Wedding dress on Alyekspress. How to choose and buy a wedding dress on AliExpress

  • Jun 14, 2018

Dress is the central attribute of the image of the bride. Therefore, all the girls dream that it was stunning, radiant and unsurpassed. In this dress should meet all the fashionable requests, and besides be unique in its kind. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is buying an amazingly expensive wedding dress in a first-class wedding salon, or better - tailoring to order. But the era of Internet trading provides an opportunity to purchase the perfect outfit for a wedding celebration on the most popular trading platform Aliexpress and at the same time save significantly.


  • Aidexpress and wedding dresses
  • Wedding dresses for Alyekspress: real photos and reviews
  • Options for looking for a wedding dress on Alyekspress
    • Selection of the style of the wedding dress for Alyekspress
    • Size chart of wedding dresses for Alyekspress
    • Price range of wedding dresses for Alyekspress
  • Wedding dresses for Alyekspress. Stages of ordering
  • What to do if the wedding d
    ress with Aliexpress did not fit
  • Secrets to the successful purchase of a wedding dress on Alyexpress
  • Additional accessories for the image of the bride on Alyekspress
    • Veils and wedding veils for Alyekspress
    • Wedding gloves for Alyekspress
    • Wedding hats for Alyekspress
    • Rose petalsOn Aliexpress
    • Wedding bouquets at Aliexpress
    • Wedding jackets and boleros on Alyekspress
    • Bottoms on Alyekspress
    • Wedding umbrellas on Aliexpressss

Aliekspress and wedding dresses

Aliekspress leader among other shopping web portals as the depth of assortment groups, and the number of active orders. At the same time, the section with clothes is one of the most popular.

The page with wedding dresses can be found at this link or simply go from the section "Clothes for women" to the category "Wedding dresses".Here, besides wedding dresses, several other categories will be provided, for example, "Wedding accessories" or "Dresses for bridesmaids".

Perhaps the quality of Chinese dresses, at first glance, causes mistrust, especially because of low cost, but the popularity of this category of goods on Aliexpress encourages more brides to use the offers of Chinese vendors. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Affordable prices, especially compared to the sky-high cost of dresses in wedding shops or ateliers, where the price level is affected not by quality, but primarily by the payment of all employees, rent, individual tailoring.
  • A variety of styles and styles of wedding dresses, than not even the most elite boutique can not always boast.
  • Presentation of reviews for everyone. This allows you to really assess the quality of the goods, which was already in the use of customers.
  • Significant time savings when choosing a dress. To prepare for a wonderful wedding day, you do not have to go around all the shops all day in search of your perfect dress. All you need is to specify the desired search parameters, starting from the desired silhouette and ending with a suitable cost.
  • Money back guarantee in case of unsuccessful trade agreement with the seller or dishonest order execution.
  • Tailoring to order according to individual parameters.
  • A wide range of wedding accessories.


Wedding dresses for Alyexpress: real photos and reviews

Dishonest sellers who smartly make money on impressionable girls who gather under the crown are everywhere and Aliexpress is no exception. Fortunately, such representatives of the Chinese small business minority, but this does not mean that you need to relax.

The network has many reviews of women who regularly buy clothes for Alyexpress, and many of them once purchased there and wedding attire. Mostly women are satisfied with their profitable purchases, but there are exceptions.

In order not to "run into" a deceiver, women who ordered a wedding dress for Alyexpress and already have experience in such situations are advised to more scrupulously approach the choice of dress. To do this, there is a great tool - the rating of sellers. In addition, you should study reviews with real photos of women in dresses. So you objectively evaluate how it sits on an ordinary figure, rather than on a dummy or model.

For example, let's consider the lace dress Vnaix W3099 Luxruy worth 9,287 rubles. The seller simply excellent rating - 4 diamonds( 4,943 orders of them 96.8% with positive reviews).He has been on Aliexpress for more than 4 years, which automatically indicates his integrity.


Now let's see the testimonials of customers. The girl laid out the photo of the received order and it fully answers the description. In addition, you can see how the dress looks in real life.


If you have such reviews from your chosen dress, consider that the order will not disappoint you.

Options for searching for a wedding dress on Alyekspress

For a more comfortable viewing and choosing a wedding dress in the section, there is a special unit with search parameters that is placed on the left.

First you can choose the sleeve length:

  • Full sleeve.


  • Half sleeve.


  • Short sleeve.


  • Sleeveless.


  • Sleeve three-quarters.


