Jeans with Aliexpress. How to choose jeans for Aliexpress. Size of the jeans at Alyexpress

  • Jun 14, 2018

Now jeans, perhaps, the most practical and versatile part of the wardrobe. If you have nothing to wear, you can always wear jeans and look stylish. Aliexpress presents a wide selection of jeans trousers for women, men and children.


  • Jeans with Aliexpress. How to choose a suitable model for Alyexpress jeans
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    • Jeans with Aliexpress. What to look for
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Jeans with Aliexpress. How to choose a suitable model for Alyexpress jeans

Shopping online has its own specifics. Not being able to try on a thing, it is worthwhile to carefully study the description before buying. If the description seems incomplete, you can always directly write to the seller on the site and clarify all the details you are interested in. If you know English at a suf

ficient level, it makes sense to read the description of the goods on the English-language version of the site - due to automatic translation, the description text in Russian may be distorted.

On Aliexpress, careful selection is especially important, because in the vast majority of cases things are taken from abroad, and the return is possible only in the case of marriage, inconsistency with the description or incomplete ordering. If this gives you inconvenience, use the Aliexpress Mall. There you will be given a slightly narrower choice of things, but all these things are available in warehouses in Russia, and therefore, within 14 days you will be given the opportunity to return the thing without explaining the reasons. However, it is better to avoid unnecessary waste of time and effort: use the user-friendly interface of the site to make the right choice.

Jeans with Aliexpress. Design of jeans trousers


When you start the search, a list of characteristics will be displayed in the vertical panel to the left, from which you can choose the ones that suit you. Among the options is a choice of colors, textures, decorations, style and planting. With this advanced search, you can find, for example, black narrow jeans of high fit with rubberized braid on the belt and beadwork. Although you should not ask too narrow criteria in search, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to see other, perhaps more interesting, models. If, for example, you are definitely not interested in flared jeans, extended search will help to remove them from the proposed results, and your shopping will be more effective and faster.

Jeans with Aliexpress. Size range

With the size of jeans for Alyexpress to understand is easy. Most often in the catalog of jeans trousers are the standard letter sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and so on. Sometimes your size may not be available, pay attention to it.


Some manufacturers provide a dimensional range in the format of numbers.


At Aalekspress sellers usually either from the US or from China. All of them indicate the dimensions, based on the American dimensional mesh. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can find your Russian size in this table and see what American size it corresponds to.


When choosing jeans online, it is also important to consider all the nuances: length, fit, waist circumference and hips. While shopping in shopping centers, we often do not pay attention to the size of a certain length and width, because you can just estimate by eye and try on it. Also we feel by touch the density of a denim that suits us, without thinking about it. While doing online shopping, such nuances can become very important. Jeans can suddenly turn out to be shortened, free from above, excessively dense or unnecessarily stretchy. To avoid such surprises, consider the product in detail and read the descriptions. Also worth paying attention to reviews of jeans at Alyexpress - having familiarized with them, you can not only be convinced of the reliability of the seller, but also to find out some not obvious characteristics of the goods.

Jeans with Aliexpress. What to look for

If you already know exactly what the product is, you might be interested in some tips in choosing jeans:

  • Jeans should not be great. If they dangle from the front below the waist or gather into the folds from behind, they lose their appeal. Ideal jeans sit exactly the same figure.
  • Any jeans are stretched, and, therefore, sometimes it is better to buy a smaller size, the bigger. The main thing is that in them you can zip and button - at first you can have discomfort, but after a couple of days of wearing jeans will sit right on you.
  • Ideally, jeans should not be folded in the knee area. This indicates an inappropriate shape or size.
  • Now in fashion jeans medium and high fit - it makes the movement comfortable and gives the bow elegance.
  • Straight jeans-skinnies are very popular now. Often such a model is accompanied by a rubber band sewn around the waist instead of lightning. Such models are easy to put on, they are comfortable to stay all day, and they will give you more freedom in choosing the size, thanks to the great elasticity. In such jeans you can not be afraid to get better by a kilogram or two - they will still sit on you and look great.

Women's jeans at Alyexpress, photo

At Aliexpress you can find a huge variety of models and surely pick something up for yourself. Ordering jeans online will help you not only save money, but also easily pick up an unusual original model to always look individual.


Narrow jeans with an overstated waist look now ultrafashionable and, at the same time, quite classically. These dark blue single-colored jeans of standard length can be worn for work and leisure in nature. Due to the stretch and tight fitting, this model perfectly emphasizes slender legs. Overstated waist, highlighted by massive buttons adds an image of femininity, austerity and grace. Jeans with a high waist, presented at the Aliexpress, will look great with shirts, tucked in, as well as with fashion now shortened jumper and tops.


Jeans of medium planting, shortened and with decorative abrasions - an excellent option for the summer and demisezon. They refer to a very relevant now punk style. This can be emphasized by combining them with a leather jacket and boots on the platform. And, if the androgynous style is not close to you, these jeans will look fine with almost anything: even with a lacy blouse and heels. Just pay attention to the length - it may not fit under the boots and other high shoes: often jeans, barely reaching the line of the beginning of the boots, look careless. But with the sneakers, loffers and boots, this model can be safely combined.


The retro style is another trend of the new season. Slashed to the bottom jeans will become a relevant quote from the 80's. An unusual cut is served in combination with a modern design: it's high-fitting jeans, single-colored with a minimum of rivets, and instead of a zipper there is a rubber band in them.


