How are candles with novocaine used in hemorrhoids?

  • Jun 15, 2018

Candles with novocaine Novocaine is an excellent drug that can effectively relieve pain. In pharmacology, novocain occupies a fairly stable place in various dosage forms. Being an excellent anesthetic, novocaine is several times stronger in action than lidocaine.

Novocaine is often used for internal injections or is used in conjunction with other drugs administered intramuscularly, but capable of causing severe pain at the time of injection. In such cases, novocaine is bred in the required proportion with the right drug and injected into the human body from a single syringe.

In the treatment of a disease such as hemorrhoids, novocaine is used in rectal suppositories. Such a dosage form is very convenient in use, since rectal suppositories are easily introduced into the body and have a rapid effect. Effectively relieving pain in the rectum, candles with novocaine directly affect the muscles and inflamed tissues of the rectum. As a dosage form, suppositories are safe and harmless and can produce an excellent local effect.

Candles with novocaine in hemorrhoids are quite a popular remedy.

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  • 1 Novocaine properties
  • 2 Rectal suppositories with novocaine for hemorrhoids
  • 3 Pharmacological action of the preparation

Novocaine properties

Properties of novocaine are known to almost everyone. This substance has a second name - procaine, since it has proven itself as the best analgesic with a high effect. Novocaine has a number of properties:

  • Best pain reliever does not cause addiction;
  • lowers the excitability of the body;
  • has a calming effect;
  • effectively cures spasms;
  • lowers the activity of impulses responsible for pain.

With intravenous novocaine, its main properties are manifested in reducing pain symptoms. Novocaine can reduce arrhythmia for a short period. However, an overdose of the drug with intravenous administration can cause convulsions, so increasing the dose is strictly prohibited.

As anesthetic, novocain has a long enough action, which makes it possible to use it for childbirth and for surgical intervention. In rare cases, the drug is prescribed for all kinds of inflammation, with ulcers of the duodenum and stomach, with a variety of tumors. Rectal suppositories with novocaine for hemorrhoids

Novocain suppositories are prescribed at any stage of hemorrhoids. Thanks to the rectal placement of the suppository, the level of pain sensitivity is significantly reduced, and the patient ceases to experience it. This dosage form is also used to reduce pain in the postoperative period. But often novocaine suppositories are prescribed by the proctologist in such cases:

  • Rectal suppositories with novocaine presence of hemorrhoids;
  • cracks in the anus;
  • with exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • for various proctologic diseases.

Before using the rectal candle, you must carefully clean the intestine from stool and carefully insert the suppository into the anus. The drug is quite strong, so it must be prescribed by a doctor in a certain dosage.

Pharmacological action of the drug

  1. Medication is a local anesthetic. Possessing moderate activity, the drug effectively blocks sodium channels, displacing from the calcium receptors. In the nerve endings, the generation of the pulse and its conduction along the nerve fiber is reduced. This changes the actions in the cell membranes and suppresses painful impulses.
  2. pharmachologic effect When novocaine enters the blood stream, the excitability of the cholinergic peripheral system is significantly reduced, and the formation of acetylcholine decreases. The excitability of the myocardium is eliminated, the spasms of the smooth muscles decrease. Novocain also moderately affects the motor cortex of the cerebral cortex.
  3. In comparison with other medicines, the drug has less anesthetic effect, which is why it has minimal toxicity and a wide spread.
  4. Novocain is poorly absorbed through the mucous membrane of the rectum, therefore, when parenterally administered, the substance is susceptible to good absorption, rapid hydrolysis with plasma esterases, tissues with the formation of the main active metabolites. Novocaine also has a vasodilating moderate effect.
Guidelines for the use of Novocain suppositories

It is important to note that when carrying out local anesthesia while using the same total dose of the drug, the toxicity of novocaine slightly increases depending on the concentration of the novocain solution or drug.

Novocaine penetrates slowly enough through the mucous intact cage, therefore it is ineffective for use in surface anesthesia.

As an adjuvant Novocaine is used intravenously and orally with:

  • Instructions for use late toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • spasm of blood vessels;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • pains of different etiology;
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
  • neurodermatitis and eczema;
  • glaucoma.

Contraindications to the use of novocaine are:

  • individual intolerance of the drug;
  • allergic reaction.

