12 light hairstyles with your own hands

  • Jun 08, 2018

Everyday laying should be simple and convenient, and for its creation a woman should leave literally minutes. But beauty still has not been canceled, because the desire to please and conquer do not leave the lady ever! Light hairstyles for every day - this is a wonderful chance to always be stylish and elegant.

Stacking on the basis of bundles

Romantic bunch
  1. Combing the scallop.
  2. Strand of hair on the vertex is treated with varnish and we do it on the hair.
  3. We bind all the hair high on the vertex, back from the scalp a couple of centimeters. We try as hard as possible to fix the tail with an elastic band.
  4. Lift the tail up and make a hole with your finger immediately under the elastic band.
  5. Through this hole we extend the tips of the hair - not more than 7 centimeters.
  6. Now pull the base of the tail with the elastic band so that they fit tightly to the skin.
  7. If the bundle breaks up into two halves, we connect them with each other with the help of several pins.
  8. Do not forget to fix the tip of the tail with a hair clip and hide it in the middle of the tail.
  9. Spray the stove with varnish.

Romantic bun of hair

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Low beam with pigtails
  1. Comb your hair with a comb.
  2. We divide them into 3 parts - 1 large( in the middle) and 2 thinner( on each side).The middle part is tied with an elastic band, and the side parts are fastened with hairdresser clips.
  3. The tip of the tail is doubled and we also connect it with a thin rubber band.
  4. We wrap the tail down and attach it with the invisibility right next to the rubber band.
  5. We weave the side strands in loose three-row braids. The ends are also folded in half and tied with thin elastic bands.
  6. We lay the braids crosswise to the base of the beam and fix the studs.

Low beam with pigtails

Low beam with pigtails-2

Bundle in Greek

Step 1. Comb the hair on the straight part, dividing it into two halves.

Step 2. Lateral strands are twisted into two light bundles. We move from forehead to the back of the head, gradually grabbing free strands.

Step 3. We connect the harnesses to the back of the head in a low tail.

Bunch in Greek

Step 4. Make a small groove above the very tail and put all loose strands in it.

Step 5. Fix the whole construction with studs and varnish.

Beautiful Greek beam

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Careless bundle

This beam requires a professional roller or top of the sock. It is they who will make the hair look lush and voluminous.

  1. We comb the strands with a comb.
  2. Collect them in the tail on the vertex.
  3. We put the roller over the rubber bands.
  4. The tail is twisted into a bundle and laid around the bead. Fix the studs.
  5. The bundle can be left smooth, or you can slightly dislocate it with your fingers.

Lush and voluminous hairdo

A bunch of five braids

Beautiful hairstyle in steps:

  1. Comb your hair with a comb.
  2. We divide them into five parts. We knit five low three-row braids.
  3. Spit in the middle we put in a bunch on a nape. Fix it with studs.
  4. Turn each pigtail around the beam. The latter capture the extreme braids that are in the face.
  5. We fix all the studs and varnish.

A beam of five braids

A beam of five braids = 2

Simple daily hairstyles with braids and tails

Light hairstyles with their own hands can not be imagined without a variety of tails. They are done very quickly, but they look - five points.

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Double tail with scythe
  1. We divide the combed hair into two parts as shown in the photo. We tie the top part in a low tail.
  2. From the bottom we form a three-row braid.
  3. Turn the oblique base of the tail and fix the tip with a hairpin.
  4. As a decor we use a flower or a hairpin.

Double tail with scythe

Feminine hair with a hoop and tail

Beautiful hairstyles for every day are distinguished by refinement and simplicity. Having made any of these ways in the morning, you can calmly go in such a kind for a date or a business dinner.

1. We put on the head a beautiful hoop. Strands left and right of the face should remain free. We twist them into bundles, adding the remaining strands. We fix the bundles with studs.

2. We collect all the strands in the low tail.

3. At the base of the tail make a hole. We turn the hair through it.

4. Slightly stretch the strands in bundles. Hairstyle is ready.

Zhenstvennaya pricheska s obruchem

Tail with an interesting weaving
  1. We comb the hair on one side. We select from below two thin strands.
  2. Bind them in a node.
  3. Bring back the ends of the node and select the other two strands.
  4. Again, we bind them with a node.
  5. We knit the nodules until the end of the tail.
  6. We fix the tail with an elastic band. To make carelessness and volume neatly fluff the nodules.

Tail with weaving

Twisted fishtail

1. Comb the hair and separate in the crown zone two equal strands.

Twisted Fishtail( 1)

2. We collect them with a thin rubber band.

Twisted Fishtail( 2)

3. We divide the tail into 2 parts and weave the traditional fish tail.

Twisted Fishtail( 3)

4. We fasten the tip of a thin rubber band to the color of the hair.

Twisted Fishtail( 4)

5. Cut the rubber from above.

Twisted Fishtail( 5)

6. We will soak the fish tail along its entire length with the mousse for styling. It will help to maintain the appearance of the styling.

Twisted Fishtail( 6)

7. Gently stretch the weave, in order to give it splendor.

Twisted Fishtail( 7)

8. Twist the braid and fix it with invisibility.

Twisted Fishtail( 8)

9. Cover the installation with varnish.

Twisted Fishtail( I)

Spit three in one
  1. Combing all the hair on its side.
  2. We divide them into three equal parts.
  3. Each part is braided in a braid.
  4. We weave three braids into one and fix the tip with an elastic band.
  5. Gently pull the strands to make the weaving easier.

Spit three in one

Simple office laying for long hair

1. Comb the strands and divide them into two parts by a piece.

Simple office installation( 2)

2. We select a thin string near the forehead and gently twist it towards the back of the head.

Simple office installation( 4)

3. Gradually add loose strands to the harness.

Simple office installation( 1)

4. Continue so until all the hair on one side is wrapped in a tourniquet.

Simple office installation( 3)

5. After reaching the base of the neck, scroll the tourniquet several more times around its axis and fix it with a hair clip.

6. The same is repeated on the other side.

7. We fasten both plaits with a beautiful barrette.

Simple office installation( 5)

Daily hairstyles with fleece

Malvina with fleece
  1. Separate the side and front strands near the face.
  2. Now select the strand of hair on the vertex and twist it into a tourniquet.
  3. We comb the side and front strands with a thick comb.
  4. We lay them on top of the harness, fix it with invisible objects and slightly lift upwards to give volume.

Malvina s nachesom( 2)

Malvina s nachesom( 1)

As you can see, the daily hairstyle does not have to be limited to the ponytail or loose hair. Experiment with your own style and stay on top!