Hair conditioner at home

  • Jun 15, 2018
  1. Water for the preparation of home hair balms must necessarily be cleaned. It is desirable not easy boiled, but filtered from iron and harmful impurities of conventional running water. Suitable drinking, distilled, mineral, melted - any that you prefer. You can also increase the effect of using this balm, making it on a decoction of herbs. In this case, you need to remember that the broth and products with its use should be stored for no more than 2 days. Therefore, if you are preparing a large volume, you should not use decoction.
  2. Preparation takes place in three stages: steam, water and mixing phase. The steam bath is used for mixing in the heated state of emulsifiers with oils in a separate container. Further, the water components in the preheated state are mixed with the ready-made oil and the active ingredients. Everything is brought to a homogeneous state of mixing and is cooled.
  3. Whichever recipe you prepare a home hair balm using natural elements - the maximum period of its storage is not more t
    han a month. And it is better to put the jar in the refrigerator, warming up in the palms before use.
  4. In order to keep the hair balm with oil for longer periods, about 0.15% of the preservatives can be added to the water preparation phase. Such a remedy will be stored longer, but in this case the very meaning of a home-made natural hair care product is lost.
  5. For the first time you may have problems with the proportion of water, and, consequently, with the density of the product at the outlet. This is absolutely no reason to be upset - it's easy to fix the situation. Before hurrying to fix everything just put the balm in the refrigerator - the mass thickens when cooled. If this was not enough, you can re-digest, making the necessary adjustments for consistency. To do this, install a container of water on the steam bath and add a little emulsifier to the eye, so that after the connection with the ready-made balsam get a greater density. It is important in this case not to overheat the contents: keep the temperature only dissolving the dry elements, otherwise everything will be spoiled. Cool and add the finished balm. Mix better with a mixer.
  6. You can find recipes for home hair balms using silicone. It is added to give shine and prevent tangles of hair. In addition, in combination with silicone, the balm becomes less sticky and oily. For home masks and balms, silicone demitikon is very popular.
  7. Very well suited for preparation of balm conditioner for hair - gellant. Guar cosmetic - looks like a powder of white, gray or yellow color and is used as a natural thickener in cosmetology. Its advantage is easy dissolution in any liquid and rapid formation of a thick transparent gel. It also has a moisturizing and softening effect, as well as natural properties of the air conditioner. In addition, such a tool is very economical to use.
  8. Emulsifiers for the preparation of balsam are used according to individual preference, you can use the production of BTSM or Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, for example. To better activate the properties of natural emulsifiers, manufacturers recommend first "acidifying" the product, and then begin to mix.
  9. If you are making butter, then the foundation you need is fatter. Ideal in this case is olive oil cold pressed. If you are making an air conditioner - use a drier ingredient, such as coconut oil - you will get an excellent consistency and a chic smell.
  10. Add vitamins to home conditioners and hair masks, they can be bought in a pharmacy in a liquid state in ampoules.
    • vitamin C: strengthens the resistance of hair to harmful environmental influences;
    • vitamin B5: as an ambulance for damaged hair - restores the structure from the inside and renews the hair scales;
    • vitamin A: well influences the structure of the hair and makes it smooth and elastic;
    • vitamin E: great for stimulating hair bulbs and hair growth, as well as for regenerating the scalp;
    • vitamin B6: helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands to control the fatness and frequency of washing the head.
  11. Aloe, in general, is one of the most useful plants in a woman's everyday life. We will not pass him by and in the matter of improving the condition of the hair. Its juice perfectly stimulates hair growth, nourishes vitamins and improves the silky hair, strengthens and makes them alive.
  12. Apple cider vinegar is itself used as a natural conditioner, but can be added to balms as well - it contributes to bright gloss and slight natural lightening of the hair.
  13. As you know, the oils are badly washed away. The use of home-made balms on their basis will complicate washing with fat, and even more so will not give hair the desired silkiness. To do this, when preparing a special lotion is added - polysorbate. It is used in cosmetology as a natural solvent of the structure of essential oils. Observing the right proportion - you get an excellent low-fat home hair balm.
  14. Nettle juice is very useful to add to home hair balms. It activates the flow of blood to the hair follicles, which favorably affects their growth and is effective against hair loss. In addition, nettle juice contains natural keratin, which is widely advertised in cosmetics, and many useful organic acids.