When using any other anesthetic drugs, do not combine novocaine with them. In a similar situation it is better to refrain from using rectal suppositories with novocaine. Also, neatness is required in the use of rectal novocaine suppositories in cases of hard mental work, as well as driving a car.

It is required to refrain from the use of novocaine in suppositories, if it is necessary to use them together with antibacterial medicinal product, which refers to sulfonamides. An example of such a drug is Biseptol. If you start using this combination of medicines at the same time, then side effects of the first and second drugs may occur.

If the patient is using tranquilizers or drugs with hypnotics, then it is better not to use novocaine suppositories.

This drug is completely excreted from the human body after performing all its necessary therapeutic functions. This is its main advantage.

Instructions for the use of candles with novocaine for hemorrhoids

Rectal novocaine candles Rectal novocaine suppositories are prescribed for severe pain inside the rectum during hemorrhoids. Before the introduction of the suppository into the anus, it is necessary to perform the required hygiene procedures - to defecate or to make a microclyster cleansing.

In the body, the candle will gradually begin to melt under the influence of body temperature. All the necessary substances of the drug gradually penetrate into the tissues of the rectum, providing a direct therapeutic and analgesic effect.

After the introduction of the suppository, it is required to take a comfortable lying posture so that its contents do not protrude out of the anus. You can take a comfortable knee-elbow position. According to the doctors, it is this comfortable position that contributes to the active melting of the rectal suppository.

It is better to inject a rectal candle just before bedtime at night to avoid unnecessary activity and walking. Then the therapeutic effect will be just the maximum. With increasing pain throughout the day, you can also use a candle based on novocain, trying to avoid unnecessary activity and walking. The frequency of use, the necessary dosage and the course of administration of the drug is prescribed only by the attending physician.

Side effects of

Like all drugs, novocaine has some side effects. For example, with the disappearance of spasms of smooth muscles, involuntary urination, involuntary defecation or general weakness of the organism may occur, since such processes will become difficult to control.

If the dosage is incorrect, the following side effects may occur:

  • Allergic rash, itching, burning allergic rash, itching, burning;
  • is a red skin tone in case of an allergic reaction;
  • general weakness of the body and severe fatigue;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • movement coordination disorder;
  • indigestion disorder;
  • severity in the intestines and chest;
  • drop in blood pressure.

In today's world, hemorrhoids have become a very common disease. This is due to the constant presence in a sitting position at work and at home behind a computer or behind a TV set. Such a disease brings a lot of painful problems. Bleeding and burning pain interfere with living and working fully, and every defecation is perceived as a real torture.

The only effective practice of getting rid of pain is local anesthesia. Rectal suppositories based on novocaine - an excellent option to get rid of for a long period of pain during the treatment of the disease. Candles are inexpensive and are on sale in pharmacies. Acquisition of Novocaine rectal suppositories will be an excellent way out of the difficult situation in the fight against hemorrhoids and will effectively ease your well-being.

Reviews about the treatment of hemorrhoids with Novocaine

Review №1

Reviews of candles for hemorrhoids Novocainic rectal suppositories are an excellent medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Excellent help to get rid of the pain of any complexity - from strong to bearable. I used rectal suppositories with novocaine as directed by a doctor. I have a year of hemorrhoids. The pain, of course, is strong.

Candles with novocaine excellently took off the pain when used at night. The pain became completely gone within twenty minutes after the injection of the candle. At night I could not sleep with pain, and with the use of suppositories forgot about my torment. Also rectal suppositories have an excellent effect on the process of hemorrhoids treatment. Recovering is easy and painless. I am pleased with the drug and I recommend it in the treatment of hemorrhoids for the removal of severe pain.

George, 49 years - Moscow

Review №2

Reviews Hemorrhoids became ill relatively recently. I did not go to the doctor, but my neighbor advised me to use novocaine suppositories to relieve severe pain while treating the disease. The drug was very pleased. You insert exactly at night neatly the rectal candle in the right place, and a strong pain releases literally instantly.

All nights slept without any discomfort and a variety of anguish related to the exacerbation of the disease. Also sometimes I used rectal suppositories on the basis of novocaine and in the afternoon. The exacerbation of hemorrhoids disappeared in a week. The treatment was painless. Rapid relief from pain is the main advantage of Novocaine rectal suppositories. To all who suffer from exacerbation of hemorrhoids and severe pain in the rectum in the disease, I recommend the use of rectal novocaine suppositories.

Larissa, 55 years old - Saratov