"Malvinka" - a fashionable hairstyle in this season

  • Jun 08, 2018

Hairstyle Malvinka, familiar to every fashionista, is considered to be the most beautiful and fast among the current styles. It can be created almost at any length, not only for every day, but for solemn events.

Malvinka with fish tail

This is the best option for long hair! Styling with curls is created very quickly, looks just fine and opens the face.

  1. Comb your back.
  2. Turn the iron.
  3. To the right and left, take one small string and twist it in bundles.
  4. Connect them to the back of the head. For convenience, you can use a rubber band made of silicone, which then needs to be cut.
  5. Divide the resulting tail in half and braid the pigtail in the technique of a fish tail.
  6. Fasten its tip and stretch it a little.


Retro Malvinka

This wedding arrangement looks very elegant. She is insanely popular among the current brides.

  1. Comb the hair with a straight parting.
  2. Curl the hair with an iron.
  3. On the vertex, separate not very wide part of hair and sprinkle it wi
    th varnish.
  4. Gently brush the comb with frequent prongs.
  5. Lower the combs down and comb the top layer.
  6. Form a malvinka and kill it with a beautiful hair clip.


Variant with a bow

Romantic styling is ideal for meetings, parties or walks in the park. Believe me, with such a styling you will attract all the attention of men!

  1. Comb your back.
  2. With a thin tip of the comb, separate the hair section approximately at the level of the ears.
  3. Knit it with an elastic band.
  4. When making the second turn, do not pull the ends completely - you should get a loop.
  5. Divide it in half - you will get two parts of the bow.
  6. Pin to the head first one part, and then the second.
  7. The tip lift up, pass under the rubber band and again release down. For reliability, fix it with the invisibility, placing it under the bow.


In the style of Brigitte Bardot

Very simple and comfortable hairstyle, which fits perfectly both for long and medium hair.

Malvinka from harnesses

How to make a stylish hairstyle if there is only 5 minutes? Believe me, this is quite real!

  1. Combine everything back.
  2. Hair on the vertex scrub at the roots, so that the hairdo is more voluminous.
  3. On the right side, take a small string and twist it into a bundle.
  4. Throw it to the left and kill it with invisibility.
  5. On the left side, take a strand of the same width.
  6. Screw it into the harness and flip it to the right. Pin up with invisibility.


From the inverted tail of the

As you can see in the photo, this version of the hairstyle is very easy. True, in his beauty, he is in no way inferior to more complex models.

  1. Comb your back.
  2. With a sharp tip of the comb, separate the hair section on the top of the head.
  3. Tie it in the tail, leaving a few thin curls near the forehead.
  4. Make a small hole on top of the rubber and twist the tips through it.
  5. Wrap the elastic with a thin curl and fasten it under the malvinka.


Malvinka with a flower from a hair

An ordinary hairstyle can be so beautiful that you can not tear your eyes off! Here is one of the options - sweet, feminine and gentle.

  1. Comb your back. Separate the hair on the vertex and tie it with an elastic band.
  2. Divide the resulting tail in two.
  3. Twist the harness from each part.
  4. Twist the tows together, forming one big one.
  5. Tip the tip.
  6. Place the tourniquet in a circle at the base of the tail - a flower is obtained.
  7. Secure it with studs.


Crossed Strands

Malvinka with crossed strands looks quite strict, so you can safely do it for work. If you twist the strands, you will get a smart hairdo.

  1. Combine everything back.
  2. Take a small piece of hair on the top of your head.
  3. Lightly scrub it.
  4. Lower the heap down and twist the tip into a harness( literally a couple of turns).
  5. Lock with invisible.
  6. At the temple on the right side, take a not very wide strand.
  7. Lay it over the harness, completely concealing the invisibility. Secure it securely.
  8. At the temple on the left side, take another strand of the same width and lay it just below the previous one. Fix it.
  9. For reliability, sprinkle with varnish.


Rocker malvynka

Hair of medium length can also be put very quickly in a stylish hairstyle, which all will envy.

1. Comb your back.

2. Near the forehead, separate a small strand and scratch it with a comb.

3. Lower the back of the combo, attach the side sections to it and tie it to the back of the head.


4. Separate from the tail a thin curl and wrap it with an elastic band. Tip the end with the invisible.

5. From the left side( just below the malvynka) take another strand and lay it towards the tail. Pin up with invisibility.

6. Repeat this step for the right side as well.

And how do you like this option? Would you do such a haircut?

Styling of Invisibles

This hairstyle with a fleece on the forehead can be created even with the help of ordinary invisible. It looks unusual and allows you to create a modern image.

1. Comb the hair with a straight parting.

2. On the right side, take a thin strand and tie it with an elastic band of silicone.


3. Exactly the same tail tie on the other side.

4. Distance between the tails "sew" two rows of invisible, placing them under each other. The gum itself must also be stabbed, so that they can not be seen.

Hairstyle for short strands

You can create a hair style easily even on short strands. In this you will also help our detailed master class.

  1. Comb your hair for a straight part.
  2. On one side of it take a small strand. Divide it into three curls.
  3. Bite free back braid. Tip the tip.
  4. On the other side of the parting, take the same strand and divide it into three curls.
  5. Bite loose back braid. Tip the tip.
  6. Connect both braids at the back of the head.
  7. Raise your hair a little on the top so that your hair becomes more magnificent.


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