The combination of colors in clothes

  • Jun 14, 2018

It's no secret that the look of a person depends on the color of clothes. Harmoniously selected combination of colors can improve the appearance, refresh any image and give it the right mood. Having learned to correctly combine colors according to the rules of color perception, you can properly emphasize the advantageous features of your appearance, shade them and place accents.


combination of colors in the clothes: the principles of color matching

to look "at altitude", every woman should learn to match colors and understand which ones are right

for her. Having become acquainted with the palette of shades, among the many tones should be made consciously. It is known that each of the colors in the clothes of his own influence on the owner of the dress, the people who are next to her, as well as the psychological atmosphere in the room. To make your wardrobe look always relevant, you also need to learn how to combine different colors and shades. It is worth noting that a single-color selection of clothes can look somewhat boring, some modern stylists even point it out as a sign of not too good taste. At the same time, a thoughtful combination of colors in clothes allows you to build the right impression from the image.

Many women sometimes have difficulty in combining shades. Surely many noticed that some combinations of colors look nice, others are not too - in such cases, it seems that in the image of "something is wrong."Separate disharmonious combinations can literally spoil the impression of the actual in general and well-designed onions. Thus, the correct combination of colors in clothes in many cases is a component that determines the success of a particular image.color combinations in clothing should be selected based on individual data( tsvetotipa and figures) - in this case the parts of the image would look quite harmoniously, emphasizing profitable each other. To achieve this goal is often not easy. In this case, you can go two ways - to try to understand the subtleties of the theory of color combinations to understand the basic patterns, or to combine shades in clothing according to patterns. In the pages of fashion magazines and Internet sites, you can find many suitable examples to follow.

combination of colors in clothing: the basic concepts

In order to learn the best way to combine different shades of clothing, you need to have an understanding of the laws of color perception. These rules are not a dogma - take at least a fashion of different epochs and decades, when some combinations of colors in clothes were literally considered bad form and were not allowed, and then went into fashion for the mass consumer. Nevertheless, there are basic patterns that make it possible to compose harmonious color combinations.


All colors can be divided into two main groups:

  • chromatic - characterized by a color tone( noticeable color difference), saturation( brightness), and brightness( degree of proximity to white);
  • achromatic - color data can be described by a single clearly expressed characteristic( lightness).They include white and gray, as well as black.

The main colors of the spectrum are the most saturated( they are also called clean).With the addition of white, the color acquires a pastel( whitened) hue. Due to the addition of black saturated shades become darkened. Delicate pastel colors are suitable for many, they are advised to add stylists to the everyday wardrobe. Light shades emphasize the lines of cut, as well as the texture of the fabric. In addition, they have the ability to visually add volume. As for the dark shades, they hide the shaped lines, as well as the completeness, draw attention from the texture of the material. Clothes, painted in dark colors, seem heavier than light.


combination of colors in the clothes: the visual and emotional perception

Depending on the produced visual effects, color tones are divided:

  • on the so-called cold, causing a feeling of coolness. Many shades of blue, blue and some green are cool. Cold tones have the ability to visually remove, and also optically reduce objects;
  • causing a sense of warmth - warm colors. They are traditionally referred to as red and orange.

If placed near two similar subject, painted in warm and cool tones, the first will appear visually closer and larger. It should be noted that visual effects also cause the background on which the objects are placed. In the presence of a dark background, a light object appears closer than a similarly colored object in a dark color against a light background. Painted in warm, saturated colors, things seem more voluminous and close to the background of objects in cool colors. These rules of color perception can be used when selecting clothes. Combining cool and warm tones, you can quite successfully adjust the figure, taking attention away from its errors and emphasizing virtues.


combination of colors in clothes: color proportions

To learn how to be a combination of colors in the clothes you want to understand which of them are joined together, and what - are incompatible. It is also necessary to understand how to combine details according to color proportions into a single image, using a variety of shades of the seven primary colors of the spectrum. If the color data is placed in a circle, adding a smooth transition between red and purple magenta, a chromatic circle is formed.

Distinguish following raznovidnosti chromatic colors:

  • rodstvennye;
  • additional;
  • contrasting.