Next, you need to decide on the dress length:

  • To the floor.


  • Below the knee.


  • To the ankles.

Up to the ankles

Another parameter that greatly simplifies the search is the cutout. It can be as follows:

  • Without a strap.

Without a strap

  • Straps.


  • High. Scalloped( toothed).


  • Deep round.


  • With V-neck.


  • Cutout of the boat.


There is also a search for the design of the back. Of the possible options is a fastener with buttons, zippers or lacing, or a low neckline without fasteners.

You can choose a dress by the type of material. The search engine offers more than 15 types of fabrics, among which there is silk, organza, satin, taffeta, chiffon with embroidery or beads and others.

If desired, you can sort the dresses by type of loop:

  • Without a loop.


  • Royal train( more than 2 m).


  • Flexible brush( length 5-10 cm).


  • Loop "For trial"( length from 50 to 90 cm).


  • Flex Cable For Chapel( up to 1.5 m).

For the chapel

You can also add dresses for pregnant ladies to the list of dresses you are viewing, or you can exclude this category from the search.

Choice of the style of the wedding dress on Alyekspress

Now you can proceed to the choice of the dress you are interested in. For this, a filter is provided, which splits all dresses into five types depending on the silhouette.

  • Silhouette "Beach" - exquisite, loose-falling dresses with lace inserts or without. Such models are not burdened with multi-layered podsjubnikami and rigid corsets. In such a dress the bride will feel at ease, and her movements will be light and not constrained.


  • Silhouette "Trapezium" - strict and feminine dress with notes of romanticism. This silhouette comes as long Greek styles with a train, and shortened mischievous options. Such dresses perfectly draw the waist and give grace to the bride.


  • Silhouette "Pouch" - straight, slightly flared down dresses, reminiscent of a case or a skirt-pencil. This style delicately emphasizes the ideal figure, and in the presence of a long cut - gives an image of playfulness.


  • Silhouette "Ball Gown" - magnificent splendor, a variety of cut-outs and an endless flight of fantasies when choosing drapery outfits. The ballroom provides the opportunity for each girl, at least once he finds himself in the role of Cinderella at the ball.


  • Silhouette "Overstated waist" - an impeccable option for creating an air image for women with a fragile waist, or an excellent masker for the growing bride tummy in an "interesting" position. This style is suitable for any shape and allows the bride to feel like a queen.


  • Silhouette "Mermaid" - gives the dress luxury, and the bride - femininity. This style is also called "goda", and it requires a first-class ceremony and a corresponding wedding scenario. This wedding dress with a long train on Alyekspress looks especially chic.


  • Silhouette of "Cascade"( short / long) - raznourovnevye skirts with the motives of the party. These dresses are very popular in Hollywood and are called "mullet".


Size chart of wedding dresses for Alyekspress

Measurement of individual measurements is the guarantee of the correctly chosen size. Most sellers have dimensional scales that correspond to US rostovka, but you can determine your size by the example in the table.


Most often it is required to measure the chest, hips and waist, and also indicate the full growth and growth from the shoulder to the floor. There are two suitable units of measurement - centimeters and inches.


In order not to be mistaken and correctly specify the sizes of dresses for Alyexpress, be sure to study the seller's requirements for the measurement of their circumferences.


The price range of wedding dresses for Alyekspress

The prices for wedding dresses for Alyekspress are very variable: from 900 to 300 000 rubles.

Among the cheapest models you can buy, for example, a mermaid dress only 960 rubles. Free delivery of the seller does not provide, so you will have to pay extra for transport costs of 250 rubles.


The average price category includes dresses costing from 2 to 80 thousand rubles. So, a dress for a real princess YiiYa can be ordered for less than 2.5 thousand rubles, while the seller offers a coupon for a 5% discount.

average price

If you are looking for expensive wedding dresses on Alyexpress, then the most elegant of them is Veatidos for 256 thousand rubles.


Wedding dresses for Alyekspress. Stages of ordering

To get the dress of your dreams, you need to successfully complete the order. You can do it this way:

  • Specify the parameters that are acceptable for you.
  • In the list provided, select the one that you liked.
  • Read reviews, evaluate the rating of the implementor, ask about the delivery method and return conditions.
  • Choose your size by following the instructions on the lot page. If you order an outfit for pregnant women, be sure to specify the abdominal circumference in accordance with a special scale.
  • Mark the color and quantity of ordered items.
  • Specify availability of discounts, promotions or coupons.
  • Click to buy.


