How to choose a foot cream for varicose veins and fatigue

How to choose a foot cream for varicose veins and fatigue

  • Jun 10, 2018

Varicose extension of the legs is a pathological process that must be treated promptly with the help of internal and external medicines. Only under the condition of an integrated approach can one completely forget about the disease and rule out the possibility of relapse. Not the last role for the treatment of varicose veins is reserved for ointments. They have a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the legs and normalize blood microcirculation.


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Overview of effective ointments

Currently, the pharmacy has a lot of funds that successfully cope with varicose veins and leg fatigue. Consider only the most popular.


This preparation is characterized by venotonic and venoprotective action. Effective fights with swelling and inflammation, providing an antioxidant effect.


With regular application, the vascular tone is increased and their fragility is reduced. It is not recommended to use with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and in violation of the integrity of the epidermis.

Fly agaric versus

This remedy was developed by Veney Sbir. It contains such components as rose hips, wheat and flax oil, as well as fly agaric extract, natural complexes and microelements. But what is the fly agaric against the pigment spots, is described in detail in the article.

Fly agaric against cream

Cream cools, restores, tones and immunomodulates. Has no contraindications.


This product contains the following components:

  • honey,
  • caffeine,
  • horse chestnut,
  • ginkgo biloba,
  • coconut oil.


Ointment effectively reduces inflammation, reduces fragility of blood vessels. This drug is characterized by the presence of decongestant, restorative and tonic effect. Effectively removes puffiness. Apply the product to eliminate the stretching of venous nets and vascular asterisks. If you need to use the drug for the treatment of varicose veins, which are complicated by trophic ulcers, you must first agree with the attending physician.

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This remedy is for lymphatic drainage. It is actively used to eliminate puffiness, painful sensation and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. In the composition there are extracts of leech, pepper, horse chestnut.


The auxiliary components include menthol, propolis, camphor. These ingredients effectively cope with spasms and inflammation, regenerate tissues, remove toxins and increase the permeability of capillaries. Use the product is not necessary during the carrying of the child, with the presence of an allergic reaction and cardiovascular diseases.

Chinese cream

This drug has decongestant effect. Effectively removes slag and reduces pressure in the veins. With regular use, tissue saturation with oxygen and nutrients is normalized.

Chinese cream

The composition of the cream contains earthworm enzymes musk musk. You can use the drug completely, because there are no contraindications.


This product is produced in the form of a gel. In the role of the main component is heparin. With regular application it is possible to reduce blood coagulability, eliminate blood clots and stop the inflammatory process.


Lyoton must be applied smoothly 3 times a day. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, but depends on the severity of the pathology.


This drug belongs to the means of the new generation. To obtain a guaranteed result, Sophia cream should be used in combination with traditional methods of treatment.

Sophia ointment

The composition contains extracts of medicinal herbs and medical leeches. Applying Sofia on early steel, you can reduce the post-thrombophlebitic symptom, relieve tension, swelling and pain in the limbs. Apply the drug 3 times a day.

Which are suitable for pregnant women

If varicose veins and fatigue affect the body of a pregnant woman, then it is necessary to choose an effective drug taking into account the fact that it contains natural ingredients that are not capable of damaging the child's body.


The product can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of varicose veins. Venorm is an excellent addition to the basic treatment. With regular use it will be possible to forget about pain, swelling and discomfort.


The composition of the drug contains flowers of horse chestnut, calendula and sweet potato. The drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and venotonic effect. You need to apply 2 times a day.

Recipes of the grandmother Agafia

This product provides excellent care for your feet. It is allowed to apply to pregnant women, since it contains natural ingredients. At the heart of the preparation are such components as horse chestnut, melissa and tavolga. But what are the reviews about the mask for the face of Grandmother Agafia, you can read from this article.

Recipes grandmother agafia

Thanks to this product, you can not only prevent the formation of varicose veins, but also achieve a cooling relaxing effect. With regular use of the walls of the vessels become durable, the blood flow is normalized and fatigue of the legs is eliminated.

Mom comfort

This cream can be used by women from the very first month of pregnancy and after childbirth. It is allowed to use the drug for sensitive skin and women suffering from allergies.

Mum comfort

In the role of the main component are such components as horse chestnut, grape extract and troxerutin.

On the video foot cream for varicose veins and fatigue:

With the constant application of the ointment, it is possible to make the walls strong, protect the limbs from varicose dilatation. The cream effectively takes care of, restores and relieves swelling. Apply the product 2 times a day with light massaging movements.

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  • Sabina, 34 years old: "During pregnancy, my varicose veins became aggravated, so my doctor advised me Kerm Mama Comfort. I applied it for a month 3 times a day, and this was enough for me to reduce swelling, to remove painful sensations. The drug is absolutely safe, because in its composition there are only natural components. I continue to apply it now, but only once a day. "
  • Svetlana, 45: " I have been suffering from varicose veins for a long time. But for 4 years, the drug is used horse power. During an exacerbation of the disease, I apply it during the day 3 times. In 2 weeks the swelling is gone, the inflammation subsides, it makes it easier for me to move around. "
  • Margarita, 23 years old: "My job is related to the fact that I goals the day on my feet. After a hard day they just "buzz" me. To cope with the discomfort, I use the cream of Sophia. I apply it every day and after a few hours I feel a long-awaited relief: pain, puffiness go away. It is also inexpensive, so I can allow it to be applied every day. "

Varicose is a serious enough disease that does not go away by itself. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms it is necessary to use complex treatment, which necessarily includes effective ointments and creams. When choosing them, take into account the composition of the drug, and before applying it, conduct an allergy test.