How to use hydrophilic oil for face

  • Jun 15, 2018

Proper skin cleansing is your attraction and youth. Not all girls know that the skin of the face needs to be cleaned of dirt and remove the remains of makeup every day. Use for this procedure, you can use different means, but hydrophilic oil works best for these tasks. This cosmetic product deserves praise, and you will find out why.


For oriental beauties daily ritual of cleansing the skin - it is a mandatory procedure. Asians give this stage more time than European beauties. And it should be noted that the skin of eastern women is elastic and lasts longer. Of course, an important role is played by ecology, lifestyle and taste habits. But we do not exclude the fact that Asians are very scrupulous in the matter of cleansing the skin. They are assigned to this procedure f

or 30 minutes every evening. What can they do with the skin for so long? This question is asked by many girls who want to have the same beautiful skin as that of oriental beauties. The secret is simple: several stages of cleansing the face and choosing the right tools.

How to properly cleanse the skin with hydrophilic oil

As today we learn how to use the new product - hydrophilic oil for makeup removal, we will have to dwell in more detail at all stages of proper skin cleansing from make-up and contaminants.


The secret of Asian women is simple - they first remove makeup, and then carefully cleanse the skin of the remnants of cosmetics, sebum and contaminants.

The secret of Japanese washing:

  1. The first stage - we remove make-up. To remove the leftovers of cosmetics from the face, Asians use a special cosmetic product - hydrophilic oil for the face. It is applied with dry fingers directly to the skin. Pre-wash is not necessary, the face must be dry. You can apply a cosmetic product with your fingers or a cotton disc, as you prefer. Asians do this with their fingers and a cotton pad. They are cleansed from the remnants of the make-up of the eye and lips, rubed carefully, without stretching the delicate skin with a cotton disc moistened in hydrophilic oil. You can not use a cotton disc, apply a few drops on the pads of your fingers and gently walk along the massage lines first around the eyes, then also gently clean the eyelashes and eyelids from the make-up and put a little oil on the lips to clean the delicate skin from the makeup. Surprisingly, only a few drops of oil will help dissolve the makeup and gently cleanse the skin. But it's not all secrets: once you get your hands wet, it literally plays in a new way - interacting with water turns into an emulsion. She gently cleanses the face of dirt.
  2. This part of the purification of Japanese women is not missed and it is believed that the skin should be ready to apply cosmetic products. They use any means that foam well. This effect is achieved in conjunction with auxiliary devices, which provide a thick foam. This can be a brush or sponge, mesh, and the cocoons of silk or beads made from konnyaku root. As practice shows, the best cleanser for skin is the special mesh "Avadama".It is necessary to drip a little on the net, rub the loose end and get a small lump of fine foam for washing. If everything is done correctly, then you will have an elastic ball in your hands that will help to gently remove the remnants of contaminants, wash off the oil and perform a light facial massage. Foam cleanses pores from impurities and closes them in preparation for the next step - applying nutrient resources. To wash off hydrophilic oil it is necessary only foaming means! Good facial cleansers: "Naniwa", "Shiseido".


Hydrophilic oil for washing. What's the secret?

From the name of the cosmetic product it is not difficult to guess that the oil is emulsified when it comes to water. When using such a product is added during the manufacture of another substance to the skin was not oily film - is an emulsifier. Then you can achieve a stunning success in skin cleansing and wash off makeup. Soft cleansing without drying is what many women dream of.

Hydrophilic oil cleans the skin from dirt, it is ideal for removing tonal creams and popular BB-creams. After a delicate cleansing with oil, the skin becomes velvety.

Used hydrophilic cleansing oil and to remove water-resistant makeup. And as popular now BB-creams, according to cosmetologists, buying a unique tool at the same time do not forget to immediately purchase a hydrophilic oil, because only it can remove the skin qualitatively with this cream.


Owners of dry and sensitive skin will also be pleasantly surprised, you will now be able to wash the oil in the morning and no discomfort as dryness and tightened skin, will not.

Oil can be used not only to cleanse the face of cosmetics and dirt, but also as soap or instead of shower gel. It gently cleanses not only your body, but also the zone of intimate hygiene, without causing irritation.

Overview popular means

If you want quality clean the skin of dirt, before you buy, read reviews on the use of a hydrophilic oil:

  1. be ordered on the Internet popular hydrophilic "Hipitch" oil. Everyone advised him to try. It came, I tried to wash off the make-up with this oil, but it was too dense. The oil did not foam and wash off its dense fatty film from the face proved to be very problematic. Asked the seller a question, presumably the problem is that the company issued a defective lot. I chose another remedy and bought an oil sampler. The Real Art . Great! Excellent cope with the task of purification. I used blue oil in a miniature 20 ml, enough for a whole month! Though I am painted almost every day, I use VV-cream. Olga, 23 years old .



  1. Used oil company «Shu Uemura», is excellent. Very economically used, light, perfectly washed. The only drawback is the high cost. A bottle of 150 ml will have to pay about $ 25, and this is quite a lot. Helena, 28 years old .


