We make lip tincture on our own at home

  • Jun 13, 2018

Lip tint is a cosmetic product represented by a liquid or gel-like consistency. The product came from Asia. However, today it is known all over the world.

Includes nutrients, vitamins .Many products contain moisturizing ingredients, natural extracts, protective elements.

Applying a new tool, you can get not only an attractive lip shade, but also the ability to carry out grooming procedures for them.

How to make a lip tint with your own hands, excites most girls. The use of this tool has a number of features.

What are the advantages of the tint

Tint is an element of decorative cosmetics, which has a number of advantages over conventional lipsticks and glosses.

  • Excellent durability. Does not disappear after a meal, water procedures. In this regard, it can be applied in the sum
    mer, when you go to the beach.
Tinting with a brush Tint is easy to apply with any convenient tool
    • Excellent alternative to tattoo - a way to emphasize beauty is much cheaper and more practical. The drug can stay on your lips for 24 hours. As a result, it is possible to apply different shades, or if desired, do not use the product at all.
    • The product does not leave any marks on the dishes, glasses. The hue may be dim, or it may be brighter. The palette is quite diverse, so you can easily choose the desired color.
    • Tint tube is enough for four months.
    • The product looks beautiful on the lips.
    • A small bottle, it can easily be found in a cosmetic bag or bag.
    • You can make lip tincture with your own hands. In this way, it is possible to obtain both the desired shade and the necessary consistency.

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Before using tint, you should study some of the features of .

  • Many brands of products can dry their lips, for this reason, moisturizing lipstick should be used before using titanium.
  • The agent should be applied on smooth lips, otherwise cracks and various kinds of peeling will be noticeable.

Tint is absorbed instantly, so it must immediately be shaded

  • Some products have a specific odor.
  • Tint to remove water is difficult, for this you should use special means: milk, micellar water, a means for make-up.

What tint is the most popular

It is important to remember before buying this product, it is necessary to study the recommendations of those who already use this cosmetics.

listening to feedback from many customers, the best cosmetics are as follows:

From Tony Moly

facility has a jelly base that prevents dryness of lips. It is represented by 3 shades: red, orange, pink.

Tint for lips Tony Moli: pink cherry and red apple Tinta lip Tony Moly: pink cherry and red apple

Pros :

  • Great for beginners, if improperly applied, you can easily correct inaccuracies.
  • The liquid texture is perfectly distributed over the lips.
  • The low price of the facility.
  • The product has practically no smell and taste.

Cons :

  • The product lasts only 4 hours.
  • Can dry your lips a little.
  • It is not recommended to apply the product to damaged areas, otherwise the color will be very bright.
  • High consumption of the product. For this reason, it is uneconomical.

Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint

Amazing product that is of excellent quality. He pleases with a huge color palette, stability, holds up to 10 hours.

Pros :

  • stylish tube, by which to evaluate the hue even unscrewing the cap.
  • The shape of the tube repeats the contour of the lips, you do not need to draw them with a pencil beforehand.
  • Has a pleasant smell, which gradually disappears.
  • It is represented by a liquid texture, which allows to economically use the product.
  • The lips acquire a natural haze, which makes the makeup look great.
  • Skin does not dry out. Tint can be removed with a means for make-up, micellar water.

Disadvantages :

  • To get an even shade is necessary to put means several times.
  • The tint dries very quickly, which makes it difficult to apply it perfectly.

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint

means has a pleasant fruit flavor, comprises natural dry extract, which allows to make the skin groomed .It absorbs into the skin instantly, transmits a juicy natural shade. Keeps on the lips all day.

Lip tinctures from Holika Holika collection Tinta lip from the collection of Holika Holika

Is there a desire to remove TINT skin, have a little try. An important drawback of the product is its too liquid texture, in addition, during the application, stickiness is felt.

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Can I make TINT home

In order to understand how to make the TINT lip with his own hands, the components necessary to pick up correctly. The result should be a natural and persistent shade of .So that it does not have to be constantly corrected.

Please note that the preparation, prepared independently, consists of natural ingredients. For this reason, it will not overdry the skin of the lips of .

