Fashion Bags 2017

  • Jun 14, 2018

Many women will agree that leaving the house without a bag in most cases is not worth it. This important accessory is a true companion of any woman, it stores many necessary trifles and women's secrets, moreover, it harmoniously complements its appearance. To create a variety of stylish images, you should familiarize yourself with the fashion trends, having studied the information which bags will be fashionable in 2017.


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Fashion bags 2017: the features of the choice

Psychologists say that it is not difficult t

o get information about the nature of a woman, having become acquainted with the appearance and contents of her bag, which can tell a lot about her mistress. Thus, the choice of this accessory should be given due attention in order to implement it carefully and consciously. Stylists say that bags, like shoes, do not happen too much. And with this you can hardly argue, because it is very convenient to have a choice of at least several bags for different situations - for every day, for work, as well as for evening walks, meetings and parties.

In addition, you may also need a bag over your shoulder or on wheels for travel and business trips, as well as a spacious bag for shopping. In each subsequent season, designers offer us new models of bags, as well as well-forgotten old ones with the addition of new modern parts. fashionable women's handbags have special requirements - it is necessary that this beautiful and stylish accessory is also characterized by a certain capacity, functionality and practicality. Often, in addition to a mobile phone and items from the arsenal of female beauty( for example, lipstick, mirror, comb), a lot of other necessary things are needed in the bag, sometimes quite large.

Currently available for sale is a wide range of bags of various colors, shapes and textures. Fashion designers are unlikely to be able to unequivocally answer which shade of fashion bags 2017 should be preferred. Nevertheless, the stylists recommend for each woman to have in her wardrobe at least one basic thing in the form of a high-quality classic bag of neutral color( universal black, white for summer, and also in shades of beige, gray and brown).Such bags look respectable, fit to clothes of different styles and are appropriate in many situations. In addition, it is also easy to choose more bright and catchy, original, funny or romantic accessories for every taste. A huge number of such products are on sale. Depending on the situation, personal taste and preferences, they can be used to compose various fashionable and creative images.

Varieties of fashion bags 2017

The list of fashion trends of 2017 includes bags of various, including very original forms.

Among them are the following types of products:

  • hobo - capacious( "dimensionless") bag in the form of a crescent with a wide belt of adjustable length;
  • duffle - sports model, which is a shoulder bag of an elongated form;
  • bag weekender - resembles a duffle, but is equipped with wheels for easy movement, and a retractable handle;
  • messenger - a spacious bag with long straps( it is also called a postman's bag);
  • clutch - a miniature handbag of flat shape, optimally combined with evening wear;
  • Setchel is a capacious bag that resembles a school bag;
  • baguette - a model of oblong and round shape, which resembles a French loaf, with one handle;
  • Tote - a roomy and practical bag with an open top and double handles;
  • cigar box - model in the form of a rigid box;
  • poset - a miniature bag of flat form with a long thin strap or with a short handle that looks like a cosmetic bag.

Fashion Handbags 2017: main trends

Currently, the fashion shows you can watch bags of various shapes and sizes. Some models differ in non-standard form, as well as unusual accessories. Modern bags are not only products for placing and carrying with themselves various items that you want to have on hand, but also a means of self-expression. To look modern and stylish enough, it is necessary to get acquainted with the fashion trends of bags 2017.

Earlier we repeatedly heard that the bag should be selected in such a way that its color coincided with shades of shoes. Many women when choosing accessories take into account these requirements at the subconscious level. Currently, designers recommend abandoning obsolete stereotypes. In modern conditions, the possibilities for combining accessories have significantly expanded - in order to create a truly relevant image, when choosing a fashionable bag 2017, you do not need to adhere to a single color scheme with clothes and shoes. It is offered to show the imagination - the handbag can not coincide with them on color, and even have a contrasting shade. At the same time this accessory can make up a perfectly harmonious combination with patterns and prints of clothes, makeup or manicure details, as well as ornaments, or act as a self-sufficient bright accent in the image of a woman.

Fashionable bags 2017 in tone of attire

In the latest fashion collections the following tendency is traced: the bags exactly repeat the basic colors and patterns of the outfits, i.e. Appear in tone to the image as a whole. Often, when they are sewn, the same fabric texture is used.


Fashionable bags of the winter of 2017 in the form of fur, quilted and blown models were added to the list of actual trends.

Fashionable bags 2017: classic and retro-style

In the fashion collections of 2017 you can observe a significant number of miniature handbags and products of medium size, rectangular shape or in the form of a trapezoid, with short or elongated thin handles( includingIn the form of chains), mostly of low-key color. Restrained luxury of these models of bags perfectly matches with the orders of various styles.


