Cashback to Aliexpress. How to get cashback on Aliexpress. How to use Cashback on Aliexpress

  • Jun 14, 2018

Competing in today's online market is so high that large Internet resources provide its customers all kinds of coupons and promotional offers tempting just to push the client to the next purchase. Among the large online stores such as AliEkspress, popular system return a percentage of the order value, the so-called cashback( cashback).Therefore, many are interested in the question of how such a system works and how to save money on AliExpress with cashback.

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  • What does the concept of cashback on Aliexpress mean?
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    • Service cashback Sashback AliExpress
    • plugin cashback EPN AliExpress cashBack
    • Appendix AliEkspress Cashback for Android
  • shopping rules AliEkspress with Cash Back Cash Back
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What does the concept of cashback on Aliexpress mean?

The word "cashback" in translation means "money back."The meaning of this process lies in

the fact that the affiliate program offers you a refund of a small portion of the money paid for purchases on AliExpress. But in this case the price of the purchased product does not change, as when using discounts or coupons. The buyer simply has a specific percentage of cash to encourage the following purchases. If you look at this scheme in more detail, it turns out that the trading floor actually gives you a portion of the earned money that it received for providing a place to trade to a certain seller. Such a marketing move creates a benefit for both sides of the bargain: the buyer partially compensates for the spending on the purchase, and the implementor increases the turnover. The biggest cashback on AliExpress( about 15%) can be obtained using holiday promotional codes.

For those who regularly bought up on AliEkspress or engaged in small business, reselling Chinese goods, cashback is an additional source of income. On average, you can get from 7 to 10% of the money spent. Of course, if you use the services of this trading platform very rarely, even a cashback of 10 percent on AliExpress is unlikely to bring you much profit. Although a one-time purchase can be a pleasant surprise if you use a festive cashback and a seasonal discount at the same time.

In order to evaluate the positive aspects of the AliExpress cashback program, it is first of all necessary to understand all the nuances of the return of funds for the purchase of Chinese goods. In order to avoid minor misunderstandings, the whole process is controlled by special software applications that monitor the total number of buyers and sellers. And the partner sites of AliExpress provide a guarantee of all transactions made.

I would also like to note that the cashback service on AliEkspress does not charge for registration, does not impose additional services, and does not put in front of customers forced choice in favor of certain vendors. If you impose any of the above actions, you are dealing with scammers.

Stack of 500 euro banknotes with red ribbon

How to get a cashback on Alyexpress?

There are many online services that provide a cashback. Most of them offer a return of the smallest part of the purchase price - 2-5%.At the same time, the minimum amount that is available to the conclusion, as well as the transfer commission, sometimes leaves all the hunt for cooperation with such services. According to most of the regular customers of the trading platform, the most reliable and profitable for the buyers is the service partner AliExpress - EPN AliExpress cashback.

Service cashback Sashback AliExpress

This service has very important advantages which distinguish it favorably compared to other programs:

  1. Cashback on AliExpress is available in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world.
  2. The cashback bet is between 7 and 15%.This is the highest percentage of purchases that can be found among such programs.
  3. Also do not forget that the promotion of AliExpress cashback in its social profiles or between friends also brings an additional passive percentage. Such encouragement is especially important for buyers who are interested in how to make more money with cashback with Aliexpress.
  4. To get your legitimate cashback, there is no need to wait a few weeks or bring the amount of interest collected to a couple of tens of dollars. Payments are made daily, and the minimum amount for the withdrawal is only 20 cents.
  5. Service does not charge a commission for withdrawing money.

This affiliate program is very easy to use. After all, if the service was complicated in the work, he would hardly have enjoyed such popularity. So, how does the cashback work on AliExpress.

First you need to register on the site To do this, you need to enter the current a-mail, and set the password. Then you need to click on the link from the activation letter and confirm the registration.


Now you can fully use this service. For the convenience of users, the site provides the opportunity to make purchases in two ways:

  • Choose an online store for AliExpress. Click on the red pictogram labeled "Go to the store."Now make an order and pay the purchase. After a successful trade transaction, you will be credited with a cashback.


