What kind of bangs is suitable for a round face - we complement the image

  • Jun 08, 2018

The round face shape is called unsuccessful - it looks wide, full and somewhat flat. But do not be upset - beautiful and properly selected bangs for a round face will help change the appearance and correct all the nuances.

How to understand if the bangs go?

To understand if the bangs go round face, you can go for a simple but accurate experiment. He will fully show whether she needs anything at all.

Step 1. Take the forehead with an even broad strand.

Step 2. Place it so that the hair can be stabbed in the area of ​​the crown.

Step 3. Spread the tips, giving them the desired shape.

As a result of this experience, you will be able to see how the bangs will lie on the forehead and transform the face.

Tip! Even if what you see in the mirror, you will like, do not rush to change your own appearance. To begin with, try long strands, which can then be either shortened or re-grown.

Looking for the correct form of

Which bangs are suitable for a round face? There is no single

right decision, because the shape of the front strands is affected by both the type of face, and the width of the cheekbones, the contours of the lips, the size of the eyes and the massiveness of the nose. But there are several successful and beautiful options that can hide all the shortcomings and highlight all the advantages. All of them are presented in these photos.


An elongated bangs cut at 90 degrees and combed on the side, imperceptibly passes into the main head of hair, unobtrusively changing your appearance for the better. Due to the vertical lines and the length to the chin, the circle will become a little narrower and turn into an oval. Just a few oblique strands will make your image more modern and refresh your facial features. But the main advantage of a long bang is the ability to change its styling - it can be laid on its side, on two sides or combed back. Among the Hollywood women of fashion is popular is the last way - it allows you to create a very magnificent wave, raised over the face. This stylish variant is combined with a square, a haircut of a bean or a cascade.



The slanting fringe is not in vain considered universal - it perfectly suits both an adult business woman, and young romantic girls. It can be worn with a pony tail, loose hair, braids or tufts, introducing notes of novelty into your everyday image. A cheek of this type is at the peak of popularity for many years. And, most likely, this trend will continue in the future, because many top models and famous actresses with round-shaped faces with great pleasure decorate her hair.

Tip! Slanting strand can be cut not only for smooth, but also for wavy haircuts. In the latter case, bangs have to be curled daily with a brush with a diffuser, curling iron or iron.


Cascading or torn

This form of bangs looks great in brightly colored and stranded strands, helping to complete a bold or strict image. It is often combined with creative ragged haircuts or classic hairstyles with profiled tips.

Important! Having decided to cut a torn bang, remember that it requires complicated laying.



A very short bang, whose length is barely more than 3-4 cm, will be the best choice for brave and confident women with large features. In this case, the hair is a beautiful feathers or sticking out a hedgehog, attracting curious looks. Combining it with a happy glint of the eyes and an open smile, you will get a powerful weapon, beating in the hearts of men without the slightest mistake. As a rule, ultra-short bangs are chosen by young girls, but among adult ladies they are also popular. On them they look more strictly and elegantly.

Important! Too short strands grow very quickly and lose their appearance. That is why such a bang requires the most frequent corrections.



A straight fringe with a round face can also be quite. This is an ideal choice for owners of round cheeks and too large forehead. But there is one important point - it should be on the eyebrows or go lower. The average length is taboo, it will not suit you! In this case, the person will appear too wide and disproportionate.

Straight and long enough bangs can be combined with any hairstyles. So, not too thick and a little fillet strands look great and with a classic square, and with long hair. But a rare and highly profiled model can complement any multilayered haircut to the shoulders and shoulder blades. It is this form that best masks a large or long nose. When laying a straight bangs, strands should be straightened or screwed with a hairdryer. If necessary, comb it on your side.



Asymmetrical bangs, combined with a fashionable hairdo, visually draws a round face, covers its part and smoothes the line of the cheeks. Such strands are cut like an inverted triangle. As a rule, they reach the eyebrow line and are ironed.

Important! Beveled and asymmetrical bangs need to be selected according to individual appearance parameters. Depending on the length and shape, they can both narrow down and make the face wider.