For a wide range of consumers as everyday models of fashion bags of the summer of 2017, it is increasingly proposed to pick up bags of bright colors, with intricate prints and a fascinating look vintage design.


can observe a significant number of models, supplemented by the details in the form of belts and chains, as well as eye-catching decor( eg, embroidered with flowers, beads or sequins handbag).

To fashionable bags of autumn 2017 you can include products of all kinds of shapes in brown-orange colors, shades of gray, blue, purple or green, and bright sensual colors - you will not lose if you buy, for example, a bag of saturated red, Intense yellow or golden in color.


Models with imitation leather of reptiles come back to fashion - designers suggest combining them with business suits and clothes in office style. In addition, you should pay attention to the so-called bag postman with a strap to be worn over the head - similar models with laconic rectangular or rounded shape made of leather or a substitute for quality, do not lose in 2017 its popularity.

girls who prefer casual style clothing, military or sport, suit bags, belts - these models will make a fashionable image of a special flair.

Fashionable bags 2017: volumetric models

Will be able to choose for themselves a fashionable bag 2017 and lovers of roomy models. The cases and bag-cases of considerable volume are popular. Designers offer us to wear comfortable and practical backpacks, as well as bag-bags.


Given the variety of models presented, you can choose a similar bag for almost any taste and for women of any age.

Evening fashion handbags 2017

For the evening exit, the fashionable bags 2017 in the form of clutches are ideal - these models are increasingly reminiscent of small works of art. It's easy to pick clutches with bizarre shapes and texture. Actual is a bright decor - all sorts of inlaid strasses, embroidery, decoration in the form of chains, original accessories.

How to choose fashionable handbag 2017: material manufacturing

Depending on personal preference, you can choose the fashion bags, made from different materials - genuine leather, high quality synthetic leather and polyester, textiles, etc.

When selecting fashionable bags 2017 should take into account the following points:

  • leather differs resistant to moisture and air permeability, allowing frost to keep the heat inside the bag. Leather products are characterized by durability and a presentable appearance, as well as considerable cost. It should be noted that this material may not be too strong and needs regular care - in case of its absence, the natural skin often loses its appearance and deforms under the influence of external influences;
  • artificial leather is characterized by a lower price compared to a natural analogue. This material provides ample opportunities for the manufacture of bags of various shapes, colors and textures. Artificial leather is less durable than natural, its surface is prone to abrasion. This material does not always tolerate temperature changes. Bags from not too high-quality leatherette quickly wear out;
  • textiles as a material for making bags allows you to implement various creative design ideas. Bags of textiles are of low weight and low price. Nylon does not stretch and is resistant to temperature changes. As drawbacks of bags made of textiles, it should be noted that this material is characterized by low strength. Polyester does not tolerate the effects of high temperatures, nylon - burns in the sun and can crack on the folds of the product.

How to choose fashionable handbag 2017: Tips

Choosing fashionable bags 2017, it is useful to take into account individual data of its future owner - height and body type. Even the most fashionable bag, if it is uncomfortable or does not fit the figure, you are unlikely to wear it with pleasure. When choosing a fashionable bag 2017, you should think about what part of the body you want to emphasize with it - in the future it will be necessary to wear it at this level. It is worth considering that a bag on a short strap, placed at the chest level, draws attention to it and visually increases it. If you do not have such a need, it is worth choosing a model with elongated handles. In addition, you should take care of the convenience of the product - too short handles are not always convenient, if you are in the habit of carrying a bag on your shoulder, and walking may cause discomfort.

When choosing, it is also necessary to take into account the following tips of stylists:

  • high and thin girls pay attention to the model of bags of rounded shape;
  • in the presence of a large physique should be preferred product of a rectangular or square shape. It is worth considering that a miniature handbag can inadvertently emphasize the fullness of its mistress;
  • a short girl is unlikely to harmoniously look with a bag.


Do not be too zealous to pursue fashion - experience shows that trendy models are not always convenient and practical. Volumetric fashion bags 2017 are very roomy - however, these models are often too cumbersome, not always in them you can quickly find the right thing. You should take into account the time of the year in which you are going to carry the bag - for example, by the summer you can buy a product made of light textile, in the winter - from denser materials, with fur trim. In any situation, you can hope for a bag of classic style - a low-key classic never goes out of style. It is worth paying attention to the decorative finish - beads and feathers are unlikely to look good in the winter season, besides this kind of decor is not longevity.

Thanks to a wide range of presented bags, in modern conditions to choose the most suitable model in the desired style is easy. Such a bag will favorably shade the fashion image of its owner and will emphasize its impeccable taste.

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