What haircuts are suitable for a full face?

  • Jun 08, 2018

Haircuts for the full face are designed to hide the fullness and excessive roundness, slightly pull out the oval and make the image more refined.

General recommendations

Before you escape to the salon, read a number of rules, and based on them, choose a haircut.

  • Rule 1. The bulk of hair falls on the vertex. If, however, the strands framing the face are lush, and the upper part of the head - smooth, the face will become even wider, and the cheeks - even more full.
  • Rule 2. The permissible length of the haircut is up to the jaw. Deviations are possible, but only a little - just above or just below the chin. In all other cases, you need to be very careful and careful.
  • Rule 3. To cover the completeness, do not open the face completely. It should be framed with at least a few strands.

What can not be done with a full face?

The round full face has many different "enemies", capable of spoiling the image. Here are just a few of them:

  • Long straight hair is, perhaps, the main taboo
    for chubby little pussies;
  • Any symmetry in the haircut or styling;
  • Straight and long bangs;
  • The length of the hair to the shoulder - it can be safely called the most unsuccessful, especially if you have a double chin. This length will make the face even bigger and more solid, so either grow your hair, or lightly cut it;
  • Creative hairstyles, in which the head is disproportionately small;
  • Monochrome staining is another popular mistake of fat women. Forget about one tone, making a choice in favor of coloring or highlighting.
Short haircuts for a full face

Having decided to make a short hairstyle for a full face, it is very important to stop in time - an excessively short hedgehog will look ridiculous, stupid and man-like. Moderate length - this is exactly what you need!


We advise you to take a closer look at the haircut of Bob or A-Bob. They are always in a trendy trend and will perfectly suit fashionable women with a full face. Performed by a professional craftsman, do not need care and daily styling.




Another fashion choice for the 2017 season is a square with straight hair. In this case, the length should be up to the chin or slightly lower to hide all the shortcomings. If you are very embarrassed by chubby cheeks, comb your hair with an oblique or asymmetric parting - this will quickly distract attention from the problem. Another quick way to hide the round cheeks is to complement the square with an oblong bangs. After making a short haircut, do not forget about the volume. It can provide either a hidden support( cutting off the lower layer of hair), or tip milling.




What haircuts are suitable for short strands? Look closely at the haircut of the pixie, which is distinguished by short hair in the zone of the temples and long at the crown. It is perfect for women with thick and thin hair. But remember that you will have to wash your head very often. Otherwise the pixy will lose its splendor and volume. Visiting a hairdresser and adjusting the haircut is also necessary regularly - in overgrown form, it looks untidy.



The video below shows a selection of fashionable haircuts for girls with a full face:

Medium-length hairstyles for a full face

Female medium-length hairstyles look just fine! At your disposal are several models.

Elongated Bob-kar

It is very important to observe the multilayeredness of such a haircut. Only in this case it will be feminine and airy. But if you want to give yourself a strict look, make a slanting bang and a stylish parting on the side.




Universal model that looks good on both thin and full. In addition, the cascade opens a lot of possibilities for styling - the tips can be twisted inside or curled outward, and you can even screw all the hair on the curlers, forming Hollywood waves. Haircuts for medium hair are usually combined with a bang, she will hide the face.



Long Hairstyles for Chubby

A long haircut for full women with a round face has every right to exist, although many stylists claim the opposite. Of course, at this length you will have to spend more time and effort on laying, but the result is worth it.

Will again benefit the cascade, ladder or aurora. They can also be stacked in different ways, introducing notes of novelty in their everyday image. For festive events, the hair is curled on medium-sized curlers. For every day, waves and light curls will suit. Do not forget about the volume, because for a long head of hair it will be extremely important. In this you will surely help the fleece in the crown. What is better to understand, look at these photos.



What else should I look for?

Having made a beautiful haircut for a full face, pay attention to some additional factors. We can refer to them:

  • Felt - an integral element of the hairstyle for the pussy-faced. Stop on medium density bunches, because very thick can make your chin heavier. As for the form, it is permissible to be oblique or asymmetric;
  • Parting - it needs to be shifted sideways. This will immediately affect the fullness of your face and make it more elongated and narrow;
  • Elongated strands near the face are a wonderful decorative element that will bring into your image a peculiar zest and cover the lower jaw. The main thing is that these strands are not too thick and do not end at the level of the chin - only higher or lower.
How to style hair for a full face?

Having made the right haircut, you still need to learn how to make fashionable stylings. Most often it is performed with the help of brashing and blowing. This method is great for every day and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1. Wash your head with shampoo.

Step 2. Blot excess moisture with a towel.

Step 3. Dry hair with a hair dryer, giving them a haircut shape with a round brush.

Step 4. After completing the drying of the hair, make a light heap at the top of the head and sprinkle it with varnish( do not take the strongest - it makes strands heavier and deprives them of volume).You also need to discard gels and waxes. Any sleek stacking will make you even wider.
You can also use ployka, ironing or curlers for styling. Give preference to large or medium curls - small curls on the background of a full face look disproportionate.

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