If you want to look bright this fall, you will definitely appreciate this option. The store offers more than ten different shades from light beige and black to yellow, pink or coral. In this season, a bold color combination is in fashion: creating your cacheal image, you can choose the most unexpected combinations. Especially pay attention to wine shades, mustard tones and olive green. Such high-fitting jeans, on an elastic band instead of zippers and with a classic length will allow you to choose your bow according to your mood. Strange as it may seem, fashionable jeans-boyfriends are a great way to emphasize femininity, while avoiding screaming ornaments and frank silhouettes. These jeans can be attributed to androgynous style, but in contrast they perfectly set off the grace and fragility of the female figure. Picking up an image to them, it is better to abandon the emphatically elegant tops and heels. Suitable everyday style, thoughtful simplicity and deliberate-careless chic.


At Alyekspress a wide selection of size plus jeans. This model favorably emphasizes the curvy shape and will allow the legs to look visually slimmer. Light abrasion here - just a hint of a trendy trend, and the rest of the pants look almost classically. It is a comfortable and beautiful thing for all occasions. If you want to visually extend your legs and narrow your waist, wear jeans with slippers on a small heel and multi-layered top: jackets, cardigans, jumpers over shirts.

Men's jeans at Alyexpress, photo

Many fashionable men's models are also presented at Alyexpress.


Men's jeans of classic cut and medium fit with a slight highlight and decorative abrasions will be indispensable for any informal situations. Walking around the city, hiking in a cafe or relaxing in nature - these jeans can be combined with any clothes and look always relevant.


And these jeans are much more specific. Dark gray trousers with decorative slits, scuffs and lightning will definitely attract attention and are unlikely to fit for every day. This youth version is suitable for those who are close to the now fashionable punk style. If you do not want to look too boyish in them, then, instead of running shoes and t-shirts, it's worth combining them with simple cacheous clothes: for example, shoes and a checkered shirt will complement the punk style, but will make the image more restrained. And, if you're not afraid to attract attention, jeans will look good with boots and military-style jackets.


If you want to look restrained and classically, but you are tired of the uniform color scheme, such jeans may interest you. These thin, narrowed pants of medium fit and standard length will fit any occasion. Here you will not find any scuffing, or an abundance of rivets, and, therefore, it's up to you to decide which way to try on today - everything will depend on the rest of your clothes, shoes and accessories. The store offers 7 colors - from the usual blue and gray to beige tones. In combination with boots and a strict jacket, such jeans can be suitable even for work, and putting on sneakers and a T-shirt for them, you can create an informal image for the weekend.

Children's jeans at Alyexpress, photo

Catalog of children's jeans clothing at Alyexpress pleases not only with democratic prices, but also with original design solutions.


These jeans for girls with an unusual applique on their knees will be suitable for all occasions. They will fit perfectly into the cacheal image under the jumper and sneakers, and, in combination with a smart blouse, shoes and bright accessories can look almost festive.

The whole

Original jeans with prints suitable for the smallest. They are comfortably worn with a soft elastic knitted elastic. In addition, thanks to this elastic band jeans fabric will not rub the skin, and the baby will feel most comfortable. Jeans can be tucked to the desired length. They also stretch well and do not hamper the movement - however, for children it is recommended to choose jeans slightly larger in size so that they are even more convenient to move.


Such light jeans for boys are almost identical to the adult models. Narrowed model of a free cut with decorative cuts and abrasions will be especially stylish to look with sneakers and monophonic shirts. However, despite the extravagant design, they are quite versatile: you can put them on and under a sports sweatshirt, and under a restrained jacket.

Jeans shirts, jackets, vests and overalls on Alyekspress

It's unlikely that you ever had a question with what to wear jeans. This part of the wardrobe has become so familiar and ordinary that it can be combined with anything: with a silk blouse or t-shirt, with shoes or shoes, with an elegant cashmere coat or a brutal coat-kosuhoy. However, this season it is very fashionable to combine jeans pants with other denim clothes: jackets, vests or shirts. They do not even need to match each other in color tone-to-tone: very stylish look dark jeans with a light shirt or vice versa. But it is imperative that they be combined in style.


Speaking of denim shirts, it comes to mind monochrome classic models. However, if you want something more fresh, you can find shirts on AliExpress with unusual design solutions. This model visually expands the shoulders and looks reserved and original at the same time. You can wear a shirt with dark blue or light jeans trousers, over a T-shirt in the summer or under a leather jacket in the winter.


Jeans jacket with knitted sleeves and artificial fur - a stylish, warm and comfortable option for early autumn or late spring. Soft sleeves and artificial fur lining will make you feel comfortable even in inclement weather, and jeans with scuffs and a massive collar will create a unique image. This jacket can be combined not only with jeans, but also with leggings or narrower colored trousers with a length of 7/8.


The shortened waistcoat is a very fashionable part of the wardrobe this season. In the summer it will protect from the wind, and in autumn and spring it can be put under the coat for greater warmth. With such a vest you can come up with a lot of different combinations: classic shirts, tight short tops, long narrow knitted skirts and almost any trousers will do.


Not always the overalls look too youthful. Such a closed model of a dark blue hue looks feminine and elegant. A high waist and slightly flared pants will accentuate slender legs and visually add to your height, and cut the upper part of the overalls will allocate shoulders. Although jeans pants can be combined with anything, if you suddenly are not in the mood to select the image in detail, you can put on a similar overall and look great.