown in love as in the pool with his head. Nevertheless, those who do not like them, they will hate as much. However, such negative people are unlikely to limit themselves to certain negative emotions, and they will surely pass to certain military actions. Owners of blue eyes do not just like to argue, but get pleasure from it, it is very important for them to prove their case against everyone. Conflicts and disputes - their element, in their blue-eyed very subjective because, first of all, guided by his likes and dislikes rather than common sense.

nature eye color: blue eyes


For people with blue eyes typical of daydreaming and romance, they are sensual and emotional, so if in life they do not have emotions, they are easy to invent them for themselves. Excessive sentimentality in the character not just not prevent numerous novels and intrigue, and sometimes because of this it is hard enough to find the love of his life. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, easily offended or lose their temper, in this connection it is much more difficult to atone for their guilt before them. Blue-eyed are able even after a few years to reproduce verbatim your insulting words and intonation with which they were spoken. The mood of them varies often enough, they are prone to strong experiences and at times fall into depression, without having for the slightest reason. They often shine with diverse, sometimes unexpected talents. A distinctive feature of blue-eyed fast, almost instantaneous adaptation to any new conditions.

character color eyes: eyes chameleon


Such rare eye shade is not a particular color, but rather a feature of the person. The eyes of such people change their color for various reasons - this may be due to mood, and may depend on the environment or circumstances. Holders of unstable eye color are characterized by sharp differences in mood and changeability in desires. Each shade makes its own adjustments to the personality. Such people easily enter into any life circumstances and adapt to any conditions. Such people are rarely characterized by organization and consistency in actions, most often they act spontaneously and impulsively. Character according to the color of the eyes.