Hairstyles for the holiday: 10 hairstyles with your own hands

  • Jun 08, 2018

For the solemn events you need a beautiful styling, but in the salon you did not have time? Our festive hairstyles look no worse than many salon variants, and everyone will be able to do them!

"Bubbles" for long hair

At first glance, this styling may seem complicated, but it's not at all! It is based on the tail, so everything is very simple.

  1. Comb your back all your hair.
  2. Separate from the face two thin strands of hair and chisel them with a hair clip.
  3. Strands in the back of the nape scratch the comb, sprinkling a little with varnish.
  4. Place the back cover and comb the top layer.
  5. The strips selected earlier, divide into the central or lateral parting. Fix them with varnish.
  6. Cut each of these strands in half and twist the two strands together. Tape the end with an elastic band.
  7. Connect both strands of silicone rubber band to the back of the head underneath the fleece.
  8. Form an inverted tail.
  9. Again, separate two identical strands from the sides. Divide them in half
    and form two bundles. Fasten them together with an elastic band and twist the tail.
  10. Repeat the procedure until the very end of the hair.
  11. Now stretch the weave with your fingers and straighten all the strands to get the volume.
  12. Secure the result with a strong hairspray.
  13. Decorate with an accessory.

Air bubbles( 2)

Air bubbles( 3)

Air bubbles( 4)

Air bubbles( 5)

Air bubbles( 7)

Elegant hairstyle for ancient Greek motifs

Hairstyles for the celebration can hardly be avoided without the ancient Greek style - fast, simple, but spectacular. This wonderful hairstyle looks gently and beautifully. It can be performed on medium or long hair.

  1. Scratch on the side part.
  2. Screw the strands into a curling iron.
  3. Divide the head of hear somewhere at the level of the ears. Get two equal parts.
  4. Top up, so as not to interfere.
  5. Lower the bottom with an elastic band and lower it slightly below the middle of the tail.
  6. Tip the ends of the tail.
  7. Wrap the fleece in a bun and attach it with a pair of pins.
  8. Hair in front of the dissolve and repeat with them what was done with the bottom.
  9. Prepare a ready hairdress with decorative hairpins with flowers, beads, pebbles. Sprinkle the strands with a shiny varnish.

Double Basket( 2)

Double Basket( 1)

Delicate styling for solemn events

From long strands you can quickly make a beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for celebrations and celebrations.

1. At the front of the head, separate a piece of hair and tie it with an elastic band.

2. Hair below on the vertex properly comb the comb with frequent prongs. Gently smooth it.

Styling-for-festive events

3. Slightly lift up the stitched part of the hair. Secure it with invisible ones.

4. Divide the front part of the head of hear( which was separated) into the parting - lateral or central part.

5. Secure these strands with invisible objects.

6. Hair at the very bottom twist into a light bundle and fix it with studs.

7. Use beautiful hairpins as a decoration.


Original styling from platen and braids

Sole hairstyles for long and medium hair can be easily made by yourself. It will take only a roller and a pair of hairpins. Believe me, with such a styling, you can safely go straight to the red carpet.

1. Tie a high tail, leaving a loose curl.


2. Pull the tail forward and attach two rollers to the hair under the hair color. Carefully fasten them with studs.


3. Lower the tail on the platen and braid 4 pigtails - very light and openwork. You can make a fish tail or a French pigtail. You need to tie the ends with the thinnest elastic band.



4. Finger fingers stretch the locks.



5. Beautifully lay the braids to close the roller. Fix the result with the studs.


Hairstyle for loose strands

Hairstyles for a holiday can be performed for a loose braid. On long hair, they look just magical!

1. We take a lock on the left side and weave a pigtail from it. Tip the tie.

2. Exactly the same spit plait on the right side.

3. We connect them with an elastic band around the back of the head and wrap it with a thin curl.

4. A little lower we plait two more thin plaits.


5. We connect the weave with strands from the tail according to the principle of a one-sided French braid.

6. We weave all the tips together and fix the rubber band.




More Hairstyles for Loose Hair - in this article.

And how do you like this simple and fashionable hairstyle:

A low-wrapped bunch of

A beautiful and stylish bundle is exactly what you need for special occasions. You will make it literally in 10 minutes and win the success of the most inveterate women of fashion.

  1. Tie a low tail, leaving a loose wide strand of hair.
  2. Place the rubber on top of the rubber band.
  3. Fasten the shavers as shown in the photo.
  4. Wrap the tail around and secure it with a hairpin.
  5. From above, beautifully lay the part that was free. Also fix it, hiding the tip under the bundle.


Negligent festive bundle for medium length of hair

This stylish hairstyle is within the power of each of you! It will be harmonious with a light cocktail dress or evening gown.

  1. Bind the strands in the low lateral tail.
  2. Screw it with a plait.
  3. Tighten the curl with your finger and form a ring. Secure it with a hairpin.
  4. In this way, twist each curl in the tail.
  5. Decorate the styling with invisibility - zakolite them on strands in the form of a Christmas tree or a snake.


Royal styling

This festive hairstyle looks royal! You can make it for a wedding or graduation - be the most beautiful!

  1. Tie the tail on the crown of the head.
  2. Top the roller and fix it as shown in the photo. Divide the ends in half and attach them with invisible heads.
  3. In the front of the head, separate the strand of hair and lightly brush it.
  4. Place it on the roller so that it is completely closed.
  5. Collect the strands in the tail, wind it on a curling rod and lay the curls.
  6. Decorate your hair with an accessory that resembles a crown.
  7. Beautifully lay bangs.


In the style of Audrey Hepburn

To create a stylish style with your own hands, you need only 20 minutes and a little skill.

1. Lightly bang a bang and lay it with a wave, fixing the tip of the invisible.


2. By horizontal parting, divide the head of hair into 5-6 equal parts. Each tie in the tail.


3. Slightly brush the tails and wind them on a curling rod or a thermobooth.


4. From the curls make the rings and zakolite their studs.

5. The resulting scallop decorate with an accessory.



Look also, such an elegant option:

Evening laying for short hair

We advise girls with short hair( beans or squares) to create elegant curls and add them with a hair clip.

  1. For washed and damp strands, apply a little foam or mousse.
  2. Wind the strands with a plait in the direction from the face.
  3. Fix curls with lacquer.
  4. Sock a beautiful hair clip on the side.


Naches for short haircuts

For shorter haircuts the volume is perfect. With such a rocker hairdo you will be irresistible!

  1. Apply spray for styling on clean and damp hair.
  2. Place them with a hair dryer and a round brush, creating a volume in the root zone.
  3. The bangs and strands in the crown area are also raised up and a little scrubbed.
  4. Fix the installation with a strong varnish.


Evening hair with weaving

Can you weave plaits? Then this hair style will seem very easy!