Assortment of creams and ointments from the smell and sweating of the feet

Assortment of creams and ointments from the smell and sweating of the feet

  • Jun 10, 2018

Increased sweating of the legs and accompanying odor appear in many people, and this gives a lot of inconvenience. After all, a self-respecting person can not look untidy, constantly scratch his legs and at the same time exude a heavy ambre.

Controlling your leg movements, apologetic appearance and lack of self-confidence leads to irritability of the person, and he begins to look for ways to get rid of this trouble. And this can help special creams from the fungus and sweating of the feet.


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Principle of operation

A cream from a smell and a sweating of feet

All medicines are aimed at eliminating the visible causes of malfunctioning of the body. When using them, one must take into accoun

t the fact that the effectiveness of treatment will depend on an integrated approach.

In order to completely get rid of sweat, itch and unpleasant odor, you need to eliminate the source of these manifestations and exclude the following factors:

  • synthetic socks and tights;
  • narrow and uncomfortable shoes;
  • nerve stress;
  • insufficient hygienic foot care;
  • various thyroid diseases;
  • hormonal failure;
  • long seat in one position;
  • internal infection;
  • diabetes;
  • increased fatigue of the legs, due to heavy loads;
  • malignant and benign neoplasm;
  • fungal infections between the fingers.

On the video-cream from the smell and sweating of the feet:

There are other factors that affect the condition of the legs, but they can be brought individually by examining the skin of a specific person. Some cases of such a disease require only timely and thorough hygiene, but most often without additional application of medicines can not do.

They will be able to:

  • prevent the spread of foot fungus;
  • have a deodorant effect;
  • dry the permanently sweaty skin;
  • eliminate the unpleasant odor and give the skin a fresh fragrance;
  • to remove inflammation;
  • to exterminate harmful bacteria;
  • normalize the work of sweat glands.

Applying ointments and creams to the sweating of the feet, you should follow the instructions and apply them only in the indicated doses, as in case of an overdose it is possible to damage the skin.

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Assortment of

There are many effective tools of different pricing policy, we will try to cite the most popular of them, whose validity has been checked by years.


Convenient use and high efficiency of these formulations deserve detailed consideration of each of them.



He permanently rid his feet of an unpleasant ambre. Its speed is noticeable immediately: after the first application, the cream removes the skin from an unbearable odor for a week.


  • Tea Tree Aid - has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • oil karite deodorizes the skin, removes the smell of sweat;
  • vitamin E heals cracks, promotes early regeneration of skin;
  • lavender oil soothes the skin, gives it a pleasant scent;
  • vitamin A has a tonic effect;
  • cocoa butter restores the hydrolipid balance of the legs, nourishes their skin.

This cream contains a natural base, it does not contain alcohol, therefore does not overdry the skin. With its regular use in a month, the amount of sweat secretions is halved.


Wash and dry your feet, wipe them dry and apply a cream evenly, wait until it absorbs.

Cream Series 42

Cream series 42

This remedy was developed from sweat. One of its application is valid for seven days, after this period, the use of the cream should be repeated. It is better to apply it until the problem with an unpleasant odor and increased sweating will not disappear completely.


  • lemon reduces the amount of sweat secreted, accelerates the process of skin repair, cleans them from dead cells and peels, freeing up deodorant substances and stopping the development of fungal infection;
  • oak extract is a natural antiseptic, it dries out the skin;
  • Propolis is an antiseptic, an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. It is rich in wax, essential oils, resins and pollen, all these substances actively saturate the skin with vitamins and help it to recover after eliminating perspiration.

This cream is suitable for allergy sufferers, since it is 80% natural and safe. It can not be applied only in case of damage to the skin of the legs or with its infectious diseases.

Application: First you need to wash your feet with soap( economic or antibacterial).Dry the feet. Apply a small amount of the composition and rub over the entire surface of the feet, carefully working the places between the fingers. Leave it until completely absorbed. It is best to carry out this procedure at night, for greater efficiency you need to put cotton socks on your feet.



This is a formaldehyde-containing drug. It is hypoallergenic, has no color and odor, is available as a clear gel. With its single use, the feet get rid of the smell on average by two weeks. It reduces the activity of the sweat glands and prevents the appearance of an unpleasant ambre. It can not be used more than once every two weeks, otherwise habituation may occur.


  • formalin exerts a deodorizing and antiseptic effect, destroys harmful bacteria;
  • methylcellulose water-soluble - strengthens the action of the main component, prevents the formation of excess sweat;
  • purified water.

Usage: The drug is applied externally. It should be applied to a clean, washed skin with a thin layer, after soaking for half an hour on the surface of the legs a film is formed, which must be washed off in warm water. One such application eliminates sweating and odor for a week and a half. But its effectiveness depends on the cumulative effect, so the cream should be used for three days in a row.


