Assortment of lip glosses for Bourgeois

Assortment of lip glosses for Bourgeois

  • Jun 09, 2018

Decorative cosmetics are now presented in the widest range. At the same time, the reputation of the manufacturer and the raw materials used are of great importance when buying. On a good account in this regard is the cosmetic products of the French company Bourjois( Bourgeois).

Most fashionistas already had time to get acquainted with various products of this brand. In this article, we examine the lip glosses of the above-mentioned company. The color palette and the basic recommendations for using this immutable attribute of a stylish image are described in detail.


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    • 2.1 Sweet Kiss
    • 2.2 3D effect
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  • Description of the brand

    The company Bourjois has already passed 150 years of age, gradually transforming from a workshop to create a stage makeup to a modern prosperous corporation. The history of creation is quite interesting, because from the very beginning, the founder of the brand, Joseph-Albert Ponsen, placed innovative t

    echnologies at the forefront.

    Lip gloss

    Actor by profession, he first introduced the world a dry rouge, and then decided to radically change his craft. He was helped in this by his closest friend and colleague Alexander Napoleon Bourges, to whom the brand owes not only a name, but also further development.

    Having shown remarkable ability to conduct business, the former actor was able to found one of the largest French brands of cosmetics, firmly holding the main positions among competitors. During this time, there were ups and downs, but the constant quality of products and the constant search for the perfect formula led the company to success.

    Now in the staff of the company there are even two own laboratories, whose main task is quality control and development of new products. The brand actively develops in the international market and is rightfully considered one of the oldest cosmetic companies. The popularity of Bourjois cosmetics is very high, especially considering the high quality, unsurpassed design and very competent business conduct that is so characteristic of this brand.

    On the video lip gloss Bourgeois:


    Two absolutely unique products from Bourjois differ in composition, design and are popular almost equally. The line of lip glosses includes a series of 3D( 3d) volume and a collection of Sweet Kiss. More details are given below.

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    Sweet Kiss

    The formula with a light consistency does not allow gloss to spread over the lips. Moisturizing ingredients in the composition gently take care of the skin like balm. The shine differs in transparent shades and perfectly nourishes the lips, relieving the feeling of tightness and discomfort.

    Lip Gloss Bourgeois Sweet Kiss

    There are also natural oils and herbal extracts that make this product an excellent option for regular use. Persistence of color - up to 10 hours, while there is no excessive stickiness, gloss almost does not feel on the lips.

    Color Chart:

    • 01 Sand-sation the color of the salmon.
    • 02 Rose qui peut purple. As de pink is dark pink.
    • 04 Incogni-rose is crimson pink.
    • 05 Orange peressee coral.
    • 06 Carton rouge dark red.

    Six excellent colors are natural and perfect for daytime makeup. Make the lips more expressive and more tender with such colors. The cost of such a tool will be around 600 rubles, which is in principle quite an adequate price for cosmetics of this level.

    3D effect

    The range of these glitters is much larger and more diverse. Here you can find the color for every taste and occasion. Using sparkling particles in the composition will help to make an inexpressible volume and visually increase the lip contour.

    Lip gloss burglar 3D effect

    Active moisturizing and weightless texture are additional benefits of this remedy. Glitter also contains vitamins and mineral complexes that provide complete care and hydration.

    Color chart:

    • 01 Beige Elastic delicate caramel.
    • 03 Brun rose academic pink with glitter. Rose polemic pink and purple.
    • 05 Rose hypothetic beige - pink with a flicker effect.
    • 06 Rouge democratic red with glitter. Transparent oniric transparent. Rose symphonic pearlescent pink with a flicker effect.
    • 23 Framboise magnific magnificent crimson. Rose Charismatic is a charming pink.
    • 33 Brun poetic light beige with a flicker effect. Rose lyric lyric pink. Rose romantic pink romantic. Rose Chimeric changeable pink.
    • 52 Coral Idylic is a delicate coral.

    The cost of gloss for the lips of this series is only 400 rubles, so its popularity is simply incredible. Additional care and hydration for the lips, as well as a bright palette of shimmering shades guarantees the love of women all over the world.

    Lip gloss - an invariable attribute of a stylish image. Thanks to the glossy surface and light-reflecting particles in the composition, such a device makes the lips more bulky and sexy.

    The use of the latest technology and continuous improvement of the composition allows Bourjois products to be confidently in the lead among similar goods. A brief overview of the best lip glosses from Bourgeois, the characteristics and the basic colors of the palette are presented in our article.

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    • Irina, 34 years old: "I use makeup of this company for a long time, I bought shine on the occasion at the sale. Quite an interesting consistency, on the lips it feels not so much as similar means of another manufacturer. A little disappointment instability, I have it erased literally in three hours. In general, a good option, especially for the summer. I really like the palette of bright shades, I will certainly buy myself another, because this time I chose almost neutral. "
    • Alena, 25 years old: " I usually do not use lip gloss at all. I had a negative impression about the sticky mass spread across the face, and I also do not like the feeling of fatty substance on the lips. Glitter from Bourgeois gave me a friend, forcibly trying to "put" on his cosmetics. I will not say that the first impression was entirely positive, the feeling of superfluous on the lips never went away. I really appreciated this shine in the summer, when ordinary lipsticks somehow do not look. Glitter perfectly went to my everyday style, did not spread over the face and generally held very staunchly. Declared 10 hours, of course, could not stand, but also did not disappear from the first cup of coffee."
    • Tanya, 27 years old: " Lip gloss Bourjois has always been my weakness, especially since the consumption is very economical for both such cosmetics. I used almost all the shades except for the clearly pink ones, I really like the combination of lipstick and transparent shine from Borja. On the lips is relatively short-lived, but for smokers it is a common problem. I like that there is no accumulation of individual pieces on the lips, and the contour is fairly stable and does not spread from the slightest movement. "