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  • Jun 14, 2018

Shopping through the Internet has a lot of advantages over the real shopping trips. However, every time "hovering" in front of the computer, you can often catch yourself thinking that virtual shopping is deprived of the most important thing - live communication with the seller. The human factor is a real engine of trade, and in some cases also a guarantee that you will not be deceived. To protect yourself from dishonest people and not spoil the good impression of online stores, you simply need to know that successful shopping does not begin with choosing the right thing for you, but with the search for a reliable person who will sell this thing to you!


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Video How to find a good seller on Aliekspress

Before we proceed to

search for the most reliable supplier, let's define what it is - a good salesman? A good seller is a conscientious seller: he will send you exactly the thing that you have chosen, and the product will exactly match the description on the site. A good seller is a decent and honest seller: he will certainly refund your money if an error occurs or the parcel is lost upon delivery.

It is worth acknowledging that the leadership of the global trading platform is very serious about preliminary verification of suppliers. Nevertheless, the sellers at Alyekspress are different, and you need to find a qualified supplier, which will be pleasant and convenient to cooperate with.

Let's find out how to choose a good seller on the Chinese marketplace Alyexpress.

studying the information relating to your product, be sure to pay attention not only on its value but also on the information about the person who sells the thing. Information about the supplier contains each page - the data is to the right of the goods. Here you will find the name of the seller or the name of the store, rating points( reputation) and the ratio of good reviews to their total number in percentage. For you, above all, such an indicator as reputation is important. It is available to every seller on Alyexpress - it is represented in the form of crowns( from 20,000 points), diamonds( from 500 to 19999 points) or medals( up to 499 points).For each successful transaction, the sender of the goods receives positive feedback from satisfied customers in the form of points that determine his place in the line of successful sellers. Please note that the seller's rating on Aliexpress has many features. So, it is best to cooperate with a person who:

  • has a reputation, expressed by crowns;
  • made many successful transactions( more than 20,000 sent parcels);
  • has been working in the virtual market for a long time;
  • cherishes its customers - it comes into contact with them.

From cooperation with the sellers, who have a graphic image of the reputation of a steel medal, it is better to refrain.


What you need to know about a seller on Aliekspress

Learning page relevant to your product on - data posted after the store's rating of good customer reviews as a percentage. The more impressive the rating of the supplier, the more he has feedback. However, this indicator is characterized only by his experience and sales level. But about the quality of the seller will tell another indicator - the percentage of good reviews. If you want to make purchases on the Internet without a hitch, choose suppliers for cooperation with a positive response rate of 96%.Remember that the reliability of the seller to Aliexpress is determined by a high percentage of feedback and high ratings. However, try to never lose your vigilance: think, is it worth risking and cooperating with a supplier who has 100% positive feedback, but there are a little more than ten?


To get more information about the supplier, do not be lazy to visit the feedback page of the store. To do this, click on the "Feedback" link. There you will see the seller's average rating, which can be used to judge whether the product meets the description, how the supplier is communicative and how soon the goods are delivered. Also, you can see if the percentage of feedback for the past year has changed for the worse or better. In addition, positive and negative feedback will tell you a lot of interesting things about the store you are interested in. On such specific parameters of work it is quite possible to understand with whom it is necessary to deal. Reading the reviews, try not to lose judgment and be impartial. For example, it is not uncommon for customers to negatively assess the purchased goods, while the supplier has fulfilled its obligations honestly and on time. That's why you should definitely study reviews about the product that you are interested in. If this thing has been on the market for a long time, then it definitely has plenty of feedback so that you can understand whether you need this particular model or better to look yourself for something else.


On the website of Aliexpress you can easily enter into correspondence with a representative of the store. Write and send a message you can by clicking the "Contacts" button on the vendor's page or using the TradeManager program. Do not give up the opportunity to get objective photos of the product you are interested in, clarify the availability of the right size or discuss the characteristics of this or that technique. The responsible seller will provide you with this information on demand. We do not doubt, that you will trust without problems reaching people who have good ratings.


Cooperation with the supplier will become even more enjoyable when you learn about the possibility of free delivery to your country.


How to be sure of the reliability of the seller to Aliexpress

For such not uninteresting buyers as you, there are special forums - there regular users provide links to the verified sellers of Aliexpress, after cooperation with which there were only positive emotions. This information is likely to become a real find for you, especially if you have looked after the desired item in a store that has recently registered on the site. In such cases, the supplier simply did not have time to earn a rating, according to which one could judge about its responsibility and reliability.


For your convenience, there are also specialized programs with which you can check the seller for Aliexpress. This is the "Aliexpress Handbook" and "Buy Risk Level".To get the information you need, simply enter a link in the special field to the vendor or the product that you plan to purchase.


Moreover, in the network you can find top ratings of sellers on Alyekspress. For example, the site Alimonitor is engaged in what unites the feedback of the users of Aliexpress, which they leave on forums, callers, blogs and social networks, into a common base, and then makes the Top 10 best sellers for Aliexpress. The rating of suppliers is formed automatically after each update of the feedback database, while the rating of the seller in the database of Alimonitor for the last 10 - 12 months and its reputation for Aliexpress play an important role. The most interesting is that the rating of Alimonitor is more objective compared to the ratings for Aliexpress, as the suppliers with impressive official ratings, but negative "live" reviews of customers that Alimonitor found on the network, simply do not fall into his list. Only suppliers with reviews on Alimonitor in the amount of more than three, with a high rating on Alyexpress( more than 98%) and numerous successful transactions( more than 100) can claim to participate.

What is a coupon from the seller to Aliexpress

An additional advantage to the image of a good supplier can be the opportunity to take advantage of the coupon from the seller to Aliexpress. The use of coupons is the most popular way to get a discount and buy goods cheaper. At Aliexpress you can get 2 kinds of coupons. The first kind of coupons, the so-called Seller Coupon, is provided by the supplier, the second kind, by AliExpress Coupon - site administration. The terms of application of coupons from the seller is determined by the supplier himself in his store. Most often, such a condition is the purchase of goods for a certain amount. For example, a coupon for a discount of $ 5 starts to "work" when ordering from $ 50.All shares of the supplier can be found on the order page. To become a member of a particular promotion, click on the "Get Coupon" link. After this, when making another purchase from this seller, you have the right to use the coupon. Coupons can be used by purchasing one or more products from one supplier. Be sure to specify how long it is possible to make purchases with coupons, since their validity period is limited.


To eventually "sweep" the eye and easily find the best sellers for Alyexpress, the buyer needs to be attentive and curious. Practice shows that this is the only way to protect yourself and your wallet from unscrupulous suppliers. We wish you a successful shopping!

How to choose a seller for Aliexpress.