Than it is convenient a firm nail polish

Than it is convenient a firm nail polish

  • Jun 09, 2018

Every girl who constantly looks after her appearance pays special attention to nails. It is absolutely not necessary to go into the salon and do the build-up that harm the nail plate. To make a fashionable and interesting manicure can be at home, using a novelty, such as hard lacquer. Today this means is just beginning to go into fashion, but already during this time managed to win high popularity.

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    Hard nail polish

    ? Although the hard varnish looks similar to false nails and tips, it has its own peculiarities. For its production I use a material that is heated by the heat of the hands. As a result, it acquires a configuration that coincides exactly with the shape of the natural nail. Thus, the created manicure looks alive and natural.

    A characteristic feature of a hard varnish is that it can be adjusted to the shape of any nail. Each girl has the opportunity to choose exactl

    y the option that best fits the size of nail platinum. The set contains 24 plates of various sizes.

    The next feature of hard lacquer is the presence of a special adhesive. It is applied to the back of the nail. It is absolutely safe for the nail and at the same time it allows to achieve the ideal strength of the manicure. Wear a hard coating for a week, and it will not change its appearance.

    The gluing process is also very simple, there is no need to use special drying equipment. After the varnish has been put on nails, it is possible to be engaged at once in the affairs, not experiencing that the manicure will change.

    On the video, hard nail polish:

    You do not need to do anything special to remove the varnish. You do not need to use additional equipment or a special liquid. All that is required of you is to tie the nail with a wooden stick, and it will be easily removed. After that, you can pay attention to the fact that natural nails did not suffer from this: there is no stratification and fragility.

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    Pros and Cons of

    Like any cosmetic product, hard lacquer has its positive and negative qualities.

    Advantages include the following:

    1. Rapid application. To paint the nail plate with a varnish, it will take a lot longer. But it is much easier to apply a hard varnish and you can do it anywhere: in a car, plane, train.
    2. There is no unpleasant odor for this product, which is characteristic for all varnishes.
    3. Durability and strength. If to paint with a usual varnish, it starts to slaz already on the second day, and here the covering executed from a firm varnish, will serve to you within 7 days.
    4. Do not use a special liquid to remove this product.
    5. Hard varnish is perfectly safe for nails and can be used for therapeutic purposes.
    6. It does not require additional drying, which can not be said for a manicure using gel-varnish.
    7. All available patterns look like they were developed by a professional.
    8. When comparing hard varnish and nails, the first option allows you to get a natural manicure, which does not require constant correction and does not provide much discomfort during socks.

    Not devoid of hard lacquer flaws. These include: Hard lacquer

    1. Cost. The price of the presented product is quite high. Buy one set at a price of 400-800 rubles, it all depends on which design you like best.
    2. During the application of a hard lacquer under the influence of heat, the nails can increase in size. For this reason, it is important to choose marigolds that are slightly smaller in size.
    3. If you carefully consider this product, you can notice slight flaws in the manicure. But to eliminate them easily with the help of a nail file.

    How to use

    One of the advantages of hard lacquer is the ease of application. In order for the procedure to be performed correctly, the following instruction should be adhered to:

    1. First you need to sit down and correctly size the plate. They should be perfectly matched to the size of a natural plate. It is best, of course, to choose a slightly smaller size, then it will be possible to avoid unnecessary pressure on the skin near the nails.
    2. Remove the old covering from the nail, if it was, treat the cuticle.
    3. Use a napkin, which is available in the kit, to degrease the nails. Keep in mind that your hands were warm. Then the plates are firmly fixed on the nails.
    4. To start manicure is with the little finger. From the inside of the stickers, remove the thin film, and then attach as close to the cuticle as possible. Press down and hold for a few minutes.
    5. Carefully smooth out with light movements. If you want to give your nail a different shape, then you can do it with a nail file.
    6. Do the same for all the remaining marigolds.

    On video how to use hard nail polish:


    This manufacturer is very popular today. And this is not surprising, since it is accomplished by a unique cosmetic product. It is very fast and securely fixed, resulting in an ideal shape and gloss on the nails. Dry such a varnish is not necessary, and the duration of socks is 7 days.

    On video-hard nail polish Impress manicure:

    It is also easy to remove such a coating. Now you can forget about acetone and other means. Hard lacquer Impress is a self-adhesive coating that will become indispensable for creating a fashionable and unusual manicure. The basis of the hard lacquer is superelastic material, which under the influence of the warmth of the hands gives the nail the right shape. And thanks to a self-adhesive basis, the coating obtained lasts a long time. You can buy it at a price of 750 rubles.

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    • Marina, 18 years old: "Hard varnish is time saving, because now I do not need to spend money on building up and specialist services. All I need is to purchase the plates and attach them to my nails. To this I spend only 5 minutes and my chic manicure is ready. Thanks to a large number of designs, you can pick one that fits perfectly under my wardrobe. "
    • Svetlana, 24: "The hard lacquer for me was a real salvation. I had to go to the wedding, but there was no time to go to the salons. Then I bought a lacquer and put it in my purse. Right on the day of the wedding, I managed to make a unique manicure. Applying records was so easy and simple that it took me only 10 minutes. After that, the coating was kept on the nails for 6 days. "
    • Margarita, 36 years old: "Hard varnish is a real salvation for those who do not have time. I work very hard, so I can not attend the salons. I put hard varnish every week and go with well-groomed handles for 7 days. It is, of course, expensive, but here it is not necessary to choose: either beauty or money. A large assortment of modern designs allows you to experiment and always remain fashionable. "

    Hard varnish recently appeared on the shelves of the store, but despite this, its demand is increasing every day. The reason is that this cosmetic product is of high quality. The main feature of the varnish is that it does not harm natural nails, which can not be said about gel nails and the use of gel-varnish.