Make a tint at home really, the ingredients for its composition are readily available and can be purchased everywhere. To find the perfect shade, you will have to experiment a little .

There are several recipes for creating tint.

Recipe with PVA

To prepare the product in this way, PVA glue will be required. Its expiration date should be fresh. Also need to stock up on food coloring red.

Mixture of PVA glue with dye Mixture of PVA glue with dye

All the prepared components must be poured into the container, all thoroughly mixed. You need to wait a little, the tool should freeze .

Then it can be applied to the lips. Tint must dry, after which you can remove the film. In this way, the glue will be removed and the pigment will be preserved.

Nutrient mixture

This recipe requires food coloring in red. The basis of the product will be glycerin and cocoa butter .

How do TINT lip with his own hands, using this method :

  • For starters need to melt the glycerin and cocoa butter, the components ratio of one to one.
  • Then add the dye and mix thoroughly.
  • The resulting composition should be removed to a cool place before solidification.

Cocoa is responsible for the firm consistency of the product, glycerin moisturizes the lips, while the skin is protected against drying .

Natural components

You can make a tint without the addition of dyes, in this case they are replaced by natural means. Beet juice or chamomile tea acts as the coloring elements. Glycerin is also required for preparation of the preparation.

Method of preparation :

  • Glycerin must be melt in a water bath, it turns into a liquid consistency.
  • In warm glycerin, you need to pour in vegetable juice or karkade tea. The amount of dye is determined visually. As soon as the liquid turns red, juice can not be added.
  • The mixture should be mixed thoroughly, and poured into a container for further storage. The remedy should be removed to a cool place, as soon as it has solidified, it can be used.

In order for the product to last longer, it is necessary to sterilize the

storage container. With your hands, lip liner is easy to make, an unusual shade can be obtained from the beginning, but with time it will turn out to be the perfect one.

How to apply tint

It is important to remember that lips become natural and attractive, it is necessary to observe the technique of applying .Otherwise, you can mess up all the makeup.

Some tips for using the tint :

  • The product is applied to the lips, the skin of which is smooth. It should not peel off or climb. For this purpose, before applying, you should make a lip peel. For this, a special scrub is perfect.
  • If the shade of the medium is very saturated or pale, the color must be corrected. The agent should be melted again in a water bath, diluted with glycerin or pigment.
  • When applying it is necessary to adhere to the contour of the lips, otherwise the skin will also become colored.
  • Tint water can not be washed off to remove the product from the skin, you must prepare the cream, milk, cosmetic oil.
Girl with a wadded disk Removal of lip make-up must be done with the help of a quality
  • The product consists of nutrients, but does not need to be applied too much.
  • Tint should be placed in a cool place, this way it will be preserved for a longer time.
  • The product is allowed to be applied with both a finger and a clean brush.
  • In order to last longer for lip care, it is necessary to drip vitamin E.
  • The self-made product is in no way inferior to the purchased one.
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Tips and advice from cosmetologists

There are little tweaks when using tint. It is applied to the lips in many ways.

Depending on the result to be obtained, cosmetologists are advised to listen to the following recommendations of :

  • In order to emphasize the natural color of the lips or make it more bright, the product should be applied to the central part.

On the upper lip of the tinter should be present slightly more

After this, the agent must be evenly shaded with your fingers.

  • Lips are more voluminous if the tint is applied in two layers. The first of them contains 4 central points, on each lip are located on 2. The first layer must be shaded, then the second layer is applied to the entire surface, and then it also becomes shorter at an accelerated rate.
Feathering Feathering makes it possible to make the color uniform
  • To give the lips a saturated shade, tint should be applied to the entire surface, and shade means.
  • In order to beautifully emphasize the shape of the lips, you will need to acquire a tint-marker, and then apply the tool and shade.
  • To reduce the color saturation, use fingers when applying.

Only in time will it be possible to understand how to apply the tint correctly.

Make the lip remedy with your hands quite simple. As a result, it will become a favorite attribute of make-up, and lips will become natural and attractive.

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