Tips to help you choose a beautiful and stylish hairstyle for a round face:


Pikabu is a long fringe covering the eye. This option, which is one of the varieties of an oblique shape, is considered original and incredibly fashionable. True, for everyday wearing it is completely impractical. Pikabu requires special care. To lay it you will need a hairdryer with different attachments, iron, varnish, round brush. It is possible to emphasize individual strands with a gel.

Important! A bang of this type is not recommended to cut yourself or to comb.



A multilayered fluffy bang for a round face can be cut by girls with thin but thick hair. With the help of proper haircuts, you can emphasize the splendor of your head of hair and visually stretch out your face due to the volume on your head. Such a bang can take any shape - be beveled and straight. Due to the different layers, either of these two options looks very interesting and even finer features will come to the delicate features of the face.

Tip! Finding the best form of bangs for chubby beauties - it's not at all simple. Do not be too lazy to turn around in front of a mirror, changing the angle, the model, the density and the length of the strands. Only then you will understand what it is that is for you.


What can not be exactly done?

What kind of bangs and hairstyles does not suit a lady with a round face? You will have to avoid:

  • Symmetrical outlines. Choose a hairstyle with a side cut. Otherwise, the front strands will also split into two equal halves, which does not exactly decorate you;
  • Short volumetric haircuts at the chin level( elongated bean and page) - they will emphasize the contour of the face and make it even wider and larger;
  • Horizontal lines in the process of staining. If you want to highlight the front strands by coloring, stop on the vertical technique. The dropping lines will stretch out your face and make it thinner;
  • Smooth backfilling - accentuates problems and emphasizes shortcomings;
  • Sleek hairstyles - even with the right bang they look terrible. Stop your choice on a hairstyle with volume in the root zone.


A few more tips

To not be mistaken with the choice, listen to the opinion of experts.

Tip 1. Before going to the salon, pay attention to the thickness of the hair. If thin strands will need a cheek, the strands of which smoothly pass into the ladder, then a thick layer of thick bangs of medium density with strings of different lengths will suit a heavy head of hair.

Tip 2. If you are full and short, do not make a thick bang - it will round the face and make it flat.

Tip 3. Look at your eyebrows, as a bang of any shape first of all will emphasize this particular detail. Some length options completely open them, others lead to a change in the thickness, color and thickness of the eyebrows. Be sure to consider this when creating a new image.


Important! Of course, you can trim your bangs with your own hands, but it's better to contact a good specialist. Only he can give the strands the original form. Moreover, your home is unlikely to find the tools necessary to create a milled or graduated bangs. And the last important factor - the master will be able to show how to properly and beautifully make a new styling.

Laying rules for

You need to devote a long time to the haircut for a round face, because it can quickly lose its appearance. In most cases, the form is kept only the first few days after visiting the hairdresser. Then it will have to be fixed with styling means and devices.

  • Gel and mousse - ideal for strengthening skew and asymmetrical bangs;
  • Plowing or ironing - elongated strands. This is an excellent option for creating a festive or evening image;
  • Hairpins and invisible - suitable for fixing a straight, oblique and elongated bangs. They will get it for every day;
  • Varnish - useful at the last stage of laying, will help to maintain the smoothness of straight strands.


Regular laying is necessary for buns of all kinds, thickness or length. For each it has its own. Here are a few fashion ideas that will allow you to always look beautiful.

Idea 1 - for a straight bang

First pull the strands with an iron to visually elongate the face, and then treat the individual tips with mousse or gel, forming thin feathers. This is the best choice for a square with a bang for a round face.

Idea 2 - for the long bang

The ends of the elongated strands are wound with iron and laid in the form of curls. If the hair is very long, they can be slightly combed at the roots.


Idea 3 - for oblique bangs

Lay the hair on the side so that they cover one eyebrow. Modeling wax form a few thin lines. Thanks to this trick the hair will not close the review and will not allow the hairdress to lose its practicality.

Idea 4 - for asymmetrical bangs

Place the strands on their sides, carefully making sure that their ears are closed. With the help of this laying, you can get a longer face and hide all its flaws.

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