How to keep a man

  • Jun 04, 2018

Often mentioned is the expression that men love with their eyes. In part, it's true. But if the beautiful well-groomed woman will sit impregnable on the most popular spot in the city, without expressing any emotion, it is unlikely there will be men who want to meet her and continue talking.


  • How to fall in love and keep a man
  • few feminine wiles to keep a man
  • How to keep men of different zodiac signs
    • How to keep a man Aries
    • How to keep a man Taurus
    • How to keep a man Gemini
    • How to keep a man Cancer
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    • How to keep a man Virgin
    • How to keep a man Libra
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    • How to keep husbandInu Sagittarius
    • How to keep a man of Capricorn
    • How to keep a man Aquarius
    • How to keep a man fish
  • How to keep a married man
  • How to keep a man. Video

How to fall in love and keep a man

Therefore, in order to attract and keep a man beside her, not enough to be a beautiful, well-groomed and mysteriously inaccessible.

Men, as well as we, like to b

e paid attention to. But very often they are afraid to take the first step out of fear of getting rejected. After all, it is quite possible that the object of desire is already occupied, it has a friend, a husband.

Therefore, in order to attract the attention of men, and then fall in love, you must show that you are interested in them, ready to start dating, and are positive open.

If it turns out that your chosen one does not show any emotion, it does not matter! In the world there are many worthy men who are waiting for your attention!

So, you are already in a romantic relationship and realize that this man is dear to you. Let the man know how you appreciate him. And it does not matter that you are only familiar for a week or 10 years. It is never too early or too late to say this. You will see how your relations will change for the better.

In order for a man to be interested in communication with you, it is necessary to show a little female cunning and understand the psychology of men.

few feminine wiles to keep a man

In order to keep beside her man, that you need, you need to show female wisdom, or, if you prefer, even cunning.

  • Avoid dealing with frivolous frivolous men. If this man is a "roll-field" or a ladies' man, do not start a long relationship with him. And then hold it. He will still be carried away by another object, because he is not attuned to a serious relationship. In order not to be abandoned, it is better to choose a responsible and positive person immediately from your knights.
  • At the initial stage of the relationship, understand what attracts your partner. If your man loves hangouts and night clubs, it is unlikely that he will be attracted to cozy homemade dinners. Or vice versa, he dreams of home comfort, and you pull him on campaigns. It is better to understand immediately what kind of pastime everyone prefers.


  • allows a man to do what he likes: to have an interesting hobby, hobbies. Every person except for compulsory cases should have some kind of vent, where you can change the scope of activity.
  • To be the most interesting person, to have your own personality. Perhaps it is a desire to learn some language or learn how to embroider, draw, achieve any sporting success. You can not completely dissolve in the wishes of a beloved man.
  • To be different, even slightly boring, unpredictable and changing. Such women attract all men, they are not bored with them. It is in such women often fall in love.


  • Be feminine, fragile and gentle. It implies femininity, not only in appearance, but in actions.
  • Let the man feel loved. A man needs to feel that you want to be with him not because of material considerations or fear of loneliness, but because you love him. A man intuitively always feels the love of a loved one, so if you want to keep a man, love him and show your love.


  • Be for your man a mistress. Know what attracts him to sex. It's no secret that sometimes because of good sex on the side throw caring and beautiful women.

How to keep men of different zodiac signs

How to keep a man Aries

man Aries - is a naive kid who believes in the ideals and wonders. But on the other hand, it's an adult, independent, proud man who does not tolerate any advice.


To keep the interest of men of Aries, the woman should be stylish, elegant and a bit ethereal. The ideal woman for a man is a ram is a woman queen. She should not criticize him, give advice. Must be praised. But praise should not be fake, not fake, but real. Otherwise, the deception will be revealed instantly.

Aries is a conqueror, so give him the opportunity to conquer you. Be slightly unapproachable, smart, romantic and elegant.

Aries should not be provoked into jealousy. He will not find out the relationship, he will shift his attention to another, more worthy object, another queen.

Aries does not tolerate a number of suffering, aching, dissatisfied with life and neglected women, so be optimistic and unpredictable.

How to keep a man Taurus

win and keep a man Taurus - not an easy task. The Taurus man is well-balanced and reliable, he always knows exactly what he wants from life and from your relationship in particular.

From nature has a subtle psychological flair. Therefore, the future elect will scan at the very beginning of the relationship. Very much appreciates, in addition to appearance, spirituality, intelligence, the ability to compromise.


Man Taurus loves that the house was beautiful, clean, smelled of home-made food. Most appreciates comfort and coziness. Sexual relationships also need to be stable. A man of bodies is stubborn, therefore he takes decisions more often himself, he can not be crossed.

The man Taurus is the owner, therefore adultery in the house will not tolerate.

