Fashion Trends - Fall 2018

  • Jun 14, 2018

nurturing ideas, selecting fabrics and accessories, engaged in tailoring future collections, fashion designers define future fashion trends in 2018. Comfortable sportshik, bright 80s, ethno, "Babulin style" - a partial list of common trends that form the basis of a fashionable wardrobe of autumn.


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Among the major trends that according to fashion designers will be especially popular:

  • dresses, blouses and velvet trousers;
  • clothing with kulisks;
  • dresses made in scrappy technique;

Maybe that's why, using fur, Printed silk, metallic lace and taffeta, Karl Lage

rfeld inspired features art in the style of patchwork and quilting and adopting the Japanese, American, French motifs, created one of the largest and most complex collection of Fendi.



  • T-shirts with slogans;

Prints in the form of inscriptions have been a popular and timeless trend for many years. Someone from famous designers is content with just one word, and someone, like Carven does, prints whole texts on them. Topics of inscriptions are diverse - from puns to provocative attacks.


  • practical zippered sweats in a sporty style;

This is exactly what Lacoste and Chloé are offering for the autumn. Spacious svitshoty thick, dank day can warm up and thin neck, which can hook under a dress or suit or complement vest, jacket, cardigan, are especially popular in the autumn season 2018.


  • wide trousers with tucks;
  • trousers with stripes;
  • return to 80's fashion;

A pink boom, so you can characterize the general fascination with the shades of fuchsia. Interest in the bright color palette is a modern expression of interest in the fashion of the 80's.


  • frills on everywhere. Pants, skirts of skirts, collars, sleeves - everything is decorated with ruffles, flounces and frills;
  • volumetric sweaters with a striped pattern or folklore motifs.



Fashion Trends - Fall 2018 Fashion ideas outerwear

  • In Fall Fashion Trends 2018 coat will remain topical view of outerwear. Volumetric, reminiscent of its silhouette cocoons, as well as a direct free or A-shaped silhouette with large pockets and collars of asymmetric cut. Lovers of more elegant clothes will be able to choose for themselves the classic models of semi-adjacent silhouette and models with belts.


  • Caps, capes and ponchos made from quality wool and cashmere, so beloved by women of fashion, will be in trend in autumn 2018.
  • Pea jackets are another trend of the autumn, actively promoted by fashion designers. Tommy Hilfiger offers the idea Jacket, maximum corresponding uniformed sailors with scarlet piping and metal buttons, Phillip Lim jacket offers to modernize using lacing along the seams of creativity in all was Aleksandr Veng, combining the jacket with a bomber jacket. Sport lovers will be able to choose fashionable quilted coats, and casual style fans are asymmetrical coats with knitted sleeves and knee length or above the knee, sleeveless coat. Fashion trend continues to be the decoration of the coat with embroidery, leather and fur inserts, fringe, use of scrappy technique.


The autumn 2018 fashion offers outerwear in a variety of styles, each of which is served in a new way, allowing you to create your own individual style of clothing.

Fashion Trends - Fall 2018 Fall 2018 dress

Autumn - it's time to warm and comfortable dresses that emphasize the feminine. Fashion for individuality, established recently on the catwalks and in everyday life, allows designers to realize cardinally opposite ideas, including in dresses.

  • monochrome and brightness;
  • mini and maxi;
  • femininity and androgyny;
  • elegance and light touch of vulgarity.

These and other trends are embodied in fashionable dresses autumn 2018.



As always in the cold season, the fall of 2018 will be popular casual dresses from jersey. Mini dresses can be supplemented with dense pantyhose in tone, and long ones - with a corset, belt or volumetric collar made of textiles or fur.

The craze for velvet will continue, this is hinted at by fashion trends of autumn 2018 dresses. Already, velvet, having moved to street fashion, takes a confident position, and promises to gain a foothold in it for several seasons.



traditional pleating and ruffles on dresses will delight fashionistas who prefer romantic style. It remains only to choose a dress to taste with a classic or ultramodern filing of these elements.

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For a long time having registered in the evening wardrobe, dresses-combinations again rise to the peak of popularity, becoming a fashionable trend. Frank dresses in the linen style of lace fabrics and satin, embroidered sequins, decorated with ruffles, embroidery or feathers.


Fashion Trends - Fall 2018 fashion Tendetsii images for full

Fashion for the full autumn 2018 - it's feminine and at the same time comfortable outfits in dark colors, hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure naughty girls plus size. As before, the eclectic mixture of styles remains popular. Therefore, in almost any collection, you can find classic tight-fitting dresses and asymmetrical jackets in a futuristic style. Admirers of elegant style and style casual designers offer black dresses of a semi-adjacent and fitting silhouette to supplement with light coats of a free silhouette.


girls who prefer a more brutal style, designers offer combine tight dresses in dark colors with a biker jackets and leather jackets and shoes at a low move.


as everyday clothes are fashionable pantsuits, overalls and jeans combined with knitted cardigans and waistcoats.


