Methods of treating hair with folk remedies at home

  • Mar 16, 2018

Many girls who want to take care of their locks with effective natural remedies, want to know more about the treatment of hair folk remedies at home.

If you are interested in this topic and want to read about how to use the usual ingredients to create useful masks and other products that care for your hair, read the text of this article.

Hair treatment with natural remedies at home is suitable for owners of any type of hair.

Among the variety of recipes for home masks and medicinal mixtures for ringlets passed from generation to generation by women all over the world, there are those with which even modern girls are familiar.

Some recipes for prescription of time began to be used less often and undeservedly to forget.

In place of products prepared with observance of such recipes came industrial balms and hair masks.

Ingredients for masks

These tools are not always useful, so they are suitable for frequent use only for those girls whose tresses are in perfect condition.

What to do to those ladies wh

ose hairstyles have already suffered from unfavorable external factors?

The answer is simple and obvious: change your care for locks and scalp and start using organic homemade cosmetics created by yourself.


  • Dry curls and split ends
  • Fat ringlets
  • Gray curls

Dry curls and split ends

Many modern girls have dry hair that looks untidy. Fighting with dryness can and should be done, but not everyone knows how to do it right.

Shampoos and industrial-use masks often contain harmful ingredients in their formulas, which drastically curdle the curls.

Manufacturers add these components to the composition of the products not to spoil the hair of the customers, but to make the production process as cheap as possible.

If possible, give up such shampoos: get a good organic remedy for ringlets or learn how to prepare shampoos and masks at home.

If for a variety of reasons you can not refuse the use of industrial shampoos, improve them with base oils and esters that will not only moisturize the scalp and make individual hairs more elastic, but will also be an effective stimulant for the growth of curls.

Every time, when preparing to wash your head, enrich the standard amount of shampoo you want to use with a few drops of rose, hips, lavender, patchouli or ylang ylang.

A small number of ethers will not make your hair look worse and keep it fresh after washing your hair, and also it can moisten their structure and scalp, freeing your hair from splitting strands.


To distribute this remedy it is necessary from the roots, carefully whipping shampoo with ethers into foam.

Lightly massage the scalp and roots with foam, and then use the rest of it to wash the length of the curls to prevent overdrying of the structure, which can lead to the splitting of strands.

Owners of dry scalp or those women who suffer from dandruff and seborrhea can apply to the roots and length of the hair any clean base oil.

Pay attention to the base, which have good moisturizing properties - coconut oil, shea, flax, macadamia, argan and peach kernels.

Buy this oil only in pharmacies or in stores specializing in the sale of natural products.

With the help of such oils it is customary to do scalp massage and hair roots.

Oils can be applied to the dry split ends of the curls. To visually solve the problem of split tresses and make the dry ends more neat, take a couple drops of the base oil, warm them between the palms and apply them to the locks with patting movements.

Oil can be applied to the dry ends of split hair as a night mask, which requires mandatory flushing.


In this case, oil should be rubbed into the length of split hair, carefully working each strand. After you finish the procedure, braid the curls in a light braid and go to bed.

Over night, the oil will soften and moisten the structure of the split hair, so the dry ends of the strands will look neater.

Fat ringlets

Treatment of fatty hair folk remedies can afford any girl. The main problem with this type of curls is the excessive sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands located in the scalp.

Regular treatment of hair with folk remedies helps to correct the manifestation of this problem by using special drying agents and masks that need to be distributed at the roots of the hair.

It is contraindicated for the entire length of the curls.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Common problems of fatty ringlets are dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, which are also provoked by excessive sebum secretion.

At home, you can control the uncontrolled sebum release using the following mask.

Combine one chicken or three quail yolks with two spoons of aloe gel and three spoons of yeast soaked to the state of pulp.

Pour into the mixture five drops of tea tree ether and three drops of cedar ether.

Gently distribute the composition at the roots of the hair, rubbing it into the scalp.

Do not pick up the curls in a bundle, but simply wrap them with polyethylene, trying to keep the mask from getting to their length. It takes about an hour to wear such a mixture on the hair.

The fatiness of the scalp at home helps to remove the onion mask, which is prepared from half a glass of yeast, half a glass of onion juice and a spoonful of honey.

The mixture must be rubbed into the roots of the hair and left on the head for an hour and a half. Note that the onion leaves a strong smell: the porous structure of the hair absorbs its fragrance, which is not always washed off the first time.


Another mask, which fights with fatty curls, is prepared according to the following recipe.

Mix half a glass of juice obtained by pressing the grated potato, chicken yolk and three tablespoons of honey.

Enrich the obtained composition with five drops of ylang-ylang ether and five drops of mint ether. Distribute this mixture can be as the roots of hair and scalp, and along the entire length of the strands.

The composition will help to get rid of split ends and adjust the excess sebum secretion.

Gray locks

Many owners of graying hair often wonder whether it is possible to cure gray hair, hoping to get rid of the first white hairs.

Gray is not a disease, but the body's response to a decrease in the production of melanin( the pigment responsible for the natural color of the curls).

Only early gray hair is treated, but not in all cases.

Owners of silver-plated hair can only with dignity accept the age-related changes that occur in their body, and begin to take care of the structure of the hair and their density.

It's no secret that with age, gray hair often thin, look thin and lifeless.

In addition, gray hair is not protected from split ends and loss of volume.

To maintain the condition of the hair that touched the gray hair, you need to use hair-strengthening and stimulating hair growth products prepared at home.

They will make the dry gray hairs more dense and elastic, rid them of split ends and wake the sleeping hair follicles, from which the rods of new hair will eventually appear.

A mask for the growth of curls can be created by mixing two quail yolks, a small spoon of shea butter and three small spoons of mustard powder.


The product should be on the roots of the hair for no more than half an hour. During the wearing of such a mask, slight burning of the skin is permissible.

If the itch that provokes a mustard mask is unbearably tolerated, it should be washed off immediately from the hair and never used again.

Thin and dry gray curls can be strengthened with the following mask prepared at home.

Mix three tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of linseed oil, pour into the mixture seven drops of rose hips, three drops of lavender ether and three drops of patchouli ether.

Enrich the contents of the contents of six capsules of the drug "Aevit", which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Apply this mask for the whole night, removing the hair under the polyethylene.

In the morning, after washing off the hair, you will not notice any dryness of the strands, or split ends: the hair will look beautiful and silky.

Treatment of hair with folk remedies implies a whole complex of measures aimed at combating problems of hair.

Using home masks, you can restore the structure of the curls, give them a beautiful shine and silky.


Regular application of curative compounds to problem areas of hair helps to overcome the split ends or excessive production of cutaneous sebum.

Enter such a means in the weekly care of your hair: you will notice that they really work.