Home hair masks with burdock oil

  • Jun 13, 2018

From time immemorial, women know firsthand about the miraculous qualities of burdock oil. Legends say that the beautiful Nefertiti supported with his help the beauty of her curls. Burdock is often included in the composition of modern shampoos, but it is the masks on its basis that give the best effect.


      Beneficial effect of burdock oil on hair
    • Home hair masks with burdock oil - contraindications
    • Home hair masks with burdock oil - application rules
    • Home hair masks with burdock oil
      • HotHair mask with burdock oil
      • Curative mask for hair with burdock and castor oils
      • "Arabian" mask for alopecia and hair loss with burdock oil
      • Mask with mustard and repOil for fatty hair
      • Vitamin mask for hair with burdock and olive oil
      • Hair mask with red pepper and burdock oil
      • Mask for damaged hair with burdock oil and egg
      • Moisturizing mask for dry hair with burdock oil and yogurt
      • Invigorating hair mask with cognac and burdock oil
      • Hair mask with burdock oil with laminating effect
      • Mask for luxurious shine and hair density with burdock oil and cocoa
      • Mask for the volumeMa with yeast and burdock oil
      • Mask for hair from dandruff with burdock oil and aloe
      • "Green" hair mask with burdock oil and nettles broth
      • How to wash your head after applying burdock mask
      • Expected result of using burdock oil inHair treatment
    • Video on the use of burdock oil

Burdock oil is available for sale at any pharmacy. Having spent a small amount of money and armed with new knowledge, gleaned from the article, you can significantly improve the condition of hair and give them a chic look. Beneficial effect of burdock oil on hair

Burm oil is a real storehouse of vitamins, proteins, flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids, essential oils, manganese, zinc, iron, mineral salts. It contains inulin, which increases the protective function of the skin and normalizes the fat balance. Masks with agrimony treat hair at the same time from the outside and from the inside, increase vitality, improve appearance and take care of the condition of the scalp. They promote blood circulation in the vessels, strengthen the roots.

Burdock oil is used for the following problems:

  • slow growth, hair loss;
  • dryness, irritation, itchy scalp;
  • dandruff, oily seborrhea;
  • fragile, damaged, split hair;
  • the initial stage of alopecia, alopecia.

With regular use of masks based on burdock oil, you are guaranteed to forget about similar problems.


Home hair masks with burdock oil - contraindications

Undeniable advantage of burdock oil is the absence of contraindications. An exception can be only a very rare individual intolerance. If you first decided to use burdock, test the skin for sensitivity. Apply oil on your wrist, if you do not notice an itch or redness for half an hour, boldly start to prepare the mask.

Home hair masks with burdock oil - application rules

The best effect is achieved with a long treatment course consisting of several procedures. In difficult and neglected cases, show patience and perseverance. The most optimal course is a month and a half of hair restoration, then a two-week break.

  • The effect of the burdock mask will increase many times, if it is heated, preferably in a water bath.
  • After that, you should use a plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel.
  • The mask can be left for several hours or overnight.
  • For normal and dry hair, the procedure can be applied two to three times weekly, for fatty - less often, three to four times a month.

By taking note of these rules, you can choose from the tested and the best recipes the one that suits you best, and your hair will become healthy, strong, beautiful and shiny.


Home hair masks with burdock oil

Burdock oil is used both without additional components, and in conjunction with all sorts of useful ingredients.

Hot hair mask with burdock oil

This is a simple but very effective and popular recipe.

  • Preheat the oil.
  • The amount of the product is calculated according to the length of the hair.
  • When applying, pay attention to tips and roots.
  • Cover the head with a towel.
  • It is recommended to keep at least one hour.

Treatment mask for hair with burdock and castor oils

  • Mix castor and burdock oil in equal volumes in a bowl, heat the resulting oil mixture, apply the entire length.
  • After three hours or more, rinse thoroughly.

The procedure moisturizes the scalp and hair, eliminates peeling, irritation and dandruff, strengthens the roots. The mask enhances the growth of hair, gives a magnificent volume to the hair.


"Arab" mask for alopecia and hair loss with burdock oil

  • Pour into the bowl two tablespoons of thistle oil, honey bees, lemon juice.
  • Preheat on a steam bath.
  • Slightly cool and add two egg yolks.
  • Stir and apply to the scalp, keep at least one hour.
  • It is recommended to apply the mask once a week for a month.

This is one of the most effective and effective recipes against baldness. The mask strengthens the roots, improves hair growth, has high nutritional properties.


Mask with mustard and burdock oil for greasy hair

  • Add two tablespoons of dry mustard oil to two tablespoons of burdock oil.
  • Use dry mustard powder, but not the finished mixture.
  • Add half a tablespoon of granulated sugar, one yolk, 30 ml of hot water.
  • Apply for half an hour.

Burning sensation provokes an increased flow of blood to the roots of the hair, which contributes to their strengthening. If the burning is severe, reduce the amount of mustard by the next procedure or add sour cream. The mask has a beneficial effect on oily hair, as it relieves excessive greasiness.


Vitamin Hair Mask with burdock and olive oil

  • Mix equal amount of burdock and olive oil, pour few drops of vitamins A and E( can be squeezed out of the capsule).
  • Preheat, apply to the skin and hair over the entire length.
  • Hold for more than an hour.

