Women's fashion trousers. With what to wear blue pants

  • Jun 13, 2018

For the second season glossy magazines present a wide selection of trousers. Actual will be skinnies, and culottes, and trousers-boyfriends, and strict classics. A special place among the fresh trends is occupied by blue trousers. This catchy and unusual decision has fallen in love with many women of fashion, but requires caution in combination with other colors. In this article you can see a number of practical tips, with which you can mix blue trousers to create a unique image.


Fashionable women's blue pants - trends


  • High waistline: deliberate sexuality gives way to graceful elegance. In the new season, almost no fashion show was not without trousers of high planting. They are often decorated with decorative buttons in front.
  • For convenience, designers presented mo
    dels without zippers with an elastic rubber band from the rear, and the masses of the market accepted this idea with a bang. Such pants fit perfectly on any shape.
  • Skin is still fashionable - stores are full of various stitch trousers: expanding downwards or narrow with an ankle zipper, monophonic or with bright prints. Some skins sit almost like leggings.
  • Those who are tired of tight pants can try on topical culottes. Elegant flowing drapes and voluminous folds resembling a skirt will accentuate your femininity, while at the same time adding onion sharpness and originality.
  • Pants-boyfriends will be relevant in the new season. Baggy hips and narrowed down styles are 7/8 long giving your bow of rigor and independence or underline the fragile femininity - it's all about the combinations. With a sports jacket or a fashionable punk-style duck, they will fit into the androgynous style, and with a translucent blouse and elegant shoes - will be a contrasting detail to the elegant image.
  • Flared trousers could be seen on several autumn-winter shows in 2017. They refer to the 80's fashion and disco style. This trend can only be defined lightly, choosing models of dark shades and combining them with classics. You can also bring the idea to the extreme by selecting bright - mustard or blue options - fresh glossy magazines are rich in bright and contrasting color solutions.
  • Classic trousers will suit any wardrobe. Passed the time when direct tight pants were associated exclusively with office work and formal business style. Now they are often worn in everyday life, combining with color accessories, informal cardigans and blouses with vegetable print or lace.
  • Shabby jeans - another fashionable quote from the style of punk. When looking for trousers, our choice often stops exactly on jeans. Comfortable, stretching, nemnuschiesya and combined with almost everything that only is in the closet. In this season, jeans are slightly losing ground, giving way to more elegant models of trousers. However, they will not give up completely - they are so much a part of our life. Rubbed denim will be a great solution if you are tired of flying draperies and strict classics.
  • Combination of different silhouettes: wide pants look good with a tight shortened top, and skinnies - with a common top.

Fashionable women's blue pants

The bright blue color will give an image of cheerfulness, courage and positive. These pants can be suitable for both glamorous evening bow, and for the everyday image. Depending on the style, they can be part of the romantic style, sports wardrobe or nostalgic disco style of the 80s.

Which colors will give a good combination to the blue pants

  • Do not wear blue pants with other blue things, unless they were purchased in the kit. A slight difference in shades will make the image careless, and excessive brightness can lead to the edge of vulgarity.
  • Under the trendy blue pants in summer, the same fresh and contrasting colors are perfect. Cold shades of pink, emerald green, lime or mustard yellow - this palette will create a harmonious and memorable image.
  • Blue fits perfectly with white. If in doubt, with what to wear your fashionable purchase, wear a classic white shirt and sandals on the platform - the combination will definitely be a winning one.
  • In winter, bright and fresh colors are becoming less relevant, although the latest fashion shows autumn-winter are full of original combinations of bright colors. Urban fashion and even more admits the most unexpected combinations. Bright pants will look great with a cashmere long coat for plowing or a voluminous jumper of wine shades.
  • You should not combine bright blue pants with black leather demi-season jackets, only if it's not about jeans. It is better to choose a thin down jacket in a white-pink or brownish color scheme.
  • Do not forget to correctly position the accents. If your choice fell on gray-blue or light-blue pants, you can revive the image and add bright spots - accessories and small details in this will help. Glossy shoes, bags, jewelry or stoles in red tones will always look spectacular.
  • If your pants are bright in themselves, they should be balanced with more restrained things. However, too pale pastel shades do not fit - with them, trousers will over-tense attention to themselves. But gray, rich beige, burgundy or pure white - the right decisions.

Fashionable blue pants on the photo:


Bright summer banana trousers 7/8 long with a tropical print combined with a top-matched tone in tone and a gray-black kerchief with a fringe in the style of a boho. Supplement the image of inconspicuous beige sandals. This bright bow is diluted with a yellowish ornament on the trousers and on top, as well as a voluminous scarf. It uses muted shades of another palette - closer to gray, rather than sky-blue.


These can be fashionable trousers in winter 2017. Glossy texture and shine, as a reference to the retro style, is incredibly relevant. The designer decided to sharpen the image, adding a metallic jacket, muffling the screaming brightness of blue. We again see a combination with a gray palette and inconspicuous shades of body shades. To complete the elegant image, bright pink accents are arranged - a fur on a handbag and a jumper slightly peeking out from under the jacket.


This is a romantic image. Juicy turquoise trousers are perfectly combined with a beige glossy clutch in the tone of the shoe and a shiny white shirt.


Dark blue pants of culottes are less vivid, embodying elegance and femininity. In the photo, one of the trends of the new season is played - the sea theme. Elegant skirt pants are combined with a boyish top, stylized under a vest, a simple white bag and a playful brooch-flower as an accent.


Light blue wide trousers with high waist in retro style are combined with a simple truncated top and everyday clutch. This is a win-win option for those who appreciate minimalism and unusual silhouettes.


If among all the fashionable trousers for spring and autumn you still chose jeans, then this option is for you. Light blue jeans with decorative stripes in punk style are complemented by brutal boots with an open nose and a multilayer leather jacket. This image emphasizes freedom and independence. If the combination is too extreme for you, you can always play on contrasts. A simple leather jacket and a lacy blouse with similar jeans will have a much less radical effect.


You can not ignore the sporty style. Moreover, bright colors often come to street fashion from gyms. Sport has always been associated with active life, positive, healthy and juicy nuances. In the selection of a fashionable bow for a morning run you can be brave and not be afraid of combinations of different bright colors. Pale blue pants perfectly complemented with crimson sneakers.

Create your own style with blue pants

It is worth paying attention not only to what pants are trendy this season, but also on what is right for you. If you wanted to buy blue trousers just now, when choosing a shade, one should be guided not so much by things from your closet, as by your own hair color and shade of skin. The best things are hand-picked. If the colors of your clothes are harmoniously combined with your image, then in the most unexpected combinations they will give an invariably good image.