Hair is an important indicator of health and beauty. Therefore, they require careful care and quality care. Various shampoos, creams, masks, balms and curative oils for hair are offered to us by the current cosmetology in such quantity that it is sometimes difficult to determine the suitable one.


If shampoo clear, all the other hair products, such as mask and balsam, seem to perform the same role: smooth hair and make it easy to comb. But not everything is so simple on closer inspection. Besides the individual properties of each brand, Balsam conditioner main objective is for smoothing hair flake structure, nutrition and hydration on the entire length of the hair, shine tradition and removal of static electricity from the tip. In addition, individual balsams rinse protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment, ultraviolet radiation, and also reduce the hardness of water during washing. Buying quality hair care products is an important issue and it is often better to make a hair balm for yourself than to trust the makeup of cosmetic brands. Properly selected recipe homemade hair balm not only deprive you of the worries and troubles of the beauty and health of the hair, but also help solve the problem of fat, hair loss, hair growth and strength.

How do home balsams and hair conditioners at home


If you think that cooking a balm or a mask, you solved all the problems of hair care products, it is not so simple. In fact, these two tools have not only a different consistency and a set of elements, but completely different tasks. The first is to give the hair a beautiful well-groomed appearance and the second is to treat and strengthen the very structure of the hair. With the first perfectly manage the silicone components of store cosmetic balms of hair conditioners, but for solving the second task it is necessary to use oils and active natural elements cooked in a special way. And to prepare a home hair balm is not so difficult, knowing a good recipe. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of preparation and mixing.

Balsams conditioners for hair at home


Most of the products under the name "balsam conditioner 'hair, which can be found in household and cosmetic stores in a wide variety, make money with a light creamy structure. But in fact they belong to the category of balms, but under the present rinsers usually mean liquid for the final rinsing of hair, cooked at home. And the main purpose of such means is to clean the hair of the remains of washing shampoos, conditioners, balms and masks, and also to soften, strengthen, grow, and sometimes even toning.

difference home balms for hair conditioners from the fact that they are aimed at a deeper and more long-term work with the structure of the hair. The purpose of their use is the qualitative moisturizing and nourishment of hair, restoration of the structure of scales and prevention of entanglement. Depending on the set of ingredients, home balsams also improve the shine of the hair, strengthen the tips and prevent their cross-section, give vitality and elasticity along the entire length.

Recipes nutritious balms hair at home


first sign of moisture your hair loss - it's confusion, and electrification. This happens because the hair loses its natural moisture from secretion secreted by the sebaceous glands. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to moisten hair with a home balm for dry hair. In addition, this balm will give the hair a well-groomed and healthy appearance, beautiful shine and color. Use home balsam for dry hair at least 4 times a week, paying special attention to the roots and tips.

  1. Egg nourishing balms against dry hair.
    • , depending on the length of the hair, take the yolks of chicken eggs, whisk to a white foam and apply evenly over the entire length of the hair - rinse with warm water;
    • on a water bath, mix the egg yolk and ampoule of liquid vitamin A - apply on hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water;
    • 2 egg yolks of chicken egg mix with 2 tbsp. Spoons of fatty mayonnaise - apply on hair, rinse with warm running water.
  2. Oily home hair balms.
    • homemade butter melt and mix with a whisk with thick cream in a proportion of 1: 1 - grease hair, rinse with warm water with the addition of lotion polysorbate;
    • 2 tbsp. Spoon olive oil mixed with 1 tbsp. A spoonful of lemon juice and apply evenly over the entire length of the hair - always rinse with warm water with a degreasing lotion or vinegar. Fruit home balms for dry hair.
  3. Fruit home balsams for dry hair.
    • in a blender to mix 1 banana, 1 egg yolk of hen's egg and 10 drops of burdock essential oil - apply on the hair from the roots to the tips, rinse with lukewarm running water;
    • crush the fine pulp of avocado pulp, add 2 tbsp. Spoons of fatty home-made sour cream( it is important not to shop) - use for hair, prone to dryness, at least 4 times a week.

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