  • Confirm the address of the recipient.


  • Check again the product information. Click on "Make a purchase" and make a payment.


And now you can expect the arrival of your dress.

What to do if the wedding dress with Aliexpress did not fit

It's impossible to foresee everything in advance, so sometimes there are various kinds of incidents: the size did not fit, then the style was not the one sent, or the dress got lost on the way. The solution to this dilemma will depend on the cause of your disappointment:

  • Wrong size, but before the wedding there is still time for .Until the confirmation of the parcel, your money is still in the Aliexpress system. If you want a dress of this particular style, you can try to negotiate with the seller about a possible replacement of the dress or compensation for the costs of services atelier. If the seller refuses to negotiate, open a dispute.
  • The size did not come yours, but the wedding should take place in a day or two .In such a situation, the return of the goods is impossible because of the lack of time. If the seller's guilt, boldly demand a return of money and leave a negative review. And you can try to change the dress.
  • Marriage. This is entirely the fault of the implementer, so feel free to demand compensation or replacement of the lot, if time permits.
  • Loss or delay in sending .If this trouble happens, there are two options: to extend the buyer's protection or open a dispute. What exactly to choose again depends on the time reserve before the wedding.

Wedding dress-through-online-shop-rating-75024-lorgue

Secrets of the successful purchase of a wedding dress on Alyexpress

To avoid getting caught by dishonest sellers when buying a dress and then not to spoil your mood on the eve of the wedding, you should take note of some rules:

  • Learn all the information about the seller and his product: rating, merits, durationStay on Aliexpress, negative comments. Even if the product has a lot of praise, give preference only to those who have attached photos.
  • Before ordering please inquire about prices and terms of delivery from other vendors with the same product. At once I want to note that too low cost in comparison with other offers may indicate a deception.
  • Better order a dress one size larger. After all, you will still carry it to the atelier, so that they put it in order, because at home you are unlikely to pat it and spread it after transportation. There, at the same time you will be driven by his figure.
  • Make an order with a margin about a month before the wedding. Anything can happen - delay, loss or return.


Additional accessories for the image of the bride on Alyekspress

To make the image of the bride one dress, of course, not enough. And then Aliexpress is not far behind fashion and offers a lot of modern accessories. You can find them here.

Veils and bridal veils for Aylexpress

Such an important attribute, like a veil, can be chosen in various executions. For example, a technique is available for embroidery with beads, with a pattern or appliqués. Also there are veils, crocheted and veils with decorative flowers. The choice includes both single-layer and multi-layered veils with different edging options, for example, with beads, lace or ribbon.


Wedding gloves on Aliexpress

The choice of gloves is made according to size, color palette and material type. Here you can buy this important accessory from lycra, lace, cashmere and other materials. There are many varieties of decoration: stones, paillettes, beads, lace appliqués.


Wedding hats on Alyekspress

In this section there are not only hats, but also diadems, crowns, hairpins, wreaths and other headgear. The range of materials from which products are made, is limitless: feathers, stones, fabric and leather colors, beads, various metals, including silver and other.


Rose petals on Aliexpress

This accessory is often used for decorating rooms where a wedding ceremony will be held. On Aliexpress you can pick up inexpensive, but very bright and believable petals made of various types of fabric, for example, silk, spandex, cotton. The site provides the entire palette of colors, while the petals can be either monophonic or multicolored.


Wedding bouquets at Aliexpress

Fashion for bouquets of artificial flowers is now at the peak of popularity. After all, it is very convenient - the bouquet will not fade, it does not need care and it can be left to memory. At Aliekspress bouquets are made in different styles, so there is an option for any wedding theme. Flowers and plants in a bouquet of hand-made and made of ribbons, textiles, paper.


Wedding jackets and boleros on Aliexpress

An addition in the form of boleros always gives the image the focus of completeness. For the warm season, there are models of guipure, silk, acrylic, and for colds suit jacket or cape of fur, cashmere or wool. The model is selected in accordance with the dimensional table.


Lower skirts for Alyekspress

You can order multi-layered skirts or rings to give the dress a splendor.


Wedding umbrellas at Aliexpress

Umbrellas and fans are great for romantic brides, and also intensely enliven the photo session. There are multi-colored umbrellas made of lace, polyester or feathers on Alyekspress.


Aliexpress will help you to become the owner of the most amazing wedding dress. And your wedding let it become a real embodiment of the cherished dream.