What kind of oil for the face can be used instead of cream

What kind of oil for the face can be used instead of cream

  • Jun 09, 2018

Facial and body care requires a lot of cosmetics. Of course, every woman wants in a part there were only natural ingredients, which will bring as much benefit, and the amount of harm will come to "no."Very often now on the shelves of cosmetic shops there are means, which in their composition contain various kinds of perfumes and various chemical compounds.

These substances can harm the delicate skin of the face, so you should try to avoid such waste products. As a result, many girls came to the fact that they began to apply oil for face care. But can this be done?

Unequivocally answer the question of whether it is possible to apply a mask instead of a cream, not. Some cosmeticians say that replacement can be easily done. But others are against this use of oil for the face.

Contents of

  • 1 Pros and cons of this method

    • 1 When to use
    • 3 occasionally
    • 3 Cleaning how to do it correctly
    • 4 Which base oils can be used
    • 5 Vegetable oils that can be used
      • 5.1 Olive
      • 5.2 Sunflower
      • 5.3 Castor
      • 5.4 coconut
      • 5.5 shea
      • 5.6 Jojoba
      • 5.7 Almond
      • 5.8 Peach
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Pros and cons of this method

Oil for face instead of cream

Where do the arguments of those whoe is a supporter of the Asian method facials.

  1. All natural are completely composed of lipids or fat. In conventional cosmetics, the maximum amount of fat is 40%.Other components the manufacturer selects according to what type of skin the person has, what is the age. If you follow all the rules for using the cream, you can achieve good results. It is worth remembering that even the most expensive cream, and good oil can harm and harm the skin if applied in accordance with the intended use.
  2. Oil in its pure form is able to completely clog pores. As a result, acne and other inflammation of the skin may appear. That's why even young skin can not be processed with fatty oil.
  3. Very frequent use of oil ultimately leads to dry skin. It seems that this can not happen, but it is so. How can I explain this? When it penetrates deep into the skin, the water-fat balance is broken. As a result, just the available fat begins to be diluted with essential oils. A protective film of oil appears on the surface. It just blocks the way, as a result of excess moisture do not leave the skin. Skin cells do not breathe. As a result, all metabolic processes are violated, the water-fat balance is also violated, dehydration occurs.

on video instead of oil for the face cream:

main part of professionals has a slightly different perspective on the use of:

  1. Apply it is possible, but not often.
  2. The oil must be applied locally or point-by-point, but not for long.
  3. If there is no other cream, then sometimes it is quite acceptable.

In some cases, you can occasionally use

  1. They can sometimes be replaced by a night cream for the face.
  2. Easily replace cosmetic milk or makeup remover.
  3. If you stay on the beach for a long time, then oil will help protect against direct UV rays.
  4. Cosmetics can be supplemented with this ingredient. Just add a few drops to the composition.
  5. Adding to the composition of facial masks - a huge number of women follows this principle.

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If you still decided to use oils for the treatment of the skin along with other cosmetics, it is important to know that it is worth using only a proven quality cream. They can become a normal baby cream. It is able to penetrate the inside of the skin, and all chemical compounds of the cream can also go into deep layers together with the oil. If you use a low-quality cream, then all substances of substandard origin will also get inside.

On video facial oil instead of wrinkle cream:

Cleansing, how to do it correctly

  1. Before applying, the face needs to be cleaned and steamed well. You can also go to the shower, where the face will also be cleansed. After that, you can apply it. At the same time, it should be selected taking into account the skin type. On ladoshki it is necessary to drip a little bit of oil and pound on the face. He needs a little massage, then remove the remnants. Do this with a cotton disc, which must first be moistened with water. Now the face is simply rinsed with cool water. Remains of water should be soaked with a cotton towel. The effect will be noticeable immediately. The face will become a matte color.
  2. In the case of deep cleaning, the following should be done. The skin must first be steamed. Apply a few drops of oil to the skin, and cover the face with a towel. But the towel needs to be soaked in hot water. After a couple of minutes, the oil is washed off with the same towel.

For each type of skin, you need to select the appropriate ingredient. For a dry skin type, you need to use natural vegetable oils. Wrinkles will appear on the face, as late as possible, the skin will become smooth, all kinds of irritations will disappear.

