Why gel varnish does not stick to the nails, and how to make it last longer

Why gel varnish does not stick to the nails, and how to make it last longer

  • Jun 14, 2018

Gel-lacquer combines the qualities of a conventional varnish and gel coating: it is very sturdy - holds at least 3 weeks, retains a radiant color for at least 2 weeks, and is applied as a normal varnish - with a brush. Why is such a spectacular cover sometimes does not stick to the nails, and how to avoid it?

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For what reason is

Why the gel does not stick to the nails

As always, In such cases the chips and flaking of the lacquer coating are due to the appearance of non-compliance with the technology. No matter how simple the rules of application, their violation is fraught with troubles in the form of tarnishing and sloppy peeling edges.

Even an ordinary manicure is trusted to be done only by a trusted master. What can we say about the gel coating. Reputa

tion and experience of a specialist are the guarantor of long lasting shine of nails.

There are many reasons for the delamination of the coating.

  • Insufficiently processed nail: poorly dried nail plate, fat is not removed, poor-quality primer and so on.
  • The nail is too much sawed, the cuticle is damaged. In this case, a hematoma is formed, which will not allow to correctly apply the lacquer.
  • The base layer is not dried or too little time is left.
  • In principle, insufficient drying leads to delamination of the coating.
  • The excessively thick coat of varnish polymerizes unevenly - "weak" areas appear in the coating, which quickly break down.
  • The agent appeared on a peri-oral cushion and was not removed in time. Since the skin fat is here in much more quantity, gel-lacquer can not be retained, but at the same time it will damage the coating on the nail itself.
  • In the first 2-3 hours you can not wash your hands or moisturize them in any other way. The gel coating has not yet completely polymerized and can be damaged. In any case, the shine will decrease.

The video tells why the gel does not stick to the nails:

There are a number of other reasons related to the characteristics of the body, general health and so on. The nail is a completely living part of the body and reacts to violations of the endocrine or hormonal processes quite unambiguously.

  • Individual features of - here the master does not depend on anything. It happens that the nail plate does not hold any coating because of unevenness.
  • Completely specific diseases - diabetes mellitus, inflammations that require antibiotics, significantly affect the metabolism. And he changes the condition of his nails, making a manicure simply impossible.
  • Reason for failure can become excessive sweating of hands .
  • During the course of menstruation, during pregnancy , it is also better to give up gel lacquer: the nail plate becomes porous at this time and does not hold any coating well.
  • Quickly destroy the manicure effects of household chemicals .No wonder all the work on the house is advised to do in gloves.

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Than you can dilute the nail polish, listed here in the article.

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How much it should hold

In this issue, a little depends on the quality of the tool and the correctness of its use.

  • On average, even the cheapest gel lacquer is held on the nails for a week, all other things being equal.
  • The quality coating does not change the color, shine and shape for 3 weeks.

In practice, the "use" of varnish is limited to 2 weeks: during this time the nail has time to grow, and a light strip appears that spoils the whole picture. It is desirable to remove varnish from the same master by flushing without sawing, so as not to damage the nails.

On the video - how much should the gel stick to the nails:

How to make it stay longer

Ideal 2-3 weeks can be achieved only if certain rules are observed.

  • Prepare for the procedure in advance: for example, from the oil manicure, nails and other spa procedures of this kind should be discarded a day before applying gel varnish.
  • Classic manicure - wet, it is necessary to spend 2-3 hours, so that the nails are dried well enough.

Some disadvantages require additional processing. So, the "wet" nails are covered with a primer, a tool that strengthens the adhesion of the plate and lacquer. Soft nails are pre-coated with a strengthening compound, which is then necessarily washed off.

  • Use high-quality materials and use the services of a proven specialist.

So, before applying, the nail should be ground, filed, even if it does not need to be shortened, and necessarily degreased. And the nail plate and cuticle are degreased.

  • The gel is applied in a very thin layer, and each layer is dried under a UV lamp of 60-120 seconds. The cut of the nail is necessarily tinted - "sealed".
  • Do not contact the nails with water in any form for the next 2-3 hours.
  • For 10-12 hours you should avoid showering and bathing, as well as any oil procedures.
  • You can not nail the nails: it destroys the seals - a varnished cut, air or water gets under the gel layer, and the coating stratifies.

On video, how to make up nails so that the lacquer lasted for a long time:

How long is the usual varnish

This question is far from as unambiguous as it seems. And it's not only as a means, but also in the condition of the nail plate.

  • In case of unevenness and "moisture" of the nail, neither usual varnish nor gel is retained for longer than 1-2 days.
  • Without a fixer, the average lady has a varnish that lasts 2-4 days.
  • With a fixer the coating is more stable, sometimes held for a week.

Doing homework in gloves - especially wet cleaning and dishwashing, visibly lengthens the "life" of the nail. As a rule, a week lasts for those who care about the state of their hands and fulfill this simple requirement.

How to make up to enhance the effect of

The rules for applying a conventional varnish are slightly different from the rules for applying shellac.

  • Avoid contact with water 1-2 hours before the procedure. Particularly negative is the effect of steaming: the pores expand at the same time and the plate is more loose, and on this surface the varnish is kept worse.
  • Be sure to saw the edges, preventing brittleness.
  • Before application, the surface of the nail is degreased with a solution of vinegar, for example, or a special product that does not include acetone.
  • Avoid contact with cuticles.
  • On the top of the nail base coat is applied twice, as the edge is more prone to chips.
  • The bottle is not shaken before use, but rotated between the palms to reduce the risk of air bubbles. So the product is applied more evenly, and the risk of delamination is reduced.
  • Be sure to apply a layer of lacquer - even the base, on the edge of the nail.
  • Dry the nails with cold air: the hot slows down the polymerization process.
  • To prevent chipping for 2-3 days, you need to update the coating with clear varnish.
  • You should always wear gloves when doing homework. This simple means most effectively extends the "life" of a manicure.

On video, than to cover natural nails, so that the lacquer lasted longer:

The best

Opinions about varnishes, of course, are quite different. Owners of healthy marigolds seem almost any varnishes. But those who have nail plates loose and uneven, were much less fortunate.

  • IsaDora is a well-known Swedish brand offering a very rich color scheme. The secret of a good manicure from IsaDora is not only the rapid drying of the product, but also a special wide brush. IsaDora
  • The famous American manufacturer Orly offers varnishes, base coatings, drying and so on. There is a collection of products enriched with vitamins. Gel varnish orly
  • The Polish brand Belweder produces a variety of medicinal products. Lucky companies not only decorate their nails and, but strengthen them. Belweder products are easier to find in pharmacies than in salons. Gel varnish Belweder
  • OPI - according to statistics it is half of all sold varnishes in the country. The secret is in a huge variety. And this applies to color, and texture, and value. Gel varnish OPI
  • VINYLUX from CND is extracted from gel varnishes. The product is offered as a "weekly" varnish, and, judging by the responses on the forum, there is indeed a record holder for "long life".Gel lacquer VINYLUX from CND
  • The main rival of the company is the famous Revlon .The products of this firm do not need advertising. Gel varnish Revlon

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  • Svetlana, 22, Moscow : "I tried a few gel varnishes, not because I do not keep the lacquer on my nails, but because I'm a corrosive person. Now I use Vinylux 2 * 1, because it can be used both as a base and as a decorative coating. I like the fact that it dries quickly, it really lasts for a long time and smooths the nail plate. The disadvantage is that it's expensive, it's a long time to choose when to make a purchase, because a few close tones are too big a luxury. "
  • Sonia, 23, Tambov: On my nails, the most resistant coatings are held for 4 days. VINYLUX from CND has survived 10 days. And after five days I was tired of putting on gloves and protecting the cover, and at 7 I began to look through the strip. But the fact is a fact - 10 days ».
  • Ekaterina, 28, St. Petersburg: "I met OPI in his homeland in the USA.I liked the varnish because of its stamina. In Russia, its quality is much worse. Dry it, however, quickly, the shades are very exquisite, but I will not buy at full cost: it is not so good as it should really be. "
  • Galina, 25, Eagle: «IsaDora - my varnish in every way. And dries quickly, and is kept on the nails for a week - did not check longer, and the nails after it do not crumble and do not break. But most of all I'm attracted to a huge palette: it's really for every taste. "

Varnish for nails - both conventional and gel, are designed for a certain period of use. Extend or reduce this time can be compliance or non-compliance with the rules of nail care.