Masks against hair loss at home

  • Jun 13, 2018

The female half of mankind is always concerned with something and most often the appearance becomes a matter of concern. One of the biggest problems for ladies of all age categories is hair loss. A shock of healthy, shiny hair is the object of many. Unfortunately, while the strands are too weak, you can not dream of a thick plait. It's time to think about how to protect curls from total perversion. Why not try to fix the problem with home hair masks against hair loss? In the article you will find the most interesting and effective ways of keeping a thick head of hair.


  • Hair loss - rate or a disaster?
  • How to make sure there is a problem
  • Benefits household masks against hair loss
  • declares war on pathological hair loss
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Hair loss is normal or catastrophic?

Hair in a person, regardless of gender and age, drops out every day. Doing this on anything is not necessary, because for each of us it is perf

ectly normal to lose from 60 to 150 hairs a day. The basis of the physiological process is the life cycle of the hair shaft, as well as the features of genetics, which at the birth of each of us determines the state of our hair and scalp.

If the number of fallen hair for 1 day is less than the normal rate, not to worry about it: in their place very soon there will be new hair shafts. Sometimes there is a short-term increase in hair loss. Typically, this happens after intense exposure to the scalp and the curls themselves( massage, creating an intricate hairdo, staining).After a while, the amount of hair lost for 1 day of hair will return to the previous indicator. It is also important to understand whether the hair falls out or just break in at any length of the length because of excessive dryness. If you look closely at such a hair, you can see that both its tips are thin and there is no bulb. This means that the rod just broke, and not fell out.


How to make sure there is a problem

How to understand whether your hair need an ambulance? Maybe everything goes on as usual and you do not need to worry about the hairs remaining on the hairbrush? There is a special test with which you can determine whether you need a mask against hair loss.

Take a good look at the fallen hair - the presence of a small dark bulb on one of his tips about the danger signals. But that is not all. To make sure there is a problem, do not wash your head for three days. Lightly pull your fingers on the locks on the temples or on the vertex. If more than 7 to 10 hairs remain in the hands, loss is not an empty phrase, but a disease requiring immediate treatment. If you drop less than 5 hairs, and at their tips you will see white seals( bulbs), you should not worry. This is how naturally the hair falls out in the process of replacement with new hair rods.


Benefits household masks against hair loss

Do not underestimate home cosmetology: personally made a mask for the face and hair are very effective. This will be confirmed by every woman who regularly takes care of herself with the help of natural remedies created in her kitchen.

Today in front of you - the widest arsenal of products that will render your beauty an invaluable service. Often the preparation of home masks is not expensive, besides, you can control the naturalness and freshness of the components used. Many women argue that experimenting at home is much more interesting than just buying another jar of cream in the store.

To achieve the desired effect, the mask should be done regularly, always observing the exposure time( exposure of the remedy on the hair) specified in the instructions. To strengthen the effect of the cosmetic composition, the head after the application of the mask needs to be warmed: cover the hair with a plastic wrap, and on top fix a warm towel, hat or woolen shawl. This trick will help all the pores of the scalp to open and absorb the maximum of useful substances. To remove the remedy, hair 1 - 2 times thoroughly washed with warm water with the addition of shampoo, which is usually used.

It happens that the prepared product does not work or clearly does not fit your hair. Do not be discouraged - instead prepare a mask from other foods. The method of trial errors always leads to success. You will see, very soon your beauty box will be replenished with effective masks against hair loss, which ideally suit you personally.

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We declare war on pathological hair loss

So, you are absolutely sure that your hair falls out in a much larger volume than it should be. Act immediately, if nothing is done, the scale of the problem will only increase with time.

Of course, ideally you need to find out the reason why the head of hear suddenly began to thin out. The problem will remain in one way or another until the provoking factor is eliminated. Hair loss can begin because of severe stress, a sudden hormonal outbreak in the body, poor nutrition - there are many reasons and everyone has their own. It's easiest to make an appointment with a trichologist - the expert will undoubtedly find the sources of trouble before you. But this will take time, which your suffering hair, alas, is not very much.

Until the doctor has issued a final verdict and has not prescribed a treatment regimen for you, act alone. All the factors that caused the problem, affect the curls in a similar way - weaken the hairs. That's why they fall out so easily and quickly! In your power to correct the situation by using masks to strengthen hair against falling out. At your disposal is a huge amount of funds that can increase the vitality of your curls and greatly reduce their loss.


Recipes for masks against hair loss

Recipe No. 1.

The mask is made from aloe. This plant is known as an excellent natural antiseptic, which acts on hair follicles strengtheningly. A large fleshy aloe leaf is grated on a grater to the state of gruel and add to the resulting mass 1 tsp of natural liquid honey. If you do not have aloe in your home, the juice of this plant, which can be found in any pharmacy, will suit the mask. The curative composition should be gently spread over the scalp and rub the hair roots. The duration of the mask is 40 minutes.


Recipe No. 2.

The onion mask for hair against hair loss is one of the most popular because it brings quick and positive results. Biologically active substances of onion juice stimulate the influx of large volumes of blood to the hair bulbs and activate the metabolism in this area, which helps strengthen the hair. Take 1 small onion head and grate it on a fine grater. Connect the caustic paste with 2 tbsp. L.Natural yogurt and 1 fresh chicken yolk. Apply the mask to the radical part of hair 60 minutes before washing your head.

