Vichy Aqualia Thermal - excellent moisturizers

Vichy Aqualia Thermal - excellent moisturizers

  • Jun 09, 2018

Vichy brand cosmetics are quality products that actively and carefully look after the skin of the face. The assortment of the company has many tools that are designed for a certain type of skin.

In the catalog you can find whey, creams, lotions. All of them actively take care of dry and oily skin. Each product has its direct effect. At the heart of cosmetics is a component such as thermal water, extracted from a natural source. If you prefer another cream, then check out the rating of the best moisturizing face creams. Also at home, you can make nourishing masks for dry facial skin.


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    • 2.2 moisturizing facial mask
    • 2.3 cream ball for eye contours
    • 2.4 Rich moisturizer
    • 2.5 Moisturizing Face Serum
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Vichy aqualia thermal

All products of the Vichy brand have the following effect on the skin condition of the face:

  • intensive moistening of skin
    cells, saturation with moisture( dynamic moistening);
  • protection against dryness, reducing the likelihood of dehydration of the epidermis;
  • eliminating the discomfort and feeling of tightness that arise due to excessive dryness;
  • skin becomes soft, silky, and coarsened skin softens;
  • epidermis receives radiance and natural shine;
  • with regular application, redness and irritation go away, careful care of sensitive covers is ensured;
  • creates complete protection against the harmful effects of environmental factors;
  • activates the recovery of the epidermis, regenerates the damaged cells, and accelerates the metabolism;
  • all functions of the skin barrier are restored, preserving its protective properties.

Assortment of products

The main advantage of Vichy Aqualia Thermal products is its wide range of cosmetics. Each fashionista will be able to choose the right product for herself and successfully solve all the problems.

Night Moisturizing Cream with Spa Effect

At night, the skin is very susceptible to cosmetic products, so the regeneration process is much faster. To obtain the ultimate moisturizing and saturation, Vichy offers its customers a unique spa cream that can be used even for girls with sensitive covers. The cost of the cream is 620 rubles.

Night Moisturizing Cream with Spa Effect

With regular application, the following effect is achieved:

  • deep nutrition and active saturation of skin with the required moisture;
  • maintains the water balance for a long time and activates the process of skin regeneration;
  • gives the skin softness and velvety after the first application;
  • face acquires freshness and vitality;
  • due to the light gel texture of the product, it quickly absorbed does not cause the development of comedogens;
  • guarantees intensive night spa treatment with thermal influence;
  • has a pleasant aroma;
  • has no parabets.

You may also be interested in Vichy acne cream.

Moisturizing face mask

This cosmetic product is based on thermal water. There are no parabens in the composition. You can apply the mask even to the owners of sensitive skin, since the drug is completely hypoallergenic. When developing the mask, a unique combination of rare minerals was applied, the action of which is aimed at strengthening and protecting the epidermis.

Vichy aqualia thermal moisturizing face mask

Another composition is rich in hyaluronic acid, has an ultra-comfortable creamy texture. With regular application, the skin gets a moisturizing, restoring effect, becomes elastic and elastic. For the mask Vichy has a calming effect. The cost of the cosmetic is 320 rubles.

Eye contour cream

When using this cream, you can get rid of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Has anti-edematous and protective effect. With regular application it is possible to smooth out wrinkles, remove bags under the eyes. Skin covers receive reliable protection, acquire comfort and soothing effect.

Vichy aqualia thermal Cream eye contour ball

Permanent cell humidification is achieved due to the presence of thermal water in the composition. Components such as dextran and escin reduce the formation of edema under the eyes and the severity of dark circles. Has a hydrogel texture, which consists of liquid crystals. They allow you to outwardly correct fine wrinkles. In the composition there are no perfumed fragrances. You can buy the product at a price of 350 rubles. You can also try the Vichy Idealia cream for the eye contour.

Saturated moisturizing cream

When using this product, the skin covers get reliable moisturizing, softness and become more protected. Thus, the epidermis calms down. Throughout the day it is smooth, fresh and velvety, the feeling of mask disappears.

Vichy aqualia thermal Rich moisturizing cream

With regular application, the epidermis acquires a healthy elasticity and radiance. The composition of the product is designed so that no allergies should arise. You can apply the product even to those who have sensitive skin.

Rich cream has a fresh melting texture. After application there is no greasy gloss and an adhesive layer. There is no film effect, it has a light perfumed perfume. Skin cells are moisturized reliably for 48 hours. The cost of this facility is 630 rubles. Also read which Vichy cream is suitable for women after 50 years.

Face Moisturizing Serum

With this product, you can obtain a powerful moisturizing, soothing effect, as well as reliable skin protection for 24 hours. The product is completely hypoallergenic. Can be used for sensitive skin. After applying the epidermis, freshness becomes radiance, elasticity and velvety.

Vichy aqualia thermal Moisturizing serum for face

It takes a long time to eliminate the feeling of tightness. The face changes markedly and receives a healthy radiance.

Skin cells receive continuous moisturizing for 24 hours. The product is based on thermal water, which is rich in rare minerals. They have a soothing and protective effect, as well as intensive moisturizing. Also the composition is rich in such a component as hyaluronin. Serum for the face of Vichy has a velvety ultra-moisturizing texture, thanks to which it is possible to get an instant penetration of moisture through the upper layers of the skin. The composition contains a light perfume fragrance. This product costs 650 rubles.


  • Maria, 43 years old: "At my age, the most common problem is wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. But I actively began to fight these signs of aging, using a cream ball from Vichy. I applied it in the evening before going to sleep. I like very much that after the treatment of the skin, a certain freshness is felt. After 1.5 months of active use I managed to reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles and completely overcome dark circles. "
  • Veronica, 32 years old: "I have very whimsical skin, so I could not find the right night face cream for a long time. After a friend I was advised to use a cream with a spa effect from Vichy. I decided to try it, but did not really expect a positive result. After the first application, I was pleasantly surprised: the skin was moistened, softened, silky. And most importantly, that there was no irritation from this cream, since it is completely hypoallergenic. "
  • Elizaveta, 23 years old: "I have very dry skin on my face. If you do not use cosmetics, then on it there is a strong peeling, and the feeling of tightness does not leave me. To combat this problem, I was helped by a moisturizing serum from Vichy. This product is based on special components that not only exert powerful moisturizing, but also create a reliable protection of the epidermis for the whole day. After such care, the skin condition improved noticeably, the tone of the face leveled, and I completely forgot about the peeling and stitching. "

Using the presented products from vichy aqualia thermal, it is possible to improve the condition of the skin, giving them a powerful hydration. Due to the fact that natural ingredients are present in the composition, even girls with sensitive skin can apply them without experiencing an allergy. It is always possible to look young and well-groomed, if you regularly use cosmetic products vichy aqualia thermal. To create a tone, you can use a Vichy normaderm tone cream. If you need to whiten the skin, the company offers a cream for the pigmentation on Vichy's face. Under the Vichy brand, hair growth products are also being manufactured, for example Vichy's ampoules from hair loss.