3 ways to make curls with a T-shirt

  • Jun 08, 2018

Do you like to make curls, but the curling iron and iron do much damage to the hair? Learn how to wind hair with a T-shirt, and create a styling without any fear!

T-shirt vs ironing

Compared with ironing, curling or curlers, a simple T-shirt has many important advantages: the

  • process does not harm the hair - it can be performed even on very dry damaged hair;
  • with a T-shirt you can sleep - it does not interfere at all;
  • you will be able to curl hair of any length;
  • unrivaled effect - with such curls you can go to any celebration. Anybody and in a head does not come, that such beauty you did not in interior!

How to spin on a T-shirt - the three popular ways of

Curls with a T-shirt can be made in three very simple and fast ways. Let's consider each of them.

First method - As a turban

Thanks to this method you can get light ringlets.

  • Wash your head with shampoo.
  • Blot excess moisture with a towel, but do not dry your hair completely - they should remain moist.
  • Spray on them, mousse, gel or foam.
  • Take a good comb.
  • Take any T-shirt and spread it on a solid surface.


  • Lower the strands to the center.
  • Wrap them with a T-shirt and securely fix the tips inside the turban.
  • Feel free to go to sleep. If you spin around in the daytime, you'll have to wait until the hair dries. To speed up the process, dry the turban with a hair dryer.
  • At the end of the required period, carefully untwist.
  • Comb the resulting curls with your hands and sprinkle the stain with varnish.


The second way - in the form of bundles

Using this instruction, you can achieve elastic pronounced curls.

  • Wash your head with shampoo or at least moisten hair with water from a spray gun.
  • Break a few long strips of old cotton T-shirt. They should be the same size( both length and width).
  • Divide the head of hear into several equal strands( their number depends on the number of strips).The thicker you take the strand, the larger the curl will be.
  • Tie each knot in the tail, replacing the elastic band with a cloth.
  • Divide the tail in half.
  • Tighten the two strands, tightly wrapping the hair around the length of the T-shirt.


  • Carefully tip the tips.
  • Connect the two strings together with an elastic band.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining strands.
  • Allow the flagella to dry completely( leave overnight).
  • Unscrew all the bundles and split the curls with your fingers.
  • Scrunch your hair with a varnish.


Tips to help you make excellent styling and lush curls with an ordinary T-shirt:

Third way - As a crown

To make beautiful curls on medium or long hair, take note of this easy option.

1. Wash the head with shampoo and blot excess moisture with a towel.

2. Apply mousse or foam on the strands and carefully comb.

3. Fold the T-shirt into the rope.

4. Twist the rope into a ring and secure with a rubber band.


5. Place the ring on the crown of the head.

6. Divide the head of hair into several equal strands.


7. Each of them carefully and tightly wrap around the ring of the T-shirt. You should get exactly the same as in the photo.


8. Secure the structure with the studs and make sure that it does not interfere with you.

9. You can leave it all night or until the hair is completely dry.


10. Remove the studs and the ring.

11. Disassemble the curls. The main advantage of this method is curls of the same shape and without visible creases.


More details on the video:

A few more tips from

Now you know how to wind hair with a T-shirt. Finally, we will give some important advice from these women of fashion.

Tip 1. Use a T-shirt made of cotton fabric - it is easily turned and twisted.

Tip 2. Do not comb the finished hair with a brush. It is better to parse the curls with your hands - then they will last much longer.

Tip 3. Do not abuse stowage - they glue together strands.

Tip 4. If the curls are still wet after unwinding, dry them with a hair dryer, keeping it at a sufficiently large distance from the head.

Tip 5. Curls with a t-shirt are more convenient to do at night. The styling will be elastic and will last all day.

Tip 6. Some fabrics( especially synthetic ones) have a strong dye. Be careful, because on the light hair can remain a stain.

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