  1. I Japanese maslitse «Kose Deep Cleansing oil»: a large volume( 230 ml), there is a feeder with fuse. Oil liquid - did not expect, the smell pleasant. You need to apply a little, only on dry palms, distribute in the face and then wet your hands to emulsify the oil. Upon contact with water, it becomes white, like milk. It rinses well, is suitable for BB cream. It is necessary to observe 2 stages of cleansing: oil, then a skin for washing, to remove from the skin the remains of oil. Removes waterproof mascara, a special Korean production. Eyes do not burn, enough for a long time. Milena, 36 years old .


How to make a hydrophilic oil with their own hands

cost Korean hydrophilic oil on the European market starting from 7 euros per tube. You can find a cheaper tool, but what quality will be, no one can say. It will be necessary only by an experimental way, trying on the skin new means, to define the best hydrophilic oil.

Hydrophilic oil recipe:

  • Base oil;
  • a mixture of essential oils;
  • emulsifier.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple. Dosage you will learn a little later, but for now, let's dwell on the choice of base oils, taking into account the type of skin.

For dry skin, these oils are suitable:

  • avocado;
  • peach;
  • almond;
  • Castor.

If the skin is oily, then it is worth choosing a grape seed oil. It is also considered basic.

If there are rashes, you need to add a little essential oil of the tea tree. To smooth out wrinkles and refresh your complexion, ylang-ylang oil( divine aroma!) Or neroli oil is suitable. A universal essential oil that is suitable for any type of skin is lavender.

Remember that it is better to test each ingredient for skin sensitivity before mixing the main components to exclude the appearance of an allergic reaction.

And more important information:

  • Castor oil itself is very dense, so do not overdo it, pour the minimum amount;
  • for problem oily skin with rashes is not superfluous to add a little salicylic acid. But only then to wash off a make up from lips and eyes this oil it is impossible;
  • any essential oil must be tested in advance on a small area of ​​the skin;
  • olive oil - exclude, it contains a lot of oleic acid, which is poorly washed off the skin. It can be mixed with another base oil in the proportion of 30 to 70 or 20 to 80%;
  • Lecithin in a small amount( only 5%) will help gradually smooth out fine wrinkles.


Universal recipe:

  • grape seed oil - 50 ml;
  • wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil - 20 ml each;
  • emulsifier - 10 ml;
  • vitamin E - 5 capsules.

If the base oil is clear, the next required component is an emulsifier or polysorbate. This is a natural product, it is obtained from base oils: olive oil, palm oil or coconut oil. You can buy it in specialized stores or order online. The figure of this substance( 20 or 80) indicates the degree of emulsification. Let's say polysorbate-20 should be added, if you use essential oils for the preparation of a cleanser, and above - with a figure of 80 suitable for vegetable oils.

The main purpose of polysorbate, it is to bind two substances: water and oil. They do not mix with each other. Upon contact with water, the oil is converted into a light product - a milk of tender consistency.

What you need to prepare in order to make the oil yourself:

  • water, emulsifier and base oil suitable for skin type;
  • convenient container with dispenser.

Read more about choosing a bottle: it should be a glass( ideally) made of dark glass. The lid is tightly twisted. If such a bottle is not found, and the usual plastic with a dispenser.


The container must be thoroughly rinsed and thoroughly dried before mixing all components. Even better - if you sterilize a glass bottle in boiling water.

The oil is made simply: pour in the base oil first, add the remaining ingredients and do not forget about vitamin E, it is responsible for the youthfulness of the skin and prolongs the shelf life of the hydrophilic oil. The last ingredient is an emulsifier. Close the cap of the bottle and shake it to allow all ingredients to mix. Now you can conduct a test drive to find out how the oil works, which you yourself have done.

Photo 1:


In this photo you see traces of a pencil, lipstick, etc.

Photo 2:


The second step is to apply a little oil to the dry skin and massage. It turns out a light mass, reminiscent of cosmetic cream.

Photo 3:


Wash off with water - the skin is absolutely clean!60 seconds were allocated for washing off the makeup.

A recipe for hydrophilic oil for oily skin

The main task of this product is to clean the face from grease and dirt. Only this cosmetic product is able to clean the pores qualitatively. If the skin is shiny, there are rashes, try to wash with oil. You'll like it!


  • essential lemon oil - 3 drops;
  • emulsifier - 1/7 part;
  • hazel oil - 6/7 parts.

You can follow the path of least resistance and make the oil according to this basic recipe:

  • grape oil - 60 ml;
  • emulsifier - 10 ml;
  • vitamin E - 5 capsules;
  • essential oil of tea tree, rosemary - for 5-7 drops.


This recipe for hydrophilic oil is suitable for problematic skin. But the dry can be cleaned with oil, which includes a little olive( 85 g), 15 g polysorbate-80 and 10 drops of a mix of essential oils: almond, jojoba, avocado or orange oil. By the way, do not forget about vitamin E, it will preserve the youth and beauty of your delicate skin.