Prescription No. 3.

If you have too sensitive scalp that does not tolerate the corrosive effects of onions and mustard, this mask is especially for you. Its main component is avocado. Exotic fruit has a very mild, gentle effect and simultaneously tones the scalp and hair follicles, saturating them with vitamins A, E, D and B6.Chop half a ripe avocado with a fork and add 1 tsp to it. Of natural honey. Evenly distribute the useful mass over the head to the very ends of the hair. The duration of the mask is 2 to 3 times a week for a month.

Photo of cutted avocado fruit on green glass table

Recipe No. 4.

In masks with burdock oil against hair loss, there is an army of female fans, as the remedy strengthens the hair, helping hair quickly recover after staining with persistent paint, perm or regular exposure to hot hair dryer. Recipes for masks for hair with burdock oil can not be considered, and we suggest you to prepare a fairly simple, but, undoubtedly, effective means for treating hair.2 tbsp. L.Add the medicinal burdock oil with 1 tsp. Cocoa powder and 2 fresh chicken yolks. The mixture should be applied to the entire length of the curls for 1 hour.


Recipe No. 5.

Visually strengthen hair and bring your hair in order to help you cosmetic blue clay. In natural matter, a large number of minerals and other nutrients, which are very much in need of hair prone to hair loss. Standard package of blue clay( sold at the pharmacy) is diluted with warm mineral water( for normal and oily hair) or with milk( for dry hair) to get pasty mass. Now divide the hair into proline so that the clay is more convenient to apply. Lightly circular movements massage your head and leave the mask for 40 minutes.

Recipe # 6.

A mask with mustard against hair loss will help even the most hopeless, at first glance, hair. A mustard agent activates blood circulation around the hair follicles, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients coming to the hair, necessary for strengthening and active growth. To prepare this mask, prepare olive oil( 1 tablespoon), fat cream( 1 tablespoon), mustard powder( 1 tsp) and butter( 1 tsp).Combine all the ingredients and thoroughly mix them to obtain a mass of a uniform consistency. A mask of mustard is applied only to unwashed hair. For the first time, the remedy is kept on the hair for about 10 minutes, the next time the procedure is increased by 5 to 10 minutes. To get maximum effect, the mask should be left on the curls for half an hour. Note that tolerable burning is a normal reaction of the scalp to a stimulus in the form of a mustard powder. When applying the mask, make sure that the product does not get into the eyes. If this does happen, immediately flush the affected eye with plenty of running water.


Recipe No. 7.

Grapefruit is known as an effective product for weight loss, but the splitting of fat is not the only useful property of fruit. On the basis of grapefruit prepare a mask against hair loss and for hair growth. Active ingredients in its juice not only normalize the blood flow in the area of ​​hair falling out, but will also trigger the awakening of so-called sleeping bulbs. As a result, the hair will not only stop falling out, but will start to grow faster. To prepare this mask, mix well in one container 1 tbsp. L.Burdock oil, 1 tsp. Natural honey and juice of one half of the grapefruit. Now you need to rub the mixture into the roots of the hair, and also cover the strands along the entire length."Forget" about the mask for 40 minutes.


Recipe No. 8.

A real vitamin bomb is called a mask with natural oils against hair loss. There are a huge number of recipes for healing oil masks for different types of hair and for solving various cosmetic problems. We will tell you how to prepare a universal mask from falling out, which will suit locks of any type. You will need to 1 - 2 tbsp. L.(Depending on the length of hair) burdock, almond, castor and camphor oil. They need to be mixed, heated a little on a water bath, and then add 1 capsule of a solution of retinol and an ampoule of vitamin B6 to this mixture. Apply the mask to the scalp, then distribute the oily liquid to the very ends of the hair and leave it for 1 hour. The course of treatment consists of 8 procedures.

Recipe No. 9.

Let's add a recipe for another fruit mix based on an exotic product to our list of hair loss masks. Take a very ripe fruit of kiwi, peel it from the peel and mash the flesh with a fork. Add 1 tsp to this slurry. Cognac and mix well. Apply the mask on the radical part of the hair, you can even massage the scalp for 5 to 7 minutes, so that the mixture is absorbed by the hair follicles. The duration of the mask is approximately 15 - 20 minutes.


Recipe No. 10.

According to reviews, effective masks against hair loss in no way inferior to a therapeutic shampoo, cooked at home. Minerals, vitamins and other useful substances in the composition strengthen the weakened hair, give them an extra tone and thereby prevent loss. To prepare 1 serving of shampoo, add in 1 tbsp. L.Regular strengthening shampoo 1 fresh chicken yolk and 2 tbsp. L.Lemon juice. Stir well the mixture. Apply the shampoo to the hair, massage the scalp intensively until the foam appears and leave it for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash your head, as you normally do. If your hair needs treatment, follow this procedure for a month whenever your hair becomes contaminated. Also, shampoo can be used for prophylactic purposes 2 - 3 times a month.

Best home mask against strong hair loss.