The skin on the fingers is flaking: what could be the reason?

The skin on the fingers is flaking: what could be the reason?

  • Jun 10, 2018

Hands are always in sight. Their neglected appearance can create an unpleasant, repulsive impression of a person. Problems with the skin of the hands is not only an unattractive sight and uncomfortable sensations. Running the process can cause inflammatory diseases, aggravated by cracks. To avoid this, it is important to determine the causes of such a phenomenon.

Contents of

Contents of

  • 1 Why does this happen
  • 2 If the fault is the wrong care
  • 3 Maybe it's a health problem
  • 4 Causes of
  • 5 Why it appears between the fingers

Why it happens

There are many reasons for flaking skin on the fingers. From the banal improper washing of hands to serious diseases. Often such a problem arises in the owners of dry, dehydrated epidermis. The skin on the fingers is particularly thin.

Scaly skin on the fingers of the hand causes

It is dehydrated and flaky from dry air, hot water, chemicals( abrasive or antibacterial), insufficient drinking of water, from adverse weather conditions. Often, the r

easons lie in improper care or in the disease.

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The video tells about why the skin is peeled on the fingers:

If the fault is the wrong care

Analyze the care of hands. Peeling can cause:

  1. Hand Washing .Maybe not suitable soap. The use of funds with sulfates dries the skin and it flakes. The same result is possible from the use of antimicrobial and deodorizing soap. They dehydrate the epidermis. Replace inappropriate products can be children's soap.
  2. Frequent hand washing ( without further use of moisturizer) also promotes dehydration of the skin.
  3. Cream is not suitable. Carefully study the composition and recommendations for use. Perhaps the tool needs to be replaced.
  4. Pay attention to the towel with which the hands are wiped .Maybe it's tough, pick up the fabric softer.
  5. Insufficient care .Caring for the skin of the hands is not only washing and using the cream. It is important to do skin peeling: using a scrub, remove the dead particles. For the same purpose, you can pick up gel-peeling or special masks with exfoliating effect. At home, a mixture of ground coffee and olive oil can serve as a scrub. A more gentle exfoliation is a porridge of oatmeal or oatmeal.(It can also be a mask, if you add olive oil to it).Contribute to the restoration and trays of herbs. After the procedures, it is good to use a moisturizer or make a hand mask. You can use olive oil, petroleum jelly from available means, which are at hand. Perhaps it's time to pay attention to the special ointments that are presented in pharmacies. More effective - with medicinal herbs( calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort).Moisturize the skin of the hands twice a day( minimum).
  6. Weathering .Working outdoors makes you think about extra care for your hands. Especially if there is hypothermia in the winter or overheating in the sun in the summer. Wind, frost badly affect the skin. There is irritation, peeling. The situation is exacerbated if wet hands are worn out. Long-term work with land or building materials( gardener, digger, builder) can also cause scaling. Additional care for hands will also be required when working with aggressive detergents without special gloves. At the same time, what to do, when the face is worn and flakes, you can understand reading the article.
  7. Water intolerance .Too chlorinated or hard water to wash hands can lead to peeling of the skin.
  8. Individual intolerance of some components in the hand care product.

The video tells what to do if the skin on the fingers is flaky:

Perhaps this is a health problem

Dry skin can indicate a lack of water in the body. Often we hear that it needs to drink 1.5-2 liters per day. But the norm for everyone is individual. Calculate easily: for each kilogram of the body you need to drink 30 mg of pure water. Lack of it can affect the condition of the skin of the hands.

Do not discount the vitamin deficiency. As a rule, with a deficiency of vitamins A and E, the skin on the fingers can be flaky. Especially in winter and spring, when beriberi is a common phenomenon. You need to enrich the food with the necessary products or pick up a vitamin complex from pharmacy offers.

Excessive enthusiasm for diets, intake of diuretics and laxatives can lead to a lack of vitamins. And the consequence is skin peeling on the fingers.

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Causes of

This peeling may have hereditary predisposition. The phenomenon is typical for many diseases:

  1. Allergy .Such a reaction is possible for household chemicals( detergent, dishwashing detergent, cleaning for plumbing), ingredients in food production, or work with chemicals. The skin is irritated, blushes and flakes. If you do not take care of it, then the disease is more serious( eczema, dermatitis) will not keep you waiting. It is necessary to remove the irritant or use rubber gloves.
  2. Scarlet fever .Among other signs of scarlet fever is peeling of the skin on the hands, which starts from the fingertips and spreads all over the palm.
  3. Dyshidrosis .The skin flakes in the palm of your hand and on your fingers.

The video tells why the skin on the fingers is flaky:

Why it appears between the fingers of

The most common cause is a disease. Specify the diagnosis at the dermatologist.

This can be:

  1. Eczema .If the skin flakes on the fingers and between them. Strong exfoliation is accompanied by itching, redness, flaking of the skin, and sometimes even fever. These are signs of an onset inflammatory skin disease.
  2. Fungal infection of .Skin palms and between the fingers. This is accompanied by burning and severe itching, redness of the skin of hands, watery blisters( red or white rashes), bleeding cracks, the skin exfoliates. If there are such signs, you should hurry to the doctor!
  3. Psoriasis .Skin peels off, small outgrowths of pink are formed, whitish on top. These symptoms are characteristic of psoriasis. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor!

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Peeling of the skin on the hands indicates either problems with health, or about improper care. Full nutrition, drinking enough water, the necessary care and care for the hands will prevent peeling. If all measures for nutrition and drinking regimen are taken, additional care is provided, and the skin on the fingers of the fingers is still peeling, then you need to go to the dermatologist and be ready to take the necessary tests. It is important to determine and eliminate the cause! Only this way it will be possible to restore beauty and health to the skin.