Masks for hair with cinnamon

  • Jun 15, 2018

This spice is known all over the world. It is appreciated for the warm enveloping smell with a light tinge of sweetness. Cinnamon is often added to desserts, but most often it is still used as a seasoning. It is seasoned with second courses, with the help of which it is successfully treated. In addition, cinnamon is used in the perfume and cosmetic industries. In particular, it is used to treat and lighten hair. It is appreciated for many good qualities. Next, we will describe in more detail all the properties and the use of cinnamon for hair.


Cinnamon Hair: you need to know about cinnamon?


If you look at history, the first cinnamon in a food was used in ancient Egypt, China and Judea. The bark of the plant in a grinded form was used by the priests as a means for f

umigation of shrines. In addition, in Chinese chronicles, this spice is mentioned as an indispensable component of therapeutic compresses. According to ancient Egyptian papyrus where it was used as an air freshener and perfume in the chambers of the Pharaohs. In addition, even then, various means and masks for hair with cinnamon were made.

Today it is believed that the best cinnamon is grown in Sri Lanka. Indeed, the spice supplied from this island is significantly different from cinnamon, which grows elsewhere, and in a positive way. It has a very delicate spicy aroma and an unusual warm and sweet taste. In addition to this island, cinnamon is grown practically in the entire tropical zone. In particular, for sale it is brought from India and Brazil, Vietnam and Egypt. In addition, it is grown in Sumatra, Madagascar and Java.


However, to ensure that wood could be obtained spice porasti he needs at least a couple of years. Then it is cut to the very root, from which the bark is extracted, which is just a preparation for the preparation of spices. However, not all the bark, but a very thin inner layer of the crust, is taken for this purpose. When drying, these pieces gradually fold into tubes. For sale, dried bark is usually cut into small pieces in length of 8-11 cm or in some cases simply rubbed into powder. In this form, many know this spice.

Cinnamon in the form of spices is widely used in many national cuisines. We with her cook soups, cereals, bake buns, pancakes. In addition, it is often put in jellied fish. It is also used for cosmetic purposes. In particular, make hair masks with cinnamon. Cinnamon for hair: how useful is cinnamon?

Widely known medicinal properties of this spice. Its main advantage is the maintenance of special polyphenols. Because of these substances, cinnamon is able to quickly reduce blood sugar, which makes it necessary in the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus. That is why, so that sweetness does not raise the level of glucose, cakes are sometimes sprinkled on top of cinnamon. After eating such a dish, sugar will not increase so high or it may even decrease slightly.

Burning properties of cinnamon are highly appreciated by fans of mulled wine and other warming cocktails and dishes. They are reached due to the cinnamic acid, which is part of the spice of aldehyde. This substance has the ability to save from hypothermia in frosty weather. In addition, it is still an effective antipyretic and sweatshop. As for the essential oils of cinnamon, they have the ability to stimulate the work of brain cells, as well as improve memory and concentration.

This spice is actively used for weight loss. And, if the European scientists discovered such properties of her just recently, the eastern beauties knew about this long before. After all, they knew how to keep a slim figure. Weight reduction is facilitated by the fact that cinnamon reduces blood glucose and increases metabolic rate. This drowns out hunger and appetite. Consequently, people eat less and, of course, lose weight. It is enough to add to the meal only half a teaspoon of cinnamon in order to control your weight. If you want to lose weight by a few pounds, then you need to drink twice a day a hungry stomach with a special tea with cinnamon. In addition, it is desirable to drink this drink in the evening before going to bed.

Cinnamon-oil-extracted-from-bark-and-leaves-of the same name-tree

By the way, not only the bark, but also the stems of cinnamon, is used. They also manifest themselves as good antipyretic agents. With their help, you can reduce pain in renal and hepatic colic. They are also useful for stimulating the production of gastric juice. Stems, like the bark, effectively fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. They are effective for rheumatism, as well as for painful menstruation.

Especially appreciated is the use of this spice for cosmetic purposes. It is worth saying that they confirm the undoubted benefit of cinnamon for hair reviews of women who have tried the healing power of this spice.

Despite all the useful properties of this spice, one must not forget that this is a rather concentrated natural product. Therefore, cinnamon in large quantities can cause harm. In particular, its overabundance causes headache, weakness, nausea and depressed state.

Cinnamon Hair

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Cinnamon is rich in natural vitamins( A, E), minerals, antioxidants, therefore, used to restore the health and strength of hair, improves its structure, gives them a silky and attractive luster. Are widely used hair mask cinnamon combined with other beneficial ingredients -. Honey, yogurt, eggs, etc.

cinnamon Effectively used for hair growth.

Masks for hair growth with cinnamon


Tell me, how is it possible to prepare hair masks that will help accelerate their growth:

  1. necessary to take 3 tbsp. L.Kefir, 3 tbsp. L.Olive oil, 1 egg, 1 tsp. Powdered cinnamon and as much any honey. We distribute this mass along the entire length and leave it for about 13-15 minutes. After that, wash off hair with shampoo.
  2. To improve the nutritional qualities of shampoos and balms, you can add cinnamon oil to hair. This is another way to extract from this spice a favor. To do this, collect one cube of oil in a syringe, squeeze it into a shampoo and mix well with a special spatula. This can also be done with a simple toothpick.
  3. Honey and cinnamon for hair. Take 1 part honey, cinnamon and coconut oil. Mixing. A little warmed up and apply in a warm form on the hair.
  4. Mix 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp. Cinnamon, nail powder 1 tspWarm the honey in a water bath. We add the remaining ingredients of the mixture. Rub into the roots of the hair. We hold 10 minutes.

You can see how effectively the cinnamon works for the hair on the photos of the girls who tried this product. 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle 1397201237_osvetlenie-do-i-posle

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Mask for lightening hair with cinnamon


This mask helps to lighten the hair by 2 tones. This natural dye, like henna, does not harm the structure of the hair. However, the only drawback is that it is necessary to apply such a mixture to the hair repeatedly, since 1-2 times the clarification process will be almost imperceptible.

To prepare the clarifying composition with cinnamon, use any container, the main thing is that it is not made of metal. So, pour 100 ml of any hair balm, add 3-4 tablespoons. Powdered cinnamon, 3 tbsp. Any honey. We mix it well. Apply the mixture. Please note that the product should not get on the scalp. Hold for 4 hours, then wash off with warm water.

Hair masks with cinnamon: Video

Several useful masks recipes can be found in this video: