Wedding Fashion 2017

  • Jun 14, 2018

Wedding for every girl is a matter of life. Even as a little girl, a young lady is already pleased to introduce ourselves as a beautiful bride in a long, romantic dress, and even tries to create your own unique wedding image with the help of my mother's dresses, fabrics or tyuley.


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Wedding Dresses 2017: Design


  1. Time passes unnoticed, and the little dreamer grows into a beautiful girl who, after meeting her prince, is already seriously engaged in all the details of the upcoming wedding and her image of a happy bride.
  2. Wedding dress is the main highlight and decoration of any wedding celebration, because it is the first appearance of the bride in public that intrigues and fascinates not only the guests, but also her chosen one. Im
    age of the bride will long remain in the memory, as well as numerous family photos and videos, which will be in amazement looking at the future generations, so the approach to the choice of outfit any girl very, very serious.
  3. Really, but at the same time, the famous and novice fashion designers are unlimitedly creatively approaching the creation of an exciting image of the bride. After all, wedding fashion does not stand still, it reacts vividly to all changes and demonstrates new bold images.
  4. The recent fashion shows for the 2017 season featured topical wedding trends. Modern trends are distinguished by a great variety of styles, from the well-forgotten old from the 60s of the 20th century, to bold ultramodern solutions.

Bright trends of wedding fashion: trends 2017


  1. What wedding dresses will be in fashion in 2017, demonstrated numerous fashion shows on the best European and American catwalks under the strict guidance of talented and famous couturiers.
  2. Many fashion designers showed on their models sexy dresses with elegant and deep V-neck. In combination with other fashion trends, a deep neckline intercepted the curious public at all times.
  3. The length of wedding dresses varied boldly from mini to traditional maximum length "on the floor".The average length of the midi dress returned from the 60s to emphasize the slender legs of the bride.
  4. The fashion trend of the wedding fashion in 2017 was the use of a brilliant satin and the ability to beat its elasticity and density to create many unique images.
  5. With the addition of lace to the image of a wedding dress, fashion designers have achieved a harmonious combination of restraint and luxury. Many fashion representatives brought to the show models with conservative lace sleeves, which looks very noble.
  6. Lace designers Inbal Dror and Vera Wang, who presented revolutionary semi-transparent wedding dresses, were used. The fine mesh of the main material is almost invisible on the female body, which looks on the verge of nudity of the model. Lace and prints on this outfit give the image a little chastity and sound balance.

Color Solutions


  1. In the fashionable wedding season of 2017, there were almost no bright colors. Instead, the designers presented a pastel palette of dresses, giving the image of the girl tenderness and fragility. In the fashion of gentle shades of beige and pink, as well as the color of ivory.
  2. "Dusty Rose" - this is the name of a pink shade, very suitable for spring weddings 2017 and early summer. If you like a combination of colors, then to this side you can add details with a shade of gray or gold palette.
  3. The gentle peach shade of the wedding dress perfectly refreshes the young skin. It fits well with cream and soft herbal notes in the details of the wedding dress.
  4. Pearly blue color will give the image of the bride aristocratism and refresh the hot wedding in hot July. The color is successfully combined with the shades of rose quartz.
  5. Violet-gray shade is often used in the wedding dress of the bride and in the decoration of the hall, also elements with such color often decorate the suit of the groom or other important persons at the solemn event. It is remarkably combined with the blueberry color and the coolness of silver.
  6. The color of ice coffee is at the height of popularity. The wedding dress of this shade gives the bride a cold aristocracy. Looks beautiful girl in a dress of coffee tones on the background of wildlife, especially surrounded by greenery.
  7. Not without wedding extreme. Models in black wedding dresses went to the podium in Paris and Milan, highlighting the extravagant Gothic mood and breaking all the stereotypes built by centuries.

Mermaid dress


  1. The mermaid dress was present in the collections of most fashion designers and delighted the sophisticated fashionable audience who visited the wedding and evening fashion shows 2017.
  2. His 6 or 8 wedges tightly encircles the girl's thighs and widens downwards. The skirt can lay down light waves, and can be very lush. This silhouette emphasizes femininity, sexuality and makes the gait extraordinarily fascinating.
  3. Designers Elizabeth Stuart, Badgley Mischka and others completely differently beat the "tail of a mermaid".
  4. The fashion house Marchesa added to the image a very catchy V-neck, playing on the extreme sexuality of the silhouette. The show from Monique Lhuillier demonstrated the ivory wedding dresses, which are at the height of fashion, with a very fluffy hem. Elizabeth Stuart supplemented the mysterious image of the bride, dressed in a laconic dress, with a mysterious cloak.
  5. The mermaid dress is usually made of dense fabric, most often from satin. It can consist of several layers, the upper ones of which can be organza, chiffon or guipure.
  6. This model of a wedding dress suits rather tall girls with proportional figure shapes, and the bride does not have to be thin.
  7. If you need to remove extra centimeters at the waist, then you can supplement the image with a belt of a slightly darker shade. The belt on the hips will emphasize the narrow waist, but on condition that the femora of the girl is not very wide. If a lean girl needs to add to her body volume, then you can decorate the silhouette of the dress with additional folds.

