Fur hats - a fashionable winter

  • Jun 14, 2018

Before the onset of cold weather, you always need to think over your winter wardrobe to the smallest detail. For girls, the choice of a headdress is especially difficult, because it must be both warm and beautiful.


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    • Other accessories and clothing
  • How to choose a fur hat?
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Fashion fur hats


This winter fashion fur Women's hats are considered fur:

  • mink;
  • fox;
  • raccoon;
  • foxes;
  • rabbit;
  • of the wolf;
  • doodle;
  • mouton;
  • sable;
  • seals;
  • ermine.

Trendy trends will be gray, brown, beige and white fur hats, as well as various combinations of colors and prints. Of course, do not forget about the materials and colors of outerwear and other accessories, since the hat should be in harmony with the whol

e image as a whole.

Models fur hats


This season pleases also a lot of models of winter hats entirely of fur:

  • hood;
  • cap with a visor;
  • takes;
  • pilot;
  • carting;
  • turban;
  • turret;
  • hat;
  • Boyarka;
  • of the kubank;
  • the fur cap;
  • bell;
  • is round;
  • cylindrical;
  • with pom-poms;
  • with ears;
  • in the form of a hood;
  • fur scarf.

More simple are options for knitted hats, which can be changed every year and even more often. But models of winter hats with a fur pom-pom also remain very popular. The headpiece with several pompoms will add youth and playfulness to the image.

The favorites of this winter will be fur earflaps with large long ears in the form of a scarf or with pompoms at the ends.


also fashion trend will be high fur hats, soft bells of silver fox and blue fox, mink and round caps.


Caps, hats reminiscent of the boyars in different variations of fur - is an absolute trend this winter.

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Fur berets, caps, kepi of various sizes look very impressive.


The latest innovation was fur scarves and shawls, which have already made a furor in the fashion world. The main advantage of such a fur headpiece is that it can loosely attach to the head and maintain your hair, providing comfort in winter weather.


Fur hoods are another indispensable novelty of this season for the harsh winter. They perfectly protect not only the head from the cold, but also completely cover the ears, neck, and replace the habitual scarf.


Designers are advised to wear such hats with a fur coat, sheepskin coat or leather coat. Some suggest using a fur hat even as a headdress for an evening gown.

Stars in fur hats

As in life, and on movie sets, stages and catwalks of the world stars of show business dress in fur. After all, only fur accessories can adequately emphasize the status of a celebrity.

Actresses Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie have tried on themselves fur hats in the films "Anna Karenina" and "Salt":



Popular today model and favorite Karl Lagerfeld, charming Kara Delevinn, appears more often in fur hatsDifferent models on the world's catwalks.


Famous men also keep up with trends. One of the richest benchmarks, producer and husband Beyonce - Jay Zi, as well as the actor and the newly-made father Ashton Kutcher, prefer fur hats.



Which fur hat should I choose?

To properly choose the headwear style, you need to consider several features:

  • face shape;
  • growth and composition;
  • hair and skin color;
  • fashion style.

Face form

If the face is round, then you will be fit large, voluminous fur winter hats that visually reduce and stretch the face. It is necessary to avoid tight hats, deeply pulled over the forehead and models in a sporty style.

The elongated form of the face is suitable for caps covering the forehead, but not very narrow. Avoid models with falling parts, for example, fur hats of ushans.

With a cordate or triangular face shape, three-dimensional models should be avoided.

With a square or rectangular shape of the face, it is recommended to wear hats with earflaps, not too bulky and asymmetric. Avoid should be short tight-fitting models and very bulky at the top.

Growth and composition of

In accordance with your growth and proportions, choose models of small volume caps for low growth or larger models for tall ones.


If the hair and skin are warm shades, then choose beige, pink, cream or blue colors. For fair-skinned and fair-haired girls, cooler colors will suit, and brighter colors and brighter hair.

Other accessories and clothing


It is not necessary to buy a fur hat of the same color with a fur coat or other clothing attributes. Full coincidence of color and materials has long been not in the trend. In addition, it threatens to make your winter image a bit boring and mundane.

But do not forget that the general color scheme should not have sharp contrasts, and the headpiece should be selected in tone to other things. Even a hat with a fur pompon of medium-sized mating will be an excellent addition to the fur coat, given the style and length of the outer clothing.

To the sheepskin coat you can buy a cap from the combined materials, and to a down jacket or park almost any fur can approach.

How to choose a fur hat?


Choosing a fur hat in the store, special attention should be paid to the quality of fur. It should not be rare, heterogeneous or with any bald patches and damages.

All parts and components must be firmly sewn, not glued, so that the product does not lose its original appearance from the temperature drop. The seams must be firm and firmly stitched. The inner fabric should be wear-resistant and comfortable to wear.