As an evening dress for girls plus size designers also offer to choose dresses, combinations, length to the floor with a deep cut or deep decollete. Especially spectacularly look models of dresses in color nude. A long coat of loose silhouette and coarse shoes on a thick sole will not only complement the outfit, but will also emphasize its refinement and glamor.


Fashion Trends - Fall 2018 Children's Fashion 2018

In the world of fashion designers of the opinion that children deserve not only comfortable, but also stylish outfit, so the modern trends of children's fashion borrows heavily from the fashion for adults. Laconic drawings and styles, fabrics and accessories - everything is copied from fashion magazines for adults and is actively offered to young fashionable women or women of fashion.

One of the main requirements of the children's fashion is the use of natural fabrics. Children's fashion autumn 2018 - is primarily a cozy knitwear, velor, wool, denim and corduroy. Wearing clothes made of these materials, children will always feel comfortable. Using leather jackets and waistcoats, as well as tweed jackets will make children's outfits look top-notch.


Dress-cases and classic dresses with lush skirts remain popular in the wardrobe of small fashionistas. In addition, retro-style models are also present in the children's wardrobe and are represented by traditional dresses and an A-shaped silhouette.


Bright colors are another trend that invariably appears in the children's wardrobe. Dresses with cheerful colors and funny prints will especially taste the smallest mods. Designers actively use images of comics and cartoons in children's clothes, placing them on casual clothes.

Fashion trends - autumn 2018. Trends in fashionable shoes

As it is the shoes that make a woman a woman, the fashion trends of autumn 2018 shoes suggest to the fair sex to pay attention:

  • for ankle boots in gray and black with sharpNoses, which will perfectly complement the business suit.
  • for high boots and boots on a massive sole that can complement the coat and dress in a romantic style;
  • on boots, decorated with a print on the bootleg, it can resonate with a pattern of dress fabric, coat or play in contrast;
  • on boots that mimic male models.



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9d75a3497a55c13aa6a67d5f9acc2345 presented on Lamoda stylish and fashionable shoes for the autumn season of 2018 is practical and comfortable, offering fashionista models in urban chic style: ankle boots, sneakers, ropers and low boots.

ostromodnyh left shoes, imitating animalistic pattern shoes made of patent leather or vinyl, as well as classic models made of smooth leather and suede.

Practical fashion promotes in 2018 square heels, wedges and platforms, round or square socks, which is very important in the autumn period.




Fashionable shoes Aliekspress represented the most fashionable footwear collection autumn:

  • boots and ankle boots on the platform;
  • sports boots;
  • two-paced rubber boots;
  • short boots with wide bootleg;
  • leather and suede boots;
  • elegant heeled ankle boots.




Variety of fashion shoes in autumn 2018 will allow fashionistas to choose shoes to taste different shapes and styles. Tall boots can be combined with short dresses and shorts and short to wear with thick tights or trousers.

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Fashion trends in the fall of 2018. Fashion trends in the design of bags

Giants and Lilliputians - you can characterize bags in the fashion trends of autumn 2018. There are not many bags and therefore designers are happy to try, creating new models. Vintage reticule, bag-shoppers, tiny bags on the chain - everyone will be able to choose a stylish accessory for themselves.

Givenchy and Valentino offer tiny bags that serve as an ornament rather than a subject in which it is possible for something to wear.



complete contrast - the bulk bag by Céline and Balenciaga. The models made of leather and textiles are more like road bags than handbags. But they fit in so many places!



In contrast to the extravagant models look very elegant classic leather bags in vintage style by Fibi Filo. Recalling the 40-ies of the XX century, they look very stylish and modern.



But lovers of the traditional and functional handbags in the style c asual be able to find your perfect option.



Trends Fall 2018 fashion street

street fashion has a special place in the fashion world, being not less diverse than the podium collection. The street fashion of autumn 2018 will mainly be represented by several popular styles:

  • feminine-romantic: dresses and hats;
  • grunge: shirts and ragged jeans;
  • urban: narrow jeans, leggings, t-shirts with bright prints;
  • classic: trouser suits and elegant coats.

The main feature of street fashion 2o18 will be the absence of any rules in the combination of clothes, so everyone will be able to show their creativity, taste and style, boldly experimenting and combining, previously not combined.



Casual fashion Fall 2018 will consist of several elements that are widely popular in the fashion world for a long time:

  • long coats;
  • jeans-boyfriends;
  • of narrow leggings;
  • turtleneck;
  • tops;
  • sneakers;
  • high boots.
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    As a cyclical phenomenon, fashion is constantly returning, being modernized thanks to new details. Fashion weeks held in Milan, New York, Paris and London demonstrated how the fashion industry will develop further, what styles, fabrics, colors and styles will become relevant. Fashion autumn 2018 in the photo is a convenient opportunity to trace the development of the main trends throughout the year.







    overview of fashion trends autumn 2018 offers popular online stores

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    The absence of a strict dictatorship in modern fashion will allow every woman in the autumn of 2018 to choose clothes according to her taste, which will give an opportunity to feel fashionable, stylish and confident.

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