How to hold a Gemini man

The Gemini man values ​​freedom most of all. He is very attractive to the opposite sex, unpredictable, amorous and windy. In order to keep such a man beside you, you have to be so different that the man seemed to be next to him several women.


re-educate and remake in their own way a Gemini man will not work, he is touchy and stubborn.

Therefore, if you are a man of Gemini, you should not limit his freedom, but try to let him go as much as possible. Be patient and forgiving. This will preserve the relationship for a long time.

Try to arrange surprises for him, be unexpected, passionate. It is very important to constantly develop your erudition, as a man Gemini loves communication, interesting interlocutors with whom you can discuss different topics.

How to keep a man Cancer

man Cancer has a fine intuition, he is very observant, sensitive man who is a dreamer all my life. He is very fond of a cozy house, loves family holidays and home gatherings with his family. Therefore, in order to keep a man Cancer, you need to be a good hostess who knows how to create spiritual comfort in the house.


To keep a man Cancer woman should have a well-developed maternal instinct, a very loving man, and constantly remind him about it, patiently to treat attacks of melancholy.

How to keep a Leo man

The Lion man is very strong and manly, which does not prevent him from being proud and extremely emotional. A woman next to such a man should always remain in the shadows, since only he will make decisions.

A Leo man likes to talk about his successes and achievements, so he needs a woman who can listen without commenting, admiring and not reacting violently if criticized.

The woman next to the man Lion should be stylish, well-groomed, elegant and sexy. He must admire and admire his chosen one.


How to keep a man The girl

The Virgo man has a bit of a cold, aristocratic nature. As a rule, he likes to work and knows how to keep his word.

To keep a man a maiden, one must be well-groomed, there must be absolute order in the house, no scattered things and unwashed dishes. It is necessary to have patience and punctuality.

The Virgo man does not like guests, social gatherings at home are not welcome. The man's companion of the Virgin will have to learn to adequately perceive criticism in his address, treat carefully to the family budget, avoiding unnecessary waste.

How to keep a man Scales

The man of the scales is very polite, courteous, developed aesthetically and intellectually. Therefore, in order to keep and interest such a man, it is necessary to constantly develop spiritually: read, visit museums and exhibitions.

In order to hold the man Libra, we must provide a quiet and friendly environment at home, no stormy scenes and clarification of relations.

A scales man is constantly looking at women, but this does not mean that he is looking for another partner. It's just enjoying the beautiful view, so to preserve the relationship, it's important not to make scandals because of this, but to praise its exquisite taste.

How to keep a man of Scorpio


A scorpion man has a contradictory and deceptive nature. He is a sophisticated manipulator, passionate seducer and lover, he lives by his own rules and does not tolerate pressure.

Therefore, in order to keep the beloved Scorpio man, it is necessary to be closed, mysterious and constantly changing, be able to be a passionate lover, intrigue, fascinate and enthrall.

How to keep the man Sagittarius

To keep the archer's man, one must love freedom the way he likes, be active, share his interests, play by his rules. It is necessary to be such a man friend, mistress and just a person who understands him.


The Sagittarius man does not like going to relatives and family gatherings, so do not burden him with such activities.

How to keep a Capricorn man

To keep a Capricorn man, a woman must be prudent, calm and balanced. The man of Capricorn will be attracted by a good practical hostess who can create a quiet home environment. Capricorn does not like frivolous women, inclined to embark on adventures.

How to keep a man of Aquarius

Is it possible to hold a man of Aquarius, if he loves freedom most of all? To keep the man of Aquarius, we must remember that he does not tolerate disputes, appreciates justice, likes to receive gifts and himself to make surprises.


Aquarius is only interested in non-ordinary, mysterious and unpredictable women. Therefore, in order for the union with Aquarius to be long, it is necessary to be constantly changing, incomprehensible and slightly inaccessible.

How to keep a man Fish

A Pisces man is somewhat passive in decision-making, he is constantly in his invented world, does not like conflicts.


To keep a Pisces man, it is necessary to be a strong woman, who holds everything, be a leader in the family. At the same time, outwardly, a woman should remain soft and compliant, because it is so attractive to fish.

How to keep a married man

There are situations in life when we go against our beliefs. I promised myself not to meet a married man, but now it turned out that he had been married for a long time. But I really want to keep relations with him. In order to keep a married man, one must adhere to the rules:

  1. Do not forbid to see a former family.
  2. Try to cook tasty and varied, even if he does not like all sorts of delicious dishes. There will be an occasion to evaluate the efforts.
  3. Do not require attention and money more than it provides.
  4. Do not "nag" on any occasion.

You can try to keep a man a child, but this does not always work. Sometimes a man does not want to have children or children he already has in a previous marriage.

Family in bed

It is necessary to try to be better than his wife: more positive, brighter, more affectionate.

But at the same time you should not impose, puzzle it with your problems and make scandals. This behavior will only repel the man.

How to keep a man. Video

The psychologist will tell you how to keep a man.