The video tells how to choose the facial oil instead of the cream:

What base oils can you use

  • apricot;
  • sesame;
  • soybean;
  • avocado;
  • borage.

The result can be as good as possible if you use not only vegetable oil, but also essential oil. As an ethereal you can take the oil of jasmine, orange, lavender.

For oily skin, it is recommended to use any nut oil.

Any nut oil

This may be the pressing of walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts. In these oils is a large number of valuable components in the form of proteins, minerals. Also, this oil can remove excess sebum. D For fatty skin types, you can use mustard, rapeseed, almond, corn. It does not say that oil can not restore the sebaceous glands, but it's not. It can regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Olive, almond, jojoba, melted creamy is perfect for combination skin. With a combined type, it is best to use one oil in dry areas, and another oil in the t-zone.

In the fight against wrinkles, you need to apply oils that will nourish the skin, moisturize it. Excellent smooths wrinkles castor, peach, burdock, grape, camphor.

Vegetable oils that can be used

For nourishing the skin, its moistening in pure form is most often used with vegetable oils.


Often found in the kitchen, it is used for dressing salads, soups. Also it is popular as a cosmetic. The composition of olive oil includes a rich complex of vitamins, fatty acids and microelements.

olive oil

When used, oil can hold back moisture. The skin ages slowly. All the deep layers of the skin are well saturated with nutrients. Cells after damage can be restored in a short time.


Has a composition similar to the composition of olive oil. In this case, this composition is no worse than olive oil. There are a large number of polyunsaturated acids. As for vitamin E, it is even more than in olive oil.

sunflower oil

If you use sunflower oil, the skin will cease to peel. The skin becomes elastic and elastic. For a long time, sunflower is used for hair to make them strong.


It is able to overcome the dryness of even very over-dried skin. After its application, you can forget about it. This is due to the fact that the composition contains fatty acids.

Castor oil

In its pure form, castor oil is not recommended, since it is very viscous. Usually it is added to the cream, just a few drops. It is also possible to dilute castor with some other oil.


Very dense in its structure. But it can very well moisturize the skin and saturate it with nutrients. The skin becomes elastic and elastic, and wrinkles will appear in later terms.

Coconut oil

Shea butter

Also has a very dense structure. But this oil literally melts under ordinary conditions. In the composition of shea butter, there is a large amount of triglycerides, as well as fat. These substances can accelerate the production of collagen.

Shea Butter


Perfectly regenerates skin cells. It has a huge amount of antioxidants. That's why you can often hear that jojoba is a restorer.

Jojoba oil


Great for oily skin type. It is not able to be strongly absorbed into the skin. It is recommended to use almond oil in winter.

almond oil


Suitable for mature skin and dry. If there is an inflammation or a burn, then this oil will cope with the problem well.

Peach oil

Any of these oils can be used by almost all women. There is only one contraindication: you can not use it if there is an individual intolerance to the organism. But in the case of essential oils, you need to be careful. It can not be used in any case, if there is a process of inflammation, accompanied by an increase in temperature. If the body is prone to a sudden appearance of bleeding, if there are nervous diseases, then essential oils are not recommended.

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  • Anna, 27 years old: "Often I use oil not only as a remedy that helps to restore the structure of hair, but also as a face cream. Several times a month I washed my makeup with this oil, and also moisturized my face. Matte leather is the desired effect. Sometimes it seems to me that there is nothing better than oil. The cream often does not help me. "
  • Irina, 30 years old: "I make a face mask twice in 7 days. For this I mix peach and jojoba. To remove inflammation from the skin, you need peach oil. I really liked this mask. Very soon I will use it constantly, the cream will go to the side. Silky skin texture and smoothness - this effect is difficult to achieve even when using the most expensive cream. The mixture of oils is quite oily. Therefore, it is recommended to apply them to the skin before you go to bed. "
  • Elena, 31 years old: "Even at my age, you need to take care that wrinkles begin to appear, as late as possible. That's why I started looking for a way to help prevent their appearance. I decided to start with the safest and easiest way. I began to apply jojoba oil. There is one drawback for me personally: I do not really like the consistency. But I was completely satisfied with the result. Even the greasy splendor disappeared, and the skin cover seemed to have leveled off. Now I use it often enough to please myself. "