Triangular type of face - choose the perfect haircut

  • Jun 08, 2018

Haircuts for a triangular face should be selected with great care. Only then you will be able to hide the shortcomings and skillfully emphasize the advantages.

Features of the triangular face

The face of a triangular shape can be very much met with real Slavic beauties. Its distinctive features are a wide forehead, protruding cheekbones, unexpressed or even sunken cheeks and a narrow chin. A girl of this type can easily enter into a dreamy, romantic and even naive image.

Specialists distinguish two types of triangular faces:

The classic triangle - it is characterized by a sharp transition from the cheekbones to the chin.

Triangular face1

The heart of the is a soft triangle with a slightly rounded shape, which is provided to the pronounced cheekbones or plump cheeks.

Triangular face2

List of suitable haircuts

To beat this appearance and hide its shortcomings will be the right haircut. Let's consider in more detail the most successful models.


This is the safest and most successful optio

n among all short haircuts. Bob looks sexy, bold, bold, relevant. It can be tweaked, adding notes of romanticism, or drawing out with an iron, creating a youth image. The main thing is that the length of the haircut reaches the chin, but does not go lower. When creating a hairstyle, you should be careful with the volume on the crown - if it is too large, the cheekbones will become even wider. Particularly courageous natures are ideal punk model beans with one shaven temple. Also remember that this hairstyle needs constant styling. Only in this case it will look fashionable and beautiful.

Triangular face3


This is the best solution for owners of triangular faces and fine hair. He is often decorated with a short torn bangs, which distracts attention from the narrow chin and switches it to the ears and cheekbones. If you have these zones are far from perfect, give up the garsoon in favor of other hairstyles.

Triangular face4

Elongated square

Conventional square - not the best solution for "triangles".It can be replaced by a stylish elongated haircut with an oblique and long bangs. The cut must not be straight - it is better to make a thinning.

Triangular face5


Another great choice! Ragged strands of the cascade will hide the forehead and chin, but this is exactly what is needed. Modifying the hair can be done by styling, twisting the tips inside or out and connecting them with an elongated light bang. As for length, it can be any - short, medium or long.

Triangular face6

A small scaffold

The triangular shape of the face perfectly fits with a torn staircase. It can be supplemented with any bangs( long or up to the eyebrows), except for the straight. Note that the first layer of the ladder must begin at the chin level.

Triangular face7

Haircut to the shoulders

Hair of medium length, reaching the shoulders, fill the space near the chin and successfully hide its angularity. Strands can be straight and twisted inside.

Triangular face8

Long hair

Lovers of long strands can also be calm - for a triangular face they are quite suitable. But there are several conditions:

  • Discard the smooth cut in favor of torn or milled ends;
  • More often curl curls - they look better than smooth hair.

Triangular face9

Haircuts with bangs

When choosing a haircut with a bang, make sure that it is sheared on the basis of a traditional arc. It is this shape that will make the face more gentle, soften the pointed chin and too wide forehead. We advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

  • Ragged bangs - will make the image spectacular and mysterious;
  • Short and straight - adds mischief;
  • Long and straight - it emphasizes the eyes, it fits all;
  • Graduated - makes the face more feminine;
  • Squinting to the chin - looks very harmonious and poured into the hairstyle;
  • Felt on both sides - covers forehead and cheekbones

Triangular-foxy 10

What "triangles" need to forget?

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of haircuts for a triangular face, remember a few recommendations. With this form you can not do:

  • haircuts with hanging front locks;
  • perfectly straight cut - draws attention to problem areas;
  • too thick bangs - it will weight the face and shift the emphasis on the nose and narrowed chin;
  • excessive volume on the vertex - it's not for everyone and can even grow old;
  • sharp asymmetry - the "triangle" needs balance, and with asymmetrical haircut it can not be achieved.

Triangular-foxy 16
Triangular-bald man17

How to style a hairstyle for a triangular face?

In addition to successful haircuts, styling is very important. With a triangular face, it is necessary to avoid perfectly straight strands, combed back hair, as well as high and lush stitches. From a chemical wave with small curls, too, should be abandoned. Hair of medium length can be turned only under the bottom. And one more thing - you need to cover your ears. Leave loose a few thin curls - this will be enough.

You ask, what remains? The most successful styling are Hollywood and beach waves. Instead of a smooth selection, it is better to make a lateral or asymmetrical one. They balance the difference between the cheekbones and the chin. Forget about the right straight lines, opting for light disorder, naturalness and airiness. To better understand, look at the hairstyles in the photo!



Triangular face20

Triangular face21

Triangular face22

Triangular face23

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