It is a creamy deodorant. Unlike similar products, it does not contain aluminum salt and alcohol, so it does not dry the skin and does not block the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Its small packaging with regular use is enough for a year.


The drug is odorless, water resistant, slows down the sweat glands and destroys the fungus along with harmful microorganisms.


  • zinc oxide - dries the skin, has antiseptic effect;
  • chamomile soothes skin, heals formed wounds, has antibacterial effect and regulates sweating;
  • potato starch is used instead of powder, reduces the allocation of sweat;
  • talc has deodorizing properties, eliminates unbearable odor;
  • arnika reduces sweating, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • triethyl citrate eliminates fetid leg ambri;
  • ethylhexylglycerin this additive is used to soften the skin.

This cream has a complex effect on the skin, one its application provides a quiet existence for two weeks.

Application. The product is spread over clean skin and rubbed into it. After this procedure during the day you can not wet your feet, play sports and load feet. Its repeated application is necessary only at repeated occurrence of the raised sweating.


Such tools are time-tested, are cheaper than the above-listed creams, and act no worse than them.


It is based on medical Vaseline, and the active ingredient is zinc oxide. Supplement their essential oils of rosemary and tea tree, which have a powerful bactericidal effect.


This product helps to dry out the skin, narrow its pores and remove from its surface putrefactive microorganisms that cause malicious smell. It regulates sweating and, with regular use, eliminates all the attendant troubles for a long time.


It should be used at night, when the activity of the sweat glands starts to work faster, but as the product can very much stain the bed linen, you need to take precautions. This paste is absolutely safe, so it can be used for children, as well as pregnant and lactating women.


Ointment has a thick consistency of white color, it must be applied constantly, until all the signs of the disease disappear. The rich content of the drug successfully fights with sweating and fetid smell, giving the skin a pleasant menthol flavor.

Teymurova ointment dries out the skin, reduces the production of sweat, regulates the development of bacteria and eliminates the foot fungus, restores affected areas of skin. It should be applied to the skin three times a day, leaving it absorbed for a quarter of an hour. The course of treatment is 2-3 days.


This is a hypoallergenic, odorless product. It is used not only for the feet, but for the arms and armpits. It is effective despite the low cost. It consists of natural ingredients, although it has a long shelf life.

Salicylic-zinc ointment

Ointment removes the unpleasant ambergris emanating from the feet, and also regulates their sweating. It can be used for children. After the first use of the remedy, the odor is eliminated, and if it is regularly applied overnight, the activity of the sweat glands normalizes.

On the video cream from sweating of feet in the pharmacy:

There are many more medicinal products that effectively eliminate sweat and prevent the appearance of unpleasant odor on the legs. The above drugs are used more often than others, their effectiveness should not be doubted.

If there are no positive changes after three of their applications, you should consult a dermatologist or a cosmetologist for advice, you may need to revise the use of the remedy or replace it with a stronger one.

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  • Nikolay, 52 years old: "How many I live, there were never problems with sweating of my feet, even in summer I walked constantly in my socks and did not feel any discomfort. And then an unpleasant odor began to emanate from them, there was an itch and cracks on the heels. Only a little pass, the sweat gets into them and the unbearable burning begins. My wife, seeing my anguish, bought for my feet a cream "Deokontrol."I used it for a week, every night I rubbed my feet before going to bed and after that I began to notice that the sweating had left, and the smell had left me after the first application of this remedy. Now I think to anoint it for a couple of more days and stop to find out how much it's enough for, and if necessary, I'll repeat the treatment, because the package is big and will last long enough. "
  • Lily, 40: " I have excessive sweatingLimbs begins for some reason in the winter. She is accompanied by an unpleasant ambre. In winter, my feet freeze, and I put on socks and slippers, and they very quickly begin to take over this bad smell, and I carry it across the apartment. Subtracted on the Internet home recipes to eliminate this trouble, but they always cook them and the more so rub it is not always obtained because of the intolerable itch. They do not immediately remove it, unlike the purchased products, so I bought an inexpensive zinc ointment and apply it for three days, then my legs are restored and do not sweat anymore. »
  • Tatiana, 29 years old: « Faced with sweating of feet and itching, When she came to her grandmother, she, it turns out, did not finish her fungus on her fingers, and it was passed to me through the carpet, probably. I immediately turned to a friend of a dermatologist, and he ordered us one medicine for two - Formagel. He coped with our illnesses perfectly. After its application the itch disappeared, sweat ceased. I, of course, thoroughly washed the carpet, washed the shoes outside and inside. I applied a remedy to myself and my grandmother every day and a week later our legs recovered. "