Stylists recommend using two or three colors in the image. One of them will act as the predominant one in clothes, the second will favorably emphasize and shade it. To make profitable accents, depending on what you want to emphasize, the third color is applied.


made by different images are traditionally used the following main ways of combining colors in clothes:

  • monochromatic method - in this case applies only one color but in different shades of one color row. For example, blue is associated with shades of blue, purple, and green. Experimenting, it is possible at will to apply a combination of blue in clothes in shades, close to the mentioned tones, from light to dark. With monochrome selection of clothes it is worth playing with brightness and richness of shades;


  • achromatic method - in this case to produce a single image are used, respectively, white, gray and black colors. Some stylists suggest adding a dark blue, as well as a shade of natural leather( beige).When using achromatic combinations, it is allowed to insert additional color inclusions into the image in the form of bright accessories that place the desired accents. Achromatic colors harmoniously look in combination with different colors. As a classic option, it is worth mentioning the traditional combination of black and white. This option may look quite relevant and not boring. The choice of the most suitable combination will depend on specific objectives. It should be taken into account that the white color gives the missing volume, while the black adds slenderness;


  • triad mode - with the use of three colors, located at equal distances within the color wheel. This combination method allows you to get a distinct contrast, at the same time, this combination of colors in clothes does not look screaming. In this case, you can combine the main colors( yellow, red and blue) or their derivatives( green, purple and orange), as well as shades created by mixing the primary colors with derivatives;


  • complimentary method - allows you to combine in one image contrasting tones( for example, a combination of purple in clothing with yellow tones, as well as blue with the addition of an orange hue).Some such contrasting combinations may seem too catchy and even vulgar. Despite this, they have long been chosen by creative natures. This way of combining colors in clothes allows you to give the image brightness and energy, make it dynamic and attract attention.

Combinations of colors in clothing: useful recommendations

In order not to look in any clothes screaming and tasteless, it is important to combine the most appropriate shades harmoniously. Stylists recommend to refuse the choice of equal proportions when using contrasting combinations - for example, a suit in dark shades can be balanced with a bright scarf. When composing color-blocking, one of the tones should be chosen less intense in comparison with a fairly bright second one, otherwise the image may look rude and even to some extent caricatured. In addition, when combining, you can choose slightly muted or pale color shades.

Very successful combination of bright saturated colors with neutral tones. It should be noted that although black is neutral, it is saturated. To obtain a harmonious color combination, it should not be used as the main( dominant) color; on the contrary, it should be diluted to a considerable extent with other colors.


It is allowed to include several neutral shades in one image, but the rule "no more than three colors" can be ignored. Thanks to the combination of several neutral shades with a rich color, you can create a bright and dynamic image that will greatly refresh the appearance.


Light neutral shades( gray, as well as beige) are perfectly combined with pastel tones. For example, the combination of beige in clothes with pale gently pink looks quite soft and harmonious, without the risk of obtaining a luscious image that resembles a cream cake. In addition, a combination of gray in clothes with bright( including neon) shades is allowed.


Combinations of colors in clothing: basic color combinations

When selecting the most suitable color combinations, it is worth taking into account the following recommendations:

  • red color is very organically combined with neutral tones of classical scale - gray, beige, and also black, snow-white and milk. In addition, the combination of red in clothes with blue "denim", chocolate, silver, and also purple and pink shades is not forbidden;
  • yellow color can range from delicate light shades to bordering ocher and orange tones. Thus, you can pick up soft and muted combinations of yellow in clothes with pastel shades( for example, with pistachio, sky-blue or pink).In addition, it is easy to make a fairly catchy contrast combinations with red, turquoise and black;
  • cold shades of green( for example, pastel menthol or more saturated green grass) perfectly match with light gray, cream, blue, and also cold brown tones. A successful combination of warm green in clothes can be made with blue, plum, beige and brown shades, as well as peach, blue and apricot;
  • gentle warm shade pink color is successfully combined with denim, amethyst, mint, and also shades of lilac and light greens. For cold shades of pink, a combination in clothes with neutral light tones is recommended, as well as chocolate, mint and jeans;
  • brown color is quite versatile. The most successful are combinations of brown in clothes with shades of blue and green, as well as yellow, sandy and warm red;
  • burgundy color is optimally combined with saturated tones - bottle-green, as well as intensively gray and olive. In addition, the combination of a burgundy color in clothes with various complex shades of red, and also berry tones( bilberries, blackberries, elder-trees) looks unchanged and rather advantageously;
  • for turquoise color recommended combination in clothing with neutral white, as well as pale yellow, ultramarine, orange and a shade of fuchsia;
  • coral color harmoniously looks with tones of a beige-corporal scale, shades of gray color, and also pink and lilac. In addition, you can choose quite successful combinations of coral color in clothing with medium and dark brown, khaki, pale yellow, golden and dark blue.


Having studied the rules of color perception and combination of tones, each woman can practice to understand how to combine them with each other. When choosing the most appropriate shades, you can follow the table of color combinations in clothing. Do not ignore your intuition, listen to your inner voice and your taste. Replenishing your wardrobe with things of various shades, it is realistic to learn how to make harmonious combinations of colors in clothes. Similarly, it is easy to make the right impression, while you will feel most confident in various situations.

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