  • Open the page with the lot you are going to order and copy the link from the command line. Now visit the AliExpress Cashback page, insert the link into the appropriate box and confirm the action by clicking on the "Buy with a cacheback" button. After completing the transaction, you will be credited with the cashback.


If you have any difficulties and you do not know how to use the cashback on Aliexpress, detailed instructions for new users are available on the official website of In extreme cases, you can contact technical support.


Plugin Cash Back EPN AliExpress cashBack

As practice shows, it is very expensive to go to your account regularly or to "kill" time for copying links. To save time and nerves EPN AliExpress makes it possible to install a specially developed plug-in for most popular browsers.

How to buy on AliExpress with a cashback using the plugin EPN:

  • Download the licensed version of ePN CashBack Plugin and install it.
  • After the installation is complete, an icon of the cacheback plugin appears in the top-right corner of the browser window. By clicking on it, be sure to log in to the system.
  • Now you can safely go on virtual shopping. The plugin will report the possibility of receiving a cashback and its size.
  • After clicking "Go to buy", 7% of the cashback will be credited to your account in your account. You need to make an order through the plug-in, otherwise the funds will not go to your balance.


During the period of seasonal promotions, they often give out special promotional codes to get the maximum cashback to Aliexpress. They are freely available and do not provide for separate payment. To get a cashback of 10 or 15%, simply enter a combination of letters and numbers from the promotional code into a special form.

Promotional code-August-2016

Application AliExpress cashBack for Android

According to statistics, almost half of all purchases on the global network occur with the help of modern gadgets. Given this fact, the cashback system has also become available for users of smartphones and tablets. Now, in addition to discounts on products through the application, which sometimes reach up to 30%, added and cashback. To get a double benefit, you need a smartphone, Internet access and a few minutes to install the plug-in.

How to get a cashback on AliExpress via the application:

  • First of all you need to install a mobile application( only official!).It should be suitable for your phone model.
  • Then you just need to choose the product you like and place your order with the installed plug-in. To do this, click "Continue( go to shopping)".
  • If you hover your mouse over the inscription "Price in the application", a QR code will appear that will scan the AliExpress application. After reloading the page, the plug-in will show prices with a discount.
  • After that you need to make a purchase of the selected lot. The size of the cashback and detailed information on all orders can be found in the "Statistics" section.


shopping rules AliEkspress with cashback

Before you get cashback on Aliekspress with a phone or computer you need to take into account all the nuances of this service:

  1. Shopping on AliEkspress, especially if the product is already "in the basket", it is better not to open the extra tabs and "do not walk"On other sites. Such measures are necessary to not lose a page with fixed cookies.
  2. For cashback to be credited, you need to conduct a purchase in the browser session, that is, within 30 minutes. In this case, you can not close the page with the selected lot and leave the office of AliExpress cashBack. Otherwise, the cookie will be lost, and the cashback will not arrive at the balance.
  3. On the device used for purchases, programs for blocking advertising, for example, AdBlock, must be disabled. Also, in the browser and antivirus settings, there must be access to set the cookie.
  4. To make a payment immediately, and not after a couple of dozen days, you need to confirm receipt of the order in the office on AliExpress.


Output of cashback Aliexpress to your account

To withdraw money as easily as to return the cashback to AliExpress:

  • You need to open the "Payments" tab.
  • Click Add a wallet. You can withdraw funds from Yandex. Money, QIVI Wallet, Webmoney or mobile operator card( Beeline, MTS, Megaphone).After filling in the box, you need to confirm the data by clicking on the "Add" icon.
  • When the balance is more than 20 cents, the available section "Order payment" is available. You need to choose a purse and enter the amount you need to withdraw.
  • In the "Payment history" section you can determine the status of the withdrawal request.


The service AliExpress is easy to use and accessible to all users. In addition, he does his job well, and is known for his impeccable reputation. Therefore, for regular customers of Chinese goods there is definitely a benefit from using such a discount program. So, why not use it.

How to get a cashback on AliExpress.