What causes strong hair loss in women?

  • Mar 17, 2018

The causes of severe hair loss in women can often not be the condition of the hair and skin, but the diseases of the internal organs, from which it is necessary to begin treatment.

But in general, the causes of hair loss are most often associated with weakening of the body and immunity.

From the article you will learn what possible problems are the cause of hair loss in women, and what to do in such a situation - what means, masks and vitamins will help in solving this problem.

Vitamins for hair


  • Possible problems
  • How to identify the problem?
  • How to get rid of fallout?

Possible problems of

It is not at all necessary that the causes of severe hair loss are associated with some terrible disease - it can be caused by the usual seasonal vitamin deficiency or an improperly chosen diet, due to which the body does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients.

Very often hair loss is caused by a shortage of iron - this is because during the menstrual period, the femal

e body loses a lot of blood, and if you do not make up for the lack of this useful substance, then the hair, nails, and well-being will generally worsen.

To stop the problem in this case simply - it is enough to take vitamins, which help saturate the body with iron.

The same can be said about vitamin deficiency - if the problem is that the necessary vitamins do not enter the body or are supplied in insufficient quantities, this can be corrected by taking vitamin complexes that can restore the balance of nutrients in the body.

To understand that the body lacks iron, you can not only by dropping hair, but also by the pallor of the skin and the general weakness of the body.


Similar symptoms have an avitaminosis, in addition to this problem, the skin on the hands can begin to peel and crack.

Despite the fact that these reasons are not usual and they suffer the most part of people, it is best to see a doctor and not start treatment yourself - in this case the result will be much higher.

Very often, the causes of hair loss are in chronic stress and fatigue, which sooner or later begin to affect the body.

And the less effort you will make to solve this problem, the more obvious will be the consequences.

Stress has a negative impact not only on the hair that becomes brittle and stops growing, but also on nails, the condition of which worsens, and on the general condition of the body.

Stress is not always chronic. If you notice that the hair began to fall out after a prolonged lack of sleep or any serious shock, then no special means to do is necessary - it is enough to bring the body back to normal, to drink the herbs and vitamins.

If the stress is permanent, then problems with hair and skin will only worsen, and can even reach full alopecia.

In this case, the treatment of stress is prescribed by a doctor and is under his supervision, and it is not worth trying to stop the problem on your own.

When the head of hearing thinens especially intensively, it is possible to talk about problems of the internal organs or the hormonal system, which cause hair loss.

Very often hair loss is a sign of an abnormal endocrine system, adrenal or ovarian function.

Also among women, as well as among men, androgenic alopecia is widespread - this disease is caused by an overabundance in the body of testosterone.

Women suffer from this type of alopecia less often than men, but if the problem is discovered, the treatment should be immediate, since the risk of complete hair loss is great here.

Understand that the cause of hair loss is in this disease, secondary symptoms - an anke and other skin problems, coarsening of the voice, etc., will help.


In some cases, hair loss causes other diseases - colds such as ARVI, Pneumonia, pneumonia, etc. In this case, starting to do something with hair is meaningless: most likely, their growth and strength will recover by themselves, after you get rid of the disease.

Many women have problems with hair loss associated with taking medications that they drink without consulting a specialist.

Very often, over-the-counter products have a reduced blood supply as a side effect, which directly affects the quality of hair growth.

In this case, stop the disease of the hair simply - just stop drinking pills with every minor malaise.

And vitamins will help you to improve blood circulation, improve well-being and fill the lack of nutrients in the body.

How to identify the problem?

Treatment of hair loss depends on the reason for this.

In some cases, stopping the shaving of the hair is quite simple - it is enough to add to the diet the vitamins and products necessary for the cover of the head or the product containing them.

If you notice that your hair falls out, then try the easiest ways to find the cause - change the shampoo, and for a while refuse to use aggressive hair remedies( varnish, ironing, etc.).


If the reason is this, then the hair will recover very quickly, and to avoid this situation in the future, it will be enough to change the hair care product.

If hair continues to fall out, and no masks and vitamins help, then do not delay the visit to the doctor, because the problem may be more serious than it seems at first glance.

Very often, the loss of the scalp is just a symptom.

Most likely, to find the cause, you will have to do a series of tests: check the work of the intestines and other internal organs, the level of hormones and the immune system.

When referring to trichologists, you will most likely be advised to give a biochemical blood test, which will help assess the performance of internal organs.

Only after all tests and a complete assessment of the body's work can be appointed an adequate remedy.

In addition to checking the internal organs, you will also have to undergo a spectral analysis that will allow you to assess the general condition of the scalp and hair follicles.

The result of the analysis will show whether the body needs additional vitamins or other drugs to normalize its work.

Very often with hair loss, women are prescribed a consultation with a gynecologist and an endocrinologist, since in many cases the problem is a violation of the hormonal background.

This is especially true for women during menopause and pregnancy, when the largest restructuring of the body.

How to get rid of fallout?

As a rule, those who have hair loss associated with disruption of the endocrine system, prescribe a special remedy and vitamins that normalize the level of hormones in the blood.

Thus, you can not only get rid of the problem of shaving the head of hear, but also put the body in order, and improve overall health.


In uncomplicated cases, the treatment lasts about a month, and during this time the hairline is usually fully restored.

Of course, it is much more likely that the cause of hair loss is not in serious diseases, but in banal stress or improper care for the hair.

Sometimes it is enough to begin to get enough sleep and less worry, as the cause with hair loss will be solved by itself.

With improper care, if the hair is overdried, etc., vitamins, masks, decoctions, compresses, and also scalp massage, which improves blood flow and promote increased follicular growth, help effectively.

When choosing a mask, it's best to choose the ones with the largest number of natural components.

You can make masks yourself. Effectively, for example, helps with hair loss aloe juice: it squeezes out on the cheesecloth, and then applied to the scalp.

This compress can be done 2 times a day for at least a week before the improvement becomes noticeable.


For those who abuse paint, drying with a hair dryer or other aggressive means for caring for hair, mask with olive oil will do.

To prepare, mix the oil with lemon juice and apply the resulting mixture to the skin. The mask should be kept under a towel so that it remains warm.

You can carry out this procedure not more than once a week, and after the end the mixture must be carefully removed.

This procedure improves the circulation of the scalp, enhances hair growth and restores damaged dry hair.

One of the most effective masks for hair loss is onion. It is prepared as follows: grated onion with a spoonful of olive oil.

The resulting mixture is rubbed into the head, then covered with a film and a towel in order to keep the heat.

This procedure promotes the activation of the hair follicle( the hair begins to grow more actively), and it also prevents the loss of pre-existing hair.

Keep this mask on your head for about half an hour, and then you need to wash it thoroughly with shampoo. With prolonged use( not less than half a year), the hairline is completely restored.

Both masks, and vitamins, and other remedies for hair are good preventive maintenance, and also an auxiliary means at treatment of hair loss.


However, if the causes of this ailment are serious, then do not engage in self-treatment - contact a specialist who will prescribe the right medication, and folk remedies should be left as an auxiliary and preventive care.

Most of the problems with hair loss in women is temporary, and most often gives in to a fairly simple treatment.

The most important thing in case of detection of a problem is not to delay the visit to the doctor, then you will be able to restore lost hair, having spent a minimum of funds and efforts.