Luxurious skirt


  1. A lavish wedding dress helps a girl on such an important day in her life look very glamorous. It will not allow the owner to look too modest, despite the fact that this image has been one of the most popular for a long time.
  2. Freshness of a lavish dress was given to many fashion designers at fashion shows 2017 due to additional tiers, flounces, lush bows and other catchy details.
  3. Demonstrated the wedding classics Carolina Herrera, which featured a lush dress version with an original armhole design, and Vera Wang, who managed to successfully beat the combination of transparent tulle, dress decorations with a 3D effect and the presence of a magnificent bow.
  4. Fashion designers focused attention of the public on the waist area with the help of strict corsets, which in combination with the lush bottom create the impression of a fairy princess. This image fits perfectly to the bride, who met her fate.
  5. A wedding dress with a lush bottom looks great on tall thin young ladies, whom the attire adds the missing volume and simultaneously emphasizes the dignity of the figure. It is better for a small girl to avoid too fluffy finishing of a skirt, since they risk appearing even lower and fuller. Disadvantages of the shape of the legs or hips will also safely disappear under the lush skirt of this model of the wedding dress.

Midi dress


  1. Fashion retro is now very relevant in many areas, including the world of festive and smart clothes. The length of the elegant midi dress, almost reaching the knee, reveals the slender legs of its owner, emphasizes the beauty of youth and femininity.
  2. Lela Rose demonstrated midi models with a chic floral theme in the design. Modern trends in the retro-image of midi dresses were shown by other fashion houses, who preferred an asymmetrical or multi-layer hem. Fashion designers Marchesa used a combination of a multi-tiered bottom of the dress with the addition of lace trim.
  3. It is very important when choosing such a dress for future brides, so that the length of the attire reaches the narrowest leg place, otherwise this style can fill the figure. Do not recommend wearing mid-dress girls with full legs. The dress style fits well with high-heeled shoes, the low heel will fit only the highest owners of very slender legs.



  1. Dress-transformer is a very convenient option for modern weddings, because nowadays marriage does not require the implementation of clear rules for the newlyweds, as it was with our parents and other older relatives.
  2. Now the bride during the wedding can also be a refined, romantic girl, causing touching feelings, and a very mischievous, playful girl, boldly dancing in a circle of guests under cheerful music and setting the mood for the whole event.
  3. Of course for such bold metamorphosis you need to choose the appropriate dress, as an alternative to using several wedding dresses. Easily removable long skirt without much effort turns a magnificent romantic outfit into a short mini dress. Similar experiments are conducted with the top of the outfit for the rapid transformation of the bride into a new lighter image.
  4. Fashion designers for the season of 2017 beautifully and creatively beat the model dress-transformer, as a win-win option for progressive girls. This trend has not lost its relevance for several years, and each year these styles are modified beyond recognition due to new details and inventions of fashion designers.
  5. Monique Lhuillier shows a delicate dress-transformer with a cut that boldly reveals the leg of the girl, and Vera Wang played on sexuality at the expense of a translucent material of a wedding dress for a confident lady who knows how to submit herself.
  6. Dress-transformer without limits can suit any girl, because his clever details will be able to hide any shortcomings and emphasize any advantages.



  1. An open and gentle image of a bride in a bustier dress is also a very popular trend. This solemn outfit can best emphasize the beautiful lines of the neck, shoulders, bust of the girl and open back. Also elegant in this image is the waist area.
  2. Showcased their masterpieces for the season 2017 fashion house Anne Barge, Badgley Mischka and Oscar de la Renta, as well as Reem Acra. Fashion designers used satin, air chiffon, transparent lace, and also used floral prints with a fashionable 3D effect.
  3. This image of the bride implies maximum lightness and naturalness, so you should abandon the massive jewelry in the decollete. The dress is ideal for girls with a beautiful bust and graceful lines, but if the future bride does not like everything in the upper part of her figure, you can supplement such dress with a cape or bolero.
  4. It should be noted that the dress-bustier implies the absence of a bra, so it must be immaculately and reliably to sit on the figure of the girl. The owners of a magnificent bust should nevertheless emphasize their dignity with the help of another model of a wedding dress.

Wedding Suit for the Bride 2017


  1. Not the most popular trend of wedding fashion 2017 is a trouser suit for the bride. Nevertheless, fashion houses have boldly demonstrated this version of the wedding dress as an alternative to the traditional dress.
  2. The collection of wedding suits Angel Sanchez in classic white color attracted the attention of connoisseurs of fashion. The fashion house Inbal Dror allowed himself even more experiments on traditional wedding trends and presented unique black trouser suits for brides.
  3. Fashion designers are sure that in the next fashionable season the wedding suit for the bride will be chosen by those who have already married, or those who need to hide the flaws of the figure in such an unusual way. Suit this outfit and on the second day of the wedding, as well as the middle-aged lady, who in trousers will be much more comfortable than in a gorgeous dress.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a solemn outfit for the wedding, review the numerous photos that eloquently convey the vision of the famous fashion designers for the wedding fashion of the 2017 season, because eminent professionals are legislators in their work.

It is important to remember that a girl of any height and any complexion should sparkle at her own wedding, and the modern choice of wedding dresses will necessarily offer her a harmonious and unique image of the bride.