The mask can be used every other day. It strengthens the roots of hair, improves growth, gives volume and luxurious shine.


Hair mask with red pepper and burdock oil

Mask with good reason is recognized as one of the best.

  • To the warmed oil, add half a teaspoon of red ground pepper and egg yolk, mix, massaging gently into the scalp, and wrap it with a towel.
  • Keep from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Burning is a natural action of pepper, but if it is very strong, the hair needs to be washed and subsequently its amount is reduced by half. Red chili pepper improves blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles. The use of this method twice a week will allow a month later to stop hair loss. Pepper and mustard masks are useful to alternate. In the intervals should be done soothing kefir or sour cream mask.


mask for damaged hair with burdock and egg

If your hair is damaged perm, coloring or hair dryer, pay attention to this recipe.

  • Mix one egg, two tablespoons of warmed burdock oil, several grams of vitamins A and E.
  • Apply, wrap with a towel, hold for at least an hour.
  • During treatment it is recommended to avoid aggressive effects on the hair.


moisturizing mask for dry hair with burdock oil and yogurt

  • Mix equal amount of yogurt and warm burdock oil, pour in one egg yolk.
  • Apply to hair and scalp, tie a handkerchief, hold for several hours, then rinse.

This mask can be slightly varied.

  • The three tablespoons of yogurt, add a spoonful of burdock, olive oil, castor oil and an egg yolk.

The mask perfectly softens, moisturizes and strengthens the hair. Thanks to kefir, a protective film is formed on the hair, protecting the curls from desiccation and negative influences. It is not recommended to use for colored hair, since kefir has a bleaching ability.


Invigorating hair mask with cognac and burdock oil

  • Mix on a tablespoon of castor oil and burdock oil, add 60 grams of bee honey, a teaspoon of brewer's yeast, a teaspoon of cognac.
  • Heat on a steam bath, add two whipped egg whites.
  • Shake well.
  • Apply on hair, keep under a warm turbo for several hours.

You can apply twice per week. The mask speeds up hair growth, gives silky and healthy shine.


Hair Mask Burdock oil with the effect of lamination

  • 15 grams of gelatin dissolve a tablespoon of water, leave for half an hour for swelling.
  • Add a tablespoon of thistle.
  • In a water bath, wait until the gelatinous grains dissolve.
  • Wet your hair.
  • Dry the towel with excess moisture.
  • Apply the mask in a warm form along the entire length.
  • No need to rub into the scalp.
  • Wash off after an hour.

Curative effect of the mask is to gluing scales of the hair shaft, hair structure is sealed, thus achieving the effect of laminating the home, practically no inferior salonnoj procedure. This way you can heal the split ends without resorting to a haircut, which is an indisputable priority for those who grow the length and protect every inch.


Mask for luxurious gloss and hair density with burdock oil and cocoa

  • 50 grams of cocoa powder without additives and warm milk dilute to a consistency of sour cream.
  • If the hair is oily, replace the milk with water.
  • Add a tablespoon of thistle oil.
  • Apply in a warm state.
  • Wrap the turbo, after a few hours, wash it off.

Mask gives shine and shine to dark hair. It is not recommended to blondes, as cocoa can slightly paint blond hair.


Volume mask with yeast and burdock oil

  • 20 grams of yeast and warm milk and a teaspoon of honey dilute to the consistency of sour cream, put on for thirty minutes in heat.
  • Pour on the table spoon the butter of thistle and castor oil, mix.
  • Apply, wrap your head with a towel.
  • After an hour, you can wash it off.

The procedure adds volume to the hair, improves hair growth, prevents hair loss.


Mask for hair with dandruff burdock oil and aloe

  • In warm burdock oil, add half a tablespoon of aloe juice.
  • Distribute along the entire length, vigorously rubbing into the skin.
  • Wrap up, rinse after a few hours.
  • Juice can be used both home and pharmacy.

This procedure moisturizes the scalp, eliminates peeling and dandruff.


«green» hair mask with burdock and nettle broth

  • Two tablespoons of nettle leaves pour a glass of boiling water incomplete, let it brew.
  • After half an hour, strain.
  • In the herbal broth, add a couple of tablespoons of burdock oil.
  • Stir, apply on hair.
  • Bind the turban, after a few hours, wash it off.
  • Mask gives shine, silky, strengthens hair roots.

Alternatively, there is a burdock oil with nettle extract in pharmacies.


How to properly wash your hair after application of Burdock mask

Burdock oil, like any other, is very difficult to wash off. Sometimes it is not enough to wash your hair with shampoo several times, the greasy film remains. You can easily get rid of such difficulties if you know a special trick. However strange it may sound, you need to carefully distribute the shampoo on your hair before wetting them with water, then rinse. The procedure will ensure better adhesion of the oil to the detergent. You will see that in this way it will be much easier and faster.

Happy young woman wiping hair with towel

The expected result of the use of burdock oil in the treatment of hair

People who regularly use burdock, enthusiastically and gratefully respond on this method. Modern ready-made masks from the store often contain preservatives or have only a temporary cosmetic effect. Whereas patient recovery thistles really restores and strengthens the hair structure, takes care of the scalp.

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video about the benefits of burdock oil