Drawing on nails with the help of gel varnish

Drawing on nails with the help of gel varnish

  • Jun 09, 2018

Today the coating with gel-varnish is very popular today. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to create quite stylish and interesting design. Today, many women with the word gel-lacquer associate only one - a monophonic coating.

But using this universal product can be completely different, creating a unique design. In addition, gel-lacquer is a great opportunity to create interesting drawings. Apply it very simply, so that you can create a stylish manicure even for non-professionals.


  • 1 As they do
  • 2 Simple
    • 2.1 pattern with DOTS
    • 2.2 Beautiful patterns
  • 3 Complex
    • 3.1 Roses
    • 3.2 Flowers
    • 3.3 Wenzel
    • 3.4 Snakeskin

As they do

Drawings on nails gel with lacquer

To get a chic and extravagant design withUsing gel-varnish, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  1. Before applying the product, it is necessary to thoroughly degrease the nail plate.
  2. Apply gel-lacquer only in a thin layer, otherwise it will dry ou
    t badly and begin to lag behind. To get a saturated color, it's best to cover the nails with 2 layers.
  3. After each applied layer, dry the nails in the UV lamp.
  4. When applying the product, you must try not to allow material to flow into the cuticle and the skin of your fingers. Then the manicure will turn out extremely neat.

To ensure a quality manicure, you must use only proven means. When choosing a gel-varnish, be sure that the coating is tight, without divorce. Otherwise, the picture will be blurred. Dry the gel-varnish in a special lamp, as it does not dry in the air.

In the video - drawings on the nails gel with lacquer:


If you do not yet have some experience in creating gel-varnish patterns, then there are a few simple options. Despite the simplicity of creating a design, it will look spectacular and attractive.

Dotted pattern

To create a no-lose option for manicure, you need to prepare a tool such as a dots, at the end of which there is a small ball. In addition, prepare gel varnishes of contrasting shades.

Drawings on nails gel varnish Pattern with dots

You can create a design according to the following plan:

  1. Apply the base gel to the nail plate, dry in a lamp.
  2. Coat the gel-lacquer shade, which will become the basis of the manicure.
  3. Dry 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  4. Use dots to apply dots using two other colors of gel-varnish. It is necessary to put them in any order. It is best to put the dots as close as possible to each other, because the manicure will be more attractive and effective.
  5. The code of the pattern will be ready, then send the nails to the UV lamp. At the end, apply topcoat, which will give the manicure a glossy finish and extra strength.

Beautiful patterns

To create the next simple design, you need to prepare two gel-varnish and a simple needle.

Drawings on the nails gel varnish Beautiful patterns

Observe the following actions:

  1. Apply the base on the nail plate, dry in a UV lamp. Thanks to the base it is possible not only to achieve high adhesion, but also to protect the nails from the negative influence of lacquer.
  2. Apply the first layer of gel-varnish, dry in the paw for 2 minutes.
  3. Apply a second coat of the same color. Do not dry, apply dotted dots gel-varnish another shade. Take the needle and in the form of "8" perform rapid movements. You can do this both in a horizontal and vertical direction.
  4. Dry in a lamp and then apply a top coat.

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If you have already mastered the technique of creating simple drawings with gel-varnish, you can proceed to more complex ones. In this case, you have to use not only the dots, but also the brushes.


To create this design, you need to prepare dots, 4 gel-varnish( blue, pink, white and green), a thin brush. First, apply a base layer on the nails and dry it in the paw. Next, cover the nails with white gel-lacquer, send again to dry. When the base color layer is dried, you can apply roses.

Drawings on nails gel with varnish Rosettes

To do this is very simple: take the dotts and put them a few points of blue and pink. When a thin brush is washed, a flower resembles a rose. Set small leaves in green. When the design is ready, then cover with top gel. Such a manicure can be applied to all fingers or to make a classic French, and on an unnamed do this picture.


To get this design you need to prepare a gel-varnish of two colors: white and black. First apply the base gel, dry it. Then apply a black coat, send to dry. Colored gel-varnish should be dried for 2-3 minutes.

Drawings on nails gel varnish Flowers

Take a thin brush and apply a white flower on the jacket with 5 petals. More can be added to the drawing with white dots using dots, and monograms. In general, you can show your imagination. Close all the final gel.


You can create the next design with a white gel-varnish and a fine brush. After applying the base, you need to put a little white gel coat on the brush and apply a rounded monogram. Their direction and quantity depends only on your imagination.

Drawings on the nails with Gel lacquer Monogram

At first glance, this design may seem simple, but to create it you need experience and great efforts. This option is great for creating a wedding manicure. To get an original and unique design, you need to make different monograms on each nail. In addition, you can draw on one nail patterns not one, but several colors. To obtain a festive design, you can add sparkles, straziki and bouillon.

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Snake skin

This design is suitable for those who want to get an original and unusual design. After the nail plate has been prepared, apply a gel-lacquer on it to a green color. Dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.

Drawings on nails gel with lacquer Snake skin

Cover the nail plate with mother-of-pearl gel-varnish of marsh color. In the lamp, do not send, take a brush and in a chaotic order to apply a colorless lacquer drops. Wait for a while until the figure appears. Block all the finish and dry.

On video, how to make drawings on nails with gel varnish:

The presented variants can be used as masters of the nail service, as well as those who do manicure at home. You can not immediately get the effect that you have. But you do not have to worry, because everything comes with experience and diligence. Just practice more, come up with something new and then your manicure will be the most stylish and original.