An excellent option for our winter will be a mink fur hat. This fur is very warm and wear-resistant. Fashion for such models will never pass, because the fur of a mink was always valued for its practicality and beauty. When choosing fur hats from mink, you should pay attention to such details:

  • choose only branded stores for choosing fur products, so you will avoid cases of buying fakes;
  • avoid buying inexpensive fur hats - you can buy a poor-quality product;
  • if the fur of the product creaks, this means a poor quality of the product.

Fur fur hats are also quite affordable and of high quality. The design of such hats is very diverse. Products can be made entirely from fox fur or with decorative inserts from it in combination with other fur, for example, mouton.

Tips for the care of natural fur hats


Natural fur requires proper care and attention. Follow simple care tips and your accessory will last you much longer:

  • Choose a dark place for storage, as the fur fades from direct sunlight.
  • The storage location must be sufficiently ventilated to avoid drying the inside of the product.
  • Choose a cool storage place.
  • Any chemistry spoils the fur - no varnishes and perfume.
  • If the product is wet, it should be well dried in a ventilated area. Dry it completely and naturally.
  • A cardboard box is ideal for storage.
  • You need to put crumpled paper in the product to save the form.
  • Do not forget about the bag of moths.
  • You can also store by wrapping in cotton cloth or paper.
  • If the product has lost its shape, hold it for several minutes over the steam. Sew or buy a fur hat?

    Fur hat with own hands

    Sewing a fur hat with your own hands is not so difficult if you are familiar with the basics of cutting and sewing. You will need:

    • a classic English binding( you can bind yourself or buy);
    • pieces of fur( can be several colors);
    • sewing accessories;
    • stationery knife.

    Algorithm for sewing a fur hat:

    • Mark the fur from the inside to strips 3-7 mm( depending on the density).
    • Gently, without damaging the front side of the fur, cut into strips( with a blade or a clerical knife).
    • Sew a stripe of fur on the convex outer part of a knitted hat.
    • You can finish the job by sewing a fur pompom on top or leaving it without it.

    Sewing such a cap does not take much time. Preliminary read the video:

    You can also buy a fur pattern for sewing a hat, purchase fur for original inserts or a pompon for a knitted cap.

    Buy fur hat on the internet

    Buy an artificial fur hat will be cheaper and more convenient in the online store. Qualified consultants will always be able to help you pick the right size and tell the availability of the goods. But the online catalog of fur hats at such stores is much more diverse than in the windows of ordinary stores.

    If the desired model is not available, you can always offer an alternative option or make a purchase on order at a discount. Also, Internet sellers have services for the delivery of goods at home, which will save your time.

    Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the virtual store. Please specify how the exchange and refund procedure takes place, if the goods did not fit the client, and also during what time it is possible to return the purchase.

    Fur Fur Hats


    The latest trend styles of hats made from artificial fur material are fur hats with ears. These are the so-called "zveroshapki", depicting various fluffy animals. They are made of quality non-natural fur and look very impressive.

    Beasts with ears today are popular in such styles:

    • wolf( polar, silver, black);
    • Husky;
    • cougar( white);
    • dingo;
    • raccoon;
    • coyote;
    • fox;
    • cat.

    The top of the hat is decorated with decorative ears of animals, and the long ears of the cap itself can be used as a scarf. At the end of some models there are even fur mittens. A wide selection of unique models is presented in the photo of women's fur hats on the seller's website.

    Caps with imitation of animals are made qualitatively and suitable for those who are not afraid to express themselves. And also for those who are against the killing of animals for the sake of selling beautiful accessories. This option will appeal to young girls and guys, because there are models for couples in love, for example, hats "wolf" and "she-wolf."

    There are several basic types of fur hats in the style of animals, some of which are presented in the photo:

    • Classic - hats with small ears and long ears for a scarf.
    • With mittens or mittens.
    • for men.
    • Short - no long ears for scarf.
    • For him and her - tandem caps.
    • The Pathfinder is a round cap with a long tail of the beast.

    Also in online stores you can buy couplings, mittens, vests and even fur coats of high quality artificial fur. These models are visually similar to products made from natural fur, but the cost is lower, and most importantly, not one animal was damaged during the creation of the product.


    In the conditions of long and cold winter days, the hat is not just a headgear, but also a practical decoration. Natural or artificial fur will always remain in fashion. In beauty with fur hats, no other can compare. This year, stylists advise you to buy such a warm accessory, especially as there are more and more models to choose from.

    Other winter accessories

    Do not forget to prepare other winter accessories for the cold. Stylish gloves or mittens and scarves will help to complement and correctly place accents in combination with a fashionable fur hat. For example, for winter fur hats gloves made of leather or combined are perfect.

    Any detail of the wardrobe determines your own style and speaks volumes about your mistress, but you need to take care of your health. Today in stores, customers are given a wide range of accessories to create a unique harmonious image. Also you can create a unique thing with your own hands. Focus on, first of all, functionality and comfort when choosing winter things.


    Another popular fur accessory is a bag with fur inserts or completely made of fur that will complement your image in combination with the headgear. Also it can be a bag decorated with a long fur tail. The main thing in choosing - a successful combination with the rest of the wardrobe and outer clothing.