Makeup 2016, fashion trends

  • Jun 14, 2018

In stylistic terms, fashion trends in makeup in 2016 promise to surprise our imagination with unusual combinations of colors and shapes. Such straightforwardness in make-up can be on the shoulder only to the bravest and daring representatives of the beautiful half. Simply put, in the makeup of 2016, fashion trends can be cardinal: from almost white to bright red, from makeup in the style of natyurel - to expressive arrows and modified smokey ayz.

Fashion makeup 2016: Photo





trendy hue makeupIn 2016 will be a mesmerizing color of Marsala. The name of this color came from the wine, so in the makeup trends of 2016, undoubtedly, there will be an emphasis on red, burgundy and all their derivative shades. However, we will notice, from all shades categorically excluded scarlet color - he in a make-up of 2016 is absolutely not in fashion. Therefore, remove your favorite purple hues until next season. Equally popular in make-up 2016 in conjunction with a shade of burgundy will be a tandem with a dark gray( graphite) color.

So: lipsticks, shadows, blush - all with a charming wine shade. And what is very important, in the fashionable makeup of 2016 is not recommended to use these colors with mother of pearl - only the matte texture will be in the trend this year.

2016 Makeup: bright blush


After a long winter, it seems, and fashion designers wanted a hot summer, they are immediately reflected in the makeup of its 2016 models. A number of eminent couturiers in the makeup trends of 2016 at fashion shows have uncharacterized a bright blush. And it was applied to a wide zone in the area of ​​the cheekbones, nose and symmetrical parts of the forehead in the zone above the eyebrows. With such a make-up in the summer of 2016, you will look fashionable, as if you just returned from a gorgeous Mediterranean vacation.

Makeup 2016: washable tattoo

Washable tattoos

original decision in spring 2016 makeup was first introduced make-up artists in the fashion season at the presentation of works Couturier Anthony Vaccarello. The make-up of his 2016 models was deprived of the general bright colors, usually inherent in such events. Instead, it was offered only one small highlight, which radically changed the character of the spring make-up of 2016. This uncharacteristic make-up highlight - a temporary tattoo in the corner of the right eye, which was present in all models. Visually, it resembles a fifth of a star with a tail ending along the line of the eye, which passes into the arrow. Subsequently, this trend in makeup in the spring of 2016 was positively received by other designers and later developed in other forms applied in the same way. This small detail will make your bow special, intriguing and disobedient.

Make-up 21016: eye jewelry

Ornaments for the eyes

In the fashion make-up of 2016 - eye jewelry. The most common decoration in makeup in 2016, of course, rhinestones. Lay an elegant line of small pebbles on the lower part of the century to give them a romantic evening and a glitter in the sunlight. Some eminent designers have offered an unusual set of makeup in 2016 false eyelashes, located in an unexpected place - the middle of the lower eyelid, the way you see in the photo. Original and very unusual - has the right to life.

Make-up 2016: dark lipstick

Dark lipstick

This spring of 2016 will also be popular dramatic makeup on the lips. You can choose the color of dark Bordeaux, by the way, in the trend now, or deep purple, and maybe even a black shade. The most important thing is to emphasize the deep image of the makeup of 2016, as in the photo.

Makeup 2016: orange shadows

Orange shadows

The original trend of make-up in spring - summer 2016 will be the shade of warm sunny shades: tangerine, apricot and coral. Such shadows on a shimmering basis should be applied abundantly on the area around the eyes. With this make-up, you will get a clear and shimmering view of the sun, as in the photo.

Makeup 2016: wide eyebrows

wide eyebrows

Many famous designers in the fashion trends of makeup 2016 announced their resolute "yes" - wide eyebrows. Passed a century of thin, slightly raised pins - now in the trend, an expressive look, emphasized by dramatic eyebrows. Fashion make-up artists recommend the installation of a special brush for eyebrows and wax.

Make-up 2016: graphic make-up

Graphic make-up

It seems that in 2016, fashion make-up artists decided to give us a dose of self-expression in make-up for several years to come. In addition to the charming tattooed drawings on the centuries described above, the trend is more bold geometric forms of their design. You can say it's arrows, but what a wide arrows, and maybe it's closer to the tattoo. To judge you - makeup 2016 look at the photo above. The main thing is that in spring-summer 2016 make-up it is not necessary to stick to rigid forms, you can use straight lines.

Makeup 2016: new smoky eyes

New smokes ayz

In the makeup of 2016 we continue to pay special attention to the eyes. All the long-loved smokey ayz again in the makeup trend in the spring of 2016. After modifying the contours and complicating the forms a little, leading makeup artists and Couturier decided that this is a great way to make the look more expressive, and the image is strict and deliberate. At the same time, it is recommended to focus only on the eyes, that is, the rest of the make-up should be natural, including the tone of the lipstick.

Makeup 2016: shine on the eyebrows, lips, eyelids

Glitter on the eyebrows, lips, eyelids

natural shine has been popular in the past fashion season spring makeup - summer, but also is a trend and in 2016.Now, to arrange accents, makeup artists use it in the eyelid area. If you correctly apply a shimmering luster, you can profitably highlight and emphasize the individuality.

Makeup 2016: natyurel


Adherents of natural make-up and natural onions continue to dictate their position to fashion. This justifies the not-out-of-fashion make-up with a minimal amount of cosmetics. Girls are still in fashion for the make-up of spring 2016, so we emphasize natural beauty and do not burden bows.

Makeup 2016: black liner and liner

Black liner and liner

These two irreplaceable tools have become firmly established in the fashion of eye makeup and have been used everywhere ever since to create a more pronounced look. So in this spring-summer season of 2016, make-up promises to be grunge with unusual liners. This style will be more appropriate for the evening out, but if you use it without excesses - it is quite suitable for a daytime promenade.

Make-up 2016: glowing tone

Luminous tone

In the past seasons we all wanted to get rid of the annoying glitter on the face. Apply a lot of toning means and matte powder to match the fashion and beauty icon. In this season make-up of the spring of 2016 make-up artists decided to simplify our task and introduce a "luminous tone" into fashion. There is nothing easier than to do natural make-up, and apply a little tone, giving a luster to your skin. Now the trend is healthy and well-groomed, moisturized, almost visually translucent skin.

Makeup 2016: the style of the Egyptian Pharaohs( photo)

Style of Egyptian pharaohs 1

first time this makeup style has been proposed in the show Givenchy Spring 2016 Broad Arrow made shadows on the upper eyelids unexpected khaki rapacity gives the image of girls. In addition, the design was emphasized by the characteristic discoloration of the eyebrow line. This style of make-up will suit the images of Gothic, slightly aggressive leather clothing and punk style.

Wedding makeup 2016

Wedding make-up

In the wedding trends of makeup 2016 is also fashionable with a natural style with small creative additions to makeup artists. It is suggested to highlight the eyes with discreet elements, whereas on the lips one should not make a strong accent - it is enough to use a neutral tone. For lovers, all the same, to separate lips, makeup artists recommend to stay on the juicy color of matte lipstick in tone to the image. And what is very important, marble-white leather will be in the trend in the wedding make-up of 2016.