How to straighten hair at home

  • Jun 13, 2018

Each owner of curly locks at least sometimes dreams of making them smooth and smooth. But to keep the effect of smoothness for a long time is a difficult task, because the structure of the hair is determined genetically, and it sooner or later returns to its natural state.


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As early as the 19th century, the famous chemist Jan Gatgold tried to help beauties cope with disobedient curls. He invented a special composition based on aggressive chemical elements. Which had to be applied to the roots of hai

r and scalp. The locks really straightened, but the skin was left with severe chemical burns, and the hair gradually fell out. After an unsuccessful attempt for a while, the idea of ​​leveling hair with the help of chemical rectifiers was left.

However, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the first invention for the thermal straightening of strands - the tongs - was patented. The idea of ​​thermal impact was taken from "folk" methods, when the ladies evened their hair with the help of conventional irons. The tongs, of course, were far from modern and very damaged the structure of the hair, but the beginning was laid.

How to straighten your hair: why the hair is curled


Human hair is made up of 90% keratin protein. And keratin itself consists of amino acids. Genetically, it is laid down how exactly the amino acids are arranged: if the chain is even, then the hair turns out to be straight;If the bonds of amino acids are complex - curly.

That is, in the structure of curly ringlets there are additional hydrogen bonds. Different hair straighteners( both mechanical and chemical) simply destroy these hydrogen bonds and hair straightens. But when the hair structure is restored, it will start again.

Hair Straightening Methods


Today, a wide variety of methods exist for straightening curly hair. Most of the tips can also be used by girls who want to straighten their hair after a perm. Which one you choose will depend on the structure of the curls and the duration of the result that you plan to receive.

  1. Use of special cosmetic shampoos, balms and masks for smoothness of hair.
  2. Straightening with a hairdryer or ironing.
  3. Application at home of special formulations containing keratin.
  4. Homemade masks made from natural ingredients that impregnate, weight and straighten curls.

Hair straightening with cosmetics

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In the store windows you can find a lot of shampoos, conditioners, masks and creams for straightening curly hair. Such cosmetic products give a positive effect, if they are used regularly and in a complex. After use, you will get smoother, more docile and tidy strands, but do not expect that shampoo can fully cope with the task of leveling the hair. Nevertheless, it will be much easier for you to lay them down. Another "bonus" from the use of leveling shampoos is that in rainy weather the curls will not be significantly eroded and the hair will remain better.

Straightening hair with a hair dryer


For a short period of time, the hair can be straightened with a hairdryer. The effect will last one, two days at most. But if you get under the rain or you are caught in the street by fog, then under the influence of moisture the hair will return to its natural state.

Before straightening hair with a hairdryer, wash the head with a moisturizing shampoo and balm. Divide damp hair into small strands with a comb, apply a styling agent on them, and then pull each strand from the roots to the tips with a brush and dry it under a stream of air until it dries completely. In conclusion, you can apply a fixing spray or hairspray.

Leveling with a hair dryer is a time-consuming process, but more gentle compared to the treatment with a hot iron. Suitable only for girls with curly hair, but owners of hard curls will have to use ironing or other means.

Hair Straightening by


Straightening by iron is the most common way of home hair straightening.

This procedure suits you, if you only need to level your hair occasionally. The strands should have time to recover from the corrosive effects of high temperature. Daily exposure to high temperatures will inevitably lead to deterioration of the hair due to a large loss of moisture, the curls will become dry and dull.

How to straighten hair with iron

  1. Before using, iron the head with a shampoo containing silicone or silk proteins. Silicone slightly smoothes the hair along the entire length and gives it additional protection.
  2. Hair will be very useful applying a nutrient or moisturizing mask. Pay special attention to the restoration of dried tips.
  3. Preheat the iron to the desired temperature. In the first times of application, when you do not know how your curls will behave, set the minimum temperature( most often it's 120 degrees), and if it's not enough, then raise it. But it is not recommended to affect the hair temperature above 150 degrees. Although the device and allows you to set even a value of 200 degrees.
  4. Divide the dry hair into thin strands and straighten them, starting from the nape of the neck. Do not use the iron on wet hair. Water has a very high thermal conductivity, and under the influence of ironing, a scalp can burn or damage the hair.
  5. Do not pat the hair several times. The effect of straightening from this is not better.
  6. Do not forget to use special hair protection products at the same time as ironing. Thermal protection sprays, creams and gels retain moisture in the hair, enveloping them, and help the locks get less damage caused by the heat, make them more shiny and obedient.
  7. Do not iron more than twice a week. This will help to avoid deep damage to the strands.
  8. The result of straightening with an iron will last until the first wash, i.e. From one to three days.

How to choose an iron for home hair straightening


When choosing an iron, note what its working surface is made from. Metal irons dry hair, and ceramic act more gently, evenly distribute heat throughout the surface of the curl.

Models of ironing for professional use are coated with tourmaline spraying. They act on the hair not aggressively and provide a stable result, and also ionize the hair, making them more docile.

For girls with dry hair a good option will be a steam iron. Before using it, you need to pour a little distilled water into a special hole.

The width of the plate is selected depending on the type of hair: the thicker and naughty, the wider the ironing.

There are models with rounded corners of plates, designed to twist the tips of hair.

If you want to not only straighten, but curl your hair with ironing, get a model with replaceable nozzles.

Keratin hair straightening


The specialists of many beauty salons offer the service of keratin hair straightening today. This procedure is quite expensive, but it gives an amazing result - the hair simply acquires a second life, looks healthy, smooth and well-groomed. The technique of keratinizing has long been not a secret, therefore, having bought all the necessary funds in a specialized store, you can successfully carry out the procedure at home.

What is needed for keratin hair straightening at home

  1. Shampoo for deep hair cleansing. Before keratinizing it is necessary to save hair and scalp from the remnants of styling and staining agents, silicones, sebum. Without proper preliminary cleansing, you may not get the desired effect of keratinizing.
  2. Means with keratin. You can find means of different brands, but they are all made on the basis of natural ingredients, including proteins and vitamin complexes.
  3. Pulverizer. You will need to distribute the keratin complex evenly.
  4. Hair iron. It is desirable that the tool has a ceramic or tourmaline coating. And the temperature of heating reached 230 degrees. Only at such a high temperature keratin penetrates deep into the structure of the hair.
  5. Hair dryer, clamps, comb, brush and protective gloves.

How to make keratin hair straightening yourself

  1. Wash your head with shampoo for deep cleansing.
  2. Dry the hair, leaving it slightly damp.
  3. Divide the hair into small strands.
  4. Apply a keratin agent to each strand.
  5. Wait for 20-30 minutes until the compound is absorbed into the hair.
  6. Dry hair with a hair dryer at low temperature.
  7. Carefully straighten hair with iron. Set the temperature at 230 degrees. Conduct on each curl 5-7 times.
  8. Apply the nutritional serum to fix the effect.

straightening hair using home masks


Hair straightening can be combined with their rehabilitation and nutrition, if you use recipes of traditional cosmetics. Of course, steep curls can not be straightened with masks, but the wavy and unruly hair will become even, heavy and elastic. You need to apply these masks at least twice a week and then gradually your hair will return to health.

  1. Apply olive oil or burdock oil to dry hair. Keep in the heat for about 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo.
  2. Masks based on colorless henna restore the structure of the hair and make them smooth.
  3. Mix half a cup of milk and half a cup of water. Apply the solution to the hair with a spray gun. Comb your hair and leave the mask for 30 minutes. The remedy not only helps to straighten the hair, but also nourishes them.
  4. Apply brandy over the entire length of the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse.
  5. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water in equal proportions. Add a little almond oil. Apply the composition for the entire length of the hair and leave without warming for 20-30 minutes.
  6. You can use sweet black tea as a lock for curls. Apply it to the hair after washing, and then blow dry.

Home lamination hair gelatin


regular table gelatine - is a natural protein of animal origin, which is largely similar to the collagen.

  • restores the structure of damaged hair;
  • enhances shine;
  • adds volume;
  • creates on the hair the thinnest film, which protects from negative external influences;
  • straightens hair, makes it smooth;The
  • becomes less noticeable when the tips are touched.

With the help of gelatine it is possible to carry out an analogue of salon lamination procedure at home. The positive feedback from the readers of the forums about beauty and health proves the effectiveness of such a procedure.

  1. Take 1 tbsp. Gelatin and fill it with 3 tablespoons. Hot water( if you have very long hair, double or triple the number of components).Leave the workpiece for 20 minutes to allow the gelatin to swell. If the lumps remain, you can preheat the mask in a water bath, in a microwave oven or simply on a battery.
  2. Wash your hair and leave it damp.
  3. Add to gelatin 0, 5 tablespoons. Shampoo, mix thoroughly. Shampoo is necessary in this mass so that the hair does not stick together and it was easy to rinse them.
  4. Apply the mask to the hair. Try to distribute the composition only along the length of the hair, deviating from the roots 2 cm. Gelatin can dry the scalp and cause dandruff.
  5. Wrap the head with a film and a towel.
  6. Keep the mixture warm for about two hours. The longer you hold the mask on your hair, the more noticeable will be the effect from it.
  7. Wash off with warm water without shampoo.
  8. Allow hair to dry without using a hairdryer.

If you do everything correctly, then the effect of home lamination will last from 1 to 3 weeks. Then the procedure can be repeated. If you dye your hair, then it is better to do lamination after staining. The mask also helps to preserve the color longer.

To make the color of natural hair more saturated, replace the water in the gelatin mask recipe with herbal infusions. Prepare for light hair infusion of chamomile, for dark - nettle.

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