Trendy hairstyles on the beach

  • Jun 08, 2018

Going to the sea? Choose for yourself stylish and beautiful hairstyles for the beach! With them, you definitely will not be ignored!

Features of summer styling

Choosing a hairstyle for the summer, consider several important requirements:

  • Simplicity and convenience. Stacking should not take much time and effort;
  • Minimum amount of stowage;
  • Lightness and freedom. Do not try to build a complex work of hairdresser's art on your head. Negligence is more appropriate;
  • Use accessories that will not prevent you from wearing headgear;
  • Do not wash your head until you visit the beach. The composition of shampoos includes such components that weaken the hair and wash away from them a film that protects from exposure to the sun, salt water and dust;
  • Take care of the health of the head of hear, otherwise the trip to the sea will make it thin, fragile and dry. About a month before the holiday, start washing your hair with special shampoos marked Sun Care. They contain a complex of various oils a
    nd SPF components that prevent the washing out of the pigment, retain moisture inside the hair and form a thin breathable film on them;
  • With regard to styling, the ideal choice for the summer will be cream gloss - it is resistant to seawater, well-kept styling and gives the hair a beautiful shine. If you want to give your hair extra volume, use a thermal protection lotion. Having an easy formula, it envelops the strands and guarantees an ideal styling. For short hair, it is better to use a gel - it will fix the locks well and give the hairstyle clear.

The best styling for the beach

Do not know which hairstyle to make at sea? We offer you 10 detailed master classes and a nice bonus - some of the most popular ways of tying a summer kerchief.

Lace braid for long hair

This beach hairstyle for long hair will allow for a couple of minutes to put yourself in order. With it you can safely go to a beach party or simply sunbathe.

  1. Comb your head on the side part.
  2. On the side where there is more hair, separate the strand of hair and divide it into three parts.
  3. Braid the pigtail along the entire length. Tie the tip with silicone rubber.


4. Throw all the hair on the same side as the braid.

5. Divide the total mass of hair approximately in the middle and skew the pigtail at this point.

7. Remove the braid near the neck and again wrap the remaining strands with it.

8. Do another one or two turns - it depends on the length of your head of hear.

9. Connect the braid to the total mass of the hair and tie it with a silicone rubber band.


Greek styling on the beach

Romantic hairstyles in the Greek style are in great demand. They can be called without exaggeration the most popular and convenient. This light hairstyle exists in two versions at once.

Option 1. With the traditional Greek bandage

  1. Comb your hands on the side part and put a bandage on your head.
  2. Separate the strand from the forehead and divide it into three parts.
  3. Begin to weave a French pigtail, grabbing loose curls on the other side of the bandage.
  4. After reaching the ear, wrap the hair under the bandage.
  5. Strands on the other side can also be braided, or you can just wrap.
  6. Beautifully lay the tips and, if necessary, fix the styling with the studs.


Option 2. With bandage "soloha"

Inside this bandage there is a thin wire, so it is very convenient to use. This method is suitable even for very long hair.

  1. Scratch on the side part or comb all the hair back.
  2. Practically at the very bottom, tie a rubber band.
  3. Place the "solo" so that its center is under this rubber band.
  4. Hold the ends of the bandage and twist it upwards.
  5. After reaching the base of the neck, tie the ends of the "solo" on the vertex. They can be located either strictly in the center, or slightly laterally.
  6. Gently tuck your hair behind.


Beach bundle with braids

Fast beach laying can not do without all kinds of beams and riffles. Try one of them!

  1. Scratch on the side or straight part.
  2. On the face on both sides, separate the thin strands and braid the braids.
  3. Hair on the vertex scrub with a thin comb to get the volume.
  4. Collect the hair in the tail and slightly stretch the elastic band so that the hairstyle is not too tight.
  5. Tip the ends into a loose braid.
  6. Screw it into a bundle and secure with the studs.


Shell with rim of braid

The shell on medium hair is also perfect for bathing-tans. Such a hairstyle perfectly smoothed with a straight or oblique bangs.

  1. Scratch and separate a small strand of hair near the face.
  2. Braid the braided pigtail.
  3. Throw it to the opposite ear and kill it with invisibility.
  4. Wrap the strands in the shell.
  5. Tip the ends beautifully with a "fountain", using the hairpins.

Shell with rim of braid


Beautiful and comfortable weaving has long conquered lovers to lie on the beach or do water sports. One such is the "dragon".

  1. Comb your hair back. To make hair smooth, apply a little cream or gel on them.
  2. With a thin tip of the comb, separate a part of the strands from one temple to the other.
  3. Divide it into three parts.
  4. Start the braiding of a regular braid.
  5. On the second binding, add free curls to the right.
  6. On the third - loose curls on the left.
  7. Continue to weave "dragon" to the length you need - the base of the neck or the tip itself. By the way, you can simply tie it or tuck it under the bottom and pin it with a hairpin, leaving your neck completely open.


Unusual fishtail

Hairstyles on the sea are simply unthinkable without all kinds of tails. We suggest that you combine in one package two popular trends at once - a tail and a scythe.

1. Comb it all back or to the side.

2. Tie a low tail on the side( it is desirable to take gum colorless or under the color of the head of hear) and divide the tail into two equal sections.

Unusual fishtail( 1)

3. Bind several links in the "fish tail" technique.

4-5.Tie up the elastic band.

6. Again divide the tail into two sections and weave the "fishtail" to the same length.

7. Continue to the desired level.

Unusual fishtail( 3)

Unusual fishtail( 2)

Inverted tails

Stylish styling made by own hands, can look no worse than the work of a professional stylist. Do not believe me? Judge for yourself!

  1. Comb your back.
  2. Tie a tail at the back of the head.
  3. Separate one curl from it and wrap the rubber base with it.
  4. A little lower tie another rubber band.
  5. Make a hole in the hair and stretch the tail through it.
  6. Slightly tie another rubber band. Again form an inverted tail.
  7. Continue to tie the tails to the desired length.

Turned-out tails


Wet effect

Hairstyles for short hair on the beach are often performed on loose hair. However, this option looks equally good on strands of any length.

  1. Wash your hair.
  2. Soak the hair with a towel.
  3. Apply mousse or foam on them.
  4. Bend your head down or sideways.
  5. Dry the hair with a blow dryer or diffuser, or just remember with your hands, directing a jet of warm air.
  6. Raise the head and give the curls a shape.
  7. Decorate your hair with a rim, bandage or any other accessory.


Super Fashionable Floor Gouge

Fashionable beach laying can be done on strands of any length - from the shortest to the very long. Before you one of the fastest and easiest options. This hairstyle for the beach does not need additional advertising! It often flaunts even the stars of Hollywood. It was they who brought it out to the people and made it popular.

  1. Comb your hair. It can be slightly curled iron - so the hair will be more magnificent.
  2. By a horizontal parting from the temple to the temple, separate the part of the hair.
  3. Tie it with an elastic band.
  4. Comb your tail with a comb.
  5. Screw it with a snail and chop it.


Hairstyles for the beach with a scarf or scarf

No time for hair? With scarves and scarves, you can eliminate two problems at once: hide hair from the sun and hide the lack of styling. Carefully see the photo!

Hairstyles for the beach with a scarf or scarf( 3)

Hairstyles for the beach with a scarf or scarf( 4)

Hairstyles for the beach with a scarf or scarf( 2)

Hairstyles for the beach with a scarf or scarf( 1)

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What else to decorate a beach hairstyle?

Summer laying opens up a wide range of accessories. Feel free to use live and artificial flowers, thin ribbons, hoops and rims, hairpins with butterflies and shells, wide satin or cotton ribbons with a bright print. To fix the hairstyles you need pins with beads, flowers or rhinestones. They will shine in the sun, resembling droplets of morning dew. Large accessories should be left for winter. Now you need light and delicate jewelry.

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How to care for your hairAfter a trip to the sea?

When choosing a beach hairstyle, take care not only about appearance, but also about the health of your head of hear. Remember, the excess styling means, heated by the scorching sun, will bring great harm. And the sun itself can not be called a too useful factor.

To prevent the unpleasant surprises in the form of burned and overdried strands in the summer season, listen to these tips.

  • Tip 1. After the sea, regularly perform nutrient and moisturizing masks. Perfect recipes based on banana, aloe and kefir.
  • Tip 2. Apply half the length of peach, castor, olive or burdock oil.
  • Tip 3. Go to the beach, spray on the finished hair spray sunscreen.
  • Tip 5. After bathing in the sea, rinse salt from the hair with running fresh water.
  • Tip 6. For sunbathing, wear a hat or any other headgear.

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