Mascara Max Factor False lash effect - a tool for creating an expressive look

Mascara Max Factor False lash effect - a tool for creating an expressive look

  • Jun 09, 2018

A deep and languid look from beneath the lipped eyelashes can conquer more than one man's heart, men simply melt from the beautiful female eyes. Since the old times, any woman has tried to draw attention to her eyes by various means, at the mention of which modern women have colic. After all, how did our great-grandmothers make beauty? Angle from the oven - brought small eyes and made them more solid.

But this remains in the past, today many and many companies are working to improve the means of decorative cosmetics, making them absolutely safe and convenient to use.

pomp cilia nature does not always bestows a fine half, but modern decorative cosmetics can create true miracles and transform a woman's eye in deep lakes, covered languishing languor - this dream of thousands of modern women. Our conversation focuses on the mascara of Max Factor, and its latest development is falselasheffect, with the effect of false eyelashes.

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Mascara max factor false lash effect

The history MAXFACTOR corporation began back in 1914 - its founder was a native of Tsarist Russia by the name of Max Factor, who had moved to America. Since then, the company has won the priorities of many women around the world - excellent decorative means differed from those of natural composition, water resistance, saturation, which was unattainable for other cosmetic brands.

However, those who did not know yet are happy to tell you that it was MAX FACTOR that invented a modern and so familiar for many women tube with a brush inside for dyeing. Until then, mascara was sold in boxes, without a brush, it had to be bought separately.

What is the characteristic of the carcass

  • The applied layer of carcass does not crumble all day long - it has the properties of excellent stability;
  • The composition is homogeneous, without excessive lumps, which contributes to a uniform distribution across all cilia;
  • It lacks allergenic components that cause swelling of the eye and eyelids;
  • Numerous tests have shown completely safe application of mascara for different skin types;
  • MaxFactor carcasses are difficult to wash off, therefore in rainy weather the eyes are not washed away and remain attractive;
  • In the latest development of the false lash effect, natural microparticles were added, visually increasing the volume of the eyes, which led to an extraordinary popularity of the product. On

video mascara max factor false lash effect:

Corporation with care refers to its users with products in many cosmetics, including mascara and popular, there are medicinal foods that activate cilia growth and prevents premature hair loss.

Make False Lash Effect is perfect for active women, who can not imagine their life without daily visits to the pool or beach - mascara on the eyelashes will not be diluted from chlorinated or salt water, cilia will still be voluminous. Brand False Lash Effect

When developing a new line of bulk carcass used only modern innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of sustainability - it does not fall off during the day, it is impossible to wash away the rain, and at the same time, it is uniformly and completely stain all cilia pubescent.

False Lash Effect carcasses are produced in two colors - black and brown.

Mascara perfectly increases the bulkiness of eyes - they are particularly expressive, which ultimately waiting for the fair sex, with no additional funding to achieve the desired effect: eyelash grow roughly twice! That is, eyelashes themselves become fluffy and long at the same time!

It is allowed to stain even when using contact lenses instead of the usual glasses - mascara does not cause irritation, eyes do not water.

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The brush in the tube with mascara is made of food-resistant polyethylene, it has a soft texture. Due to the softness of the layers are applied evenly along the entire length of the eyelashes, the brush combs them and distributes the painting layer from the beginning to the tips without the lumps.

To remove mascara for the night, you can use special oil remedies to remove carcass, simply wash off under running water, mascara will not work.

Mascara False Lash Effect - this is a unique decorative tool for eyelashes, markedly increases your cilia! Mascara False Lash Effect

Application of

Mascara max factor false lash effect applying

Apply mascara better in two layers, with a short time gap. The brush is very pliable, it can apply a layer even in a hard-to-reach place - in the corner of the eye, without flaws, evenly. The layer lies flat, without weighting and unnecessary lumps, while staining all the cilia from the beginning to the longest ends.

Although the manufacturer recommends double staining, but after the first application of the eye, they acquire a special expressiveness, a pubescence. Kohler carcass has a natural black shade, and only thanks to this property, the eyes do not seem theatrically painted.

Therefore, make-up with mascara False Lash Effect is suitable for both day and night use - it equally well emphasizes the uniqueness of the look.

After the second application, the cilia become especially fluffy, all to one cilia stand alone, do not stick together.

In addition to the main action, mascara has a curative effect - it contains humectants that renew the growth of new eyelashes and structure the old ones, restoring their elasticity.

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In different cosmetic departments, mascara can cost differently, but the general trend is the cost of a bottle of fine carcass ranging from 460 to 480 rubles. This is the normal price for a double effect of false eyelashes.


  • Maria, 23 years old: "For a long time I was looking for something that could increase my small eyelashes - this is a godsend for me, I have acquired not just mascara, but an amazing tool for the volume and beauty of the eyes!"
  • Lidia, 37Years: "I work as a swimmer's trainer - around constant dampness and humidity. With the use of other decorative tools, after only a couple of hours the eyes turned into a clown mask with stains around the eyes. "

Therefore, on the advice of the seller, I purchased this mascara - with her I forgot about shedding and smearing mascara from the moisture around the eyes. I advise everyone